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Statuary To Enliven Your Garden

Transform your garden or home with statuary. Our selection covers a broad spectrum of subject areas, from classic to modern to frivolous to zen.

big buddha happy upclose

A statue can be a focal point or a wonderful discovery when your eye discovers it! If you don’t see what you’re after in our huge selection, ask us┬áto special order it for you.

Remember that we deliver and pride ourselves on the best in customer service. Our staff at the Marina del Rey Garden Center is here to help you.

kwan yin

Kuan Yin (above), the bodhisattva of compassion, stands tall and serene. We have everything you need for a contemplative garden or space.

buddha asian zen statues

Foo Dogs (one, below, next to a mushroom) add intrigue to your landscape. In pairs, Foo Dogs have guarded temples and sacred buildings for centuries.

Foo Dog statue and cement mushroom

We also have small cement statues that make great garden accents, like the turtles below.

turtle statuary

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