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Sustainable Growing: Citrus & Fruit Trees, Bushes & Vines

Grow your own citrus and fruit to turn your planting space into a place for sustainable growing. We have a large selection of citrus and fruit trees, bushes and vines, and our nursery professionals are ready to help you decide what to plant where and how to care for your plant.

lemon tree on trellis

The Meyer Lemon tree (above) is full of blooms and fruit and can be planted in ground or in a container. Set on a trellis, it can also provide privacy.


Our citrus selection includes grapefruit (above) and kumquats (below).


blueberry bushes

We also have  blueberry bushes (above) loaded with buds and an assortment of raspberry (below) and grape vines.

raspberry vines bushes canby red

Get the health benefit of antioxidants from plants grown in your own yard. Stop in today to let us help you decide where to plant your citrus and fruit and how to maximize their yield.

grape vine sign

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