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Grow Your Own Edible Garden

Grow your own vegetables and herbs and get started now! We are fully stocked with lettuce (below) and everything you need to make your garden grow!


Use containers to plant an herb and veggie garden (below) or plant in the ground. Either way, you can enjoy reaping your own harvest.

veggie & herb wine barrel

There’s nothing like a homegrown tomato and we have all of the varieties you could want, including the prized Heirloom.

Celebrity tomato

We offer pre-planted container gardens (below) full of vegetable and herbs in case you don’t have time for planting. Ask us to create one just for you!

pre-planted vegetable and her gardens in containers

Statuary To Enliven Your Garden

Transform your garden or home with statuary. Our selection covers a broad spectrum of subject areas, from classic to modern to frivolous to zen.

big buddha happy upclose

A statue can be a focal point or a wonderful discovery when your eye discovers it! If you don’t see what you’re after in our huge selection, ask us to special order it for you.

Remember that we deliver and pride ourselves on the best in customer service. Our staff at the Marina del Rey Garden Center is here to help you.

kwan yin

Kuan Yin (above), the bodhisattva of compassion, stands tall and serene. We have everything you need for a contemplative garden or space.

buddha asian zen statues

Foo Dogs (one, below, next to a mushroom) add intrigue to your landscape. In pairs, Foo Dogs have guarded temples and sacred buildings for centuries.

Foo Dog statue and cement mushroom

We also have small cement statues that make great garden accents, like the turtles below.

turtle statuary

The Best in Indoor Plants Year-Round

Year-round we have an amazing selection of indoor plants. Our selection changes weekly as our vendors are constantly bringing us the best.


Our plants range from small and tall green-leafed beauties to exotic bloomers to delicate pretty color. We always have orchids (above) and carry interesting containers and statues to enhance your interior.

green-leafed tall indoor plants

indoor plants and water fountains

Some plants feature unusual-looking leaves (below) or exotic flowers. An indoor fountain (above) can add another element of intrigue.

Visit us when you’re looking for a gift or indoor plant. And remember that our gift certificates also make great gifts!

The Best Fountain Selection in Los Angeles

We stock a large selection of fountains in a variety of styles, ranging from modern to traditional. Campania, Fiore Stone, Silvestri and Gist are some of the top manufacturers we carry.

Stop in today to view our selection. Ask one of our staff members for expert guidance; they can help you find the right fountain. Delivery available.


Step inside to our Home Decor section to see indoor and wall fountains (below).

Our fountains are available in cement, iron, metal, and lightweight resin.

We offer a delivery service. Please ask one of our nursery professionals for assistance.

Exciting Ideas for Home Decor!

Make your walls come alive with colorful scenery. We have a nice variety of wall art (above and below) in stock.

(Below) Outdoor wall art can be captivating, too!

Our home decor shop is where you’ll find unusual treasures.

(Below) Designer Stone’s meditating animals are both refined and fun! Add a conversation piece and laughter to your home or garden.namaste stone with meditating dog

meditating animals from designer stone

Sea horses, starfish and sea shells (below)! Bring the ocean alive with a sea-themed entertaining area.

wall fountain, sea horses



We’re Your Container/Pottery Headquarters

Our in-stock pottery and container selection is extensive year-round. Our container styles range from the sleek modern lines of Campania’s Cast Stone to classic Terra Cotta to Asian ceramics to earthenware to Talavera and much more. If it’s in style, popular or unusual and unique, we have it.

.earthenware-looking containers

So, enhance your environment with a container of your choosing. We have them small enough for very tiny violets to large enough to offer more than a 36-inch diameter! And, we can special order the quantity, size and color you want from one of of our numerous sources.

containers sky blue

Containers are a good way to bring the foliage and color of plants to a balcony, patio, or deck. Citrus (below) and Japanese Maples do well in containers. Ask one of our nursery experts how you can make the most of container gardening.

citrus in containers

Wisteria is another plant that can thrive in a container. You can see part of our clay selection behind the wisteria in the photo below.

wisteria and clay pottery containers

We also stock smaller pots for indoor plants. You’ll find many of these pots inside our store.

Stay tuned for updates to this page since we frequently receive new container shipments.

Sustainable Growing: Citrus & Fruit Trees, Bushes & Vines

Grow your own citrus and fruit to turn your planting space into a place for sustainable growing. We have a large selection of citrus and fruit trees, bushes and vines, and our nursery professionals are ready to help you decide what to plant where and how to care for your plant.

lemon tree on trellis

The Meyer Lemon tree (above) is full of blooms and fruit and can be planted in ground or in a container. Set on a trellis, it can also provide privacy.


Our citrus selection includes grapefruit (above) and kumquats (below).


blueberry bushes

We also have  blueberry bushes (above) loaded with buds and an assortment of raspberry (below) and grape vines.

raspberry vines bushes canby red

Get the health benefit of antioxidants from plants grown in your own yard. Stop in today to let us help you decide where to plant your citrus and fruit and how to maximize their yield.

grape vine sign