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All Things New

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Change is afoot in the United States and as we prepare for new days and new times, the same is true with gardening. Though it is winter, we can look forward to spring, when new life appears and there is much beauty and color available for our gardens and homes.

Japanese Maples and containers for them

The Marina del Rey Garden Center already has new plants and containers to change your home and garden now. (Above) New styles and colors of containers have arrived and are perfect for planting Japanese Maples (above) and Citrus Trees, which make a stunning combination when planted next to each other.

Japanese Mazploes and Citrus Trees with metal arbor and bench

There is nothing quite like a Japanese Maple for adding variety, versatility and year-round beauty to the landscape. Watch the seasons, even in So Cal, through the lens of a Japanese Maple, and you will know why these beauties have a seat of honor in gardens around the world.

Japanese Maples new styles and colors of containers

Ask our expert staff about which cultivar is best suited for your growing requirements.  Japanese Maples come in innumerable shapes, including dwarf, upright, mounding, rounded, weeping, spreading, and vase. At maturity, they reach heights from two to over thirty feet. Most Japanese Maples thrive in full sun, others prefer open shade and some do well in any degree of light in between.

Their colors reflect the rainbow. Spring finds many bedecked in pink, orange and red. During the summer, some turn lime-colored or bronze, while others maintain a true red or green. In fall, the traditional yellows, golds, oranges and scarlets are enhanced by purples and blues. In winter, when the beauty of the vibrant leaves has fallen, the trees’ graceful structures of textured and colorful bark become visible and are as exquisite as the lush color of warmer months.

Japanese Maples can be paired with Citrus Trees, either in containers or in ground. Our citrus are robust and will produce abundant fruit. Their colorful fruit brings life to the visual landscape and can bring delicious tastes to the table in your home.

citrus tree with fruit on trellis perfect for patio

A citrus tree is often a great choice as a landscape fruit tree. With its appealing shape, fragrant blossoms and edible fruit, a citrus such as an orange, grapefruit or lemon tree can enhance areas that receive an abundance of direct sunlight.

Citrus trees can make very attractive container plants for those who have the space and the access to natural light indoors. The smaller members of the citrus family like limes, kumquats and calamondins are the best choices for houseplants but all citruses will adapt to containers until they reach a certain size.

Dwarf citrus trees produce delicious, full-sized citrus fruit, making them a welcome addition to your garden where they’ll grow to a manageable average of about eight feet tall. They are also are well suited to grow in containers or as houseplants. Dwarf citrus are evergreen, bringing year-round beauty with the green foliage, seasonal fragrant flowers and colorful fruit.

2009 Is Here!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

In short order, 2008 flew by and 2009 arrived. Here’s to 2009 and all the gardening pleasures the year will bring!

exotic indoor flowering plant

Anthuriums in bloom (above).

As the world continues to gain an increasing awareness of all things “green,” did you know that indoor plants help to purify the air by filtering out common pollutants and continuously releasing oxygen and moisture?

Former NASA research scientist Dr. Bill Wolverton, author of “How to Grow Fresh Air” says, “Houseplants perform these essential functions with the same efficiency as the rainforest in our biosphere.” To maximize the health benefits and freshen the air in your home or office, he recommends at least one houseplant for every 100 square feet.

 Boston Fern

Boston Fern (above)

Mike Rimland, research director for Costa Farms (, the largest indoor houseplant producer in North America, recommends Epiphytic Bromeliads and orchids, particularly in your bedroom. These natural botanical air purifiers make perfect bedroom buddies to refresh and beautify your room for a truly healthy, restful night’s sleep.

Rimland’s favorites are anthuriums. “They come in an array of colors with stunning blooms that last up to 13 weeks, are easy to grow, refresh the air, and add exotic beauty to your bedroom.”

indoor plants

The Marina del Rey Garden Center offers a large selection of indoor plants year-round. Our top indoor plant vendors visit weekly so that we can hand select the best indoor plants for our customers. That’s why we’re able to stand behind our plants with our unconditional guarantee.

outdoor water fountain surrounded by plants

Greenery also looks great around a fountain. First, the sound of flowing water catches your ear, and then your eyes take in the accompanying landscape. Beauty surrounds you.

At the Marina Garden Center, we pride ourselves on offering the best plants, products, service and knowledge. Stephanie, Dago, Steve and Herbert are available to answer any of your questions and can assist with any special order you wish to place. Our on-site plant material, fountain and container selection is the largest in the greater Los Angeles area and special orders are always welcome.

More than 10 years ago, we planted a japonica camellia in our front yard, next to the porch. As Camellias do (this one is Nuccio’s Pearl), it continues to produce glorious flowers (below) each year.

Camellia Nuccio's Pearl

Nuccio’s Pearl Camellia (above)

And don’t forget that Japanese Maples are on their way! We’ll be receiving shipments of these maple trees that are known for their exquisite foliage, which comes in a variety of colors, including green and brown (below).

green foliage of a Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple foliage brown

Remember to ask Stephanie, Dago, Steve or Herbert for assistance. We at MDRGC are here to help.