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Everything You Need in Plant Material

Your garden can come to life with trees, shrubs and vines that will add color and intrigue. Black eyed Susan vine (below) boasts a beautiful yellow flower and also comes in a gorgeous orange.

black eyed susan vine in yellow

Monrovia Growers Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples (above) have mostly come out of dormancy. Many are leafed out; others have delicate new growth. Each stage demonstrates the beauty of this tree. Ask one of our experts, Steve, Pat, or Stephanie, about sun and shade requirements, planting in ground or in a container, the available varieties and proper soil and fertilizer specifications.

Banksia (below) is a beautiful evergreen climber rose that is aphid resistant and almost immune to disease.

The Marina del Rey Garden Center sits on 2+ acres and we feature a large selection of plants on-site and ready to go (below) year-round. We also welcome special orders.


(Above) Wisteria heralds the arrival of spring.

Ask one of our nursery professionals for expert advice. Stephanie, Dago, Steve and Herbert are here to assist you.

Kangaroo Paws (foreground, below) add intrigue to virtually any landscape.

kangaroo paws in foreground

Camellias (below) offer beautiful rose-like flowers and are perfect for shady areas.

pink camellia flower

Salvia come in a variety of colors and oftentimes their leaves provide a wonderful fragrance. We are loaded with salvias so ask one of our experts which ones would work well in your garden landscape.


We are fully stocked with shrubs that can be used for privacy while adding color to your landscape. Green, yellow, red, brown… You name the color you prefer and we’ll identify the plants for you.

fraser's photina


Heavenly Bamboo (below) has been used for decades to add contrast to landscapes.

Heavenly Bamboo

Stop in today to see how we can help you make the most of your garden.

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