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Archive for month: February, 2009

As Winter Turns To Spring

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

“Tulip” Magnolias (below) against a morning winter sky of blue showcase one of winter’s pleasures. To give gardeners a head start and to make use of our temperate weather, the Marina del Rey Garden Center is packed solid with plants.

tulip magnolia blossoms against a winter sky of blue

Yellow daffodils (below) beg the thought, “Can spring be far away?”

yellow daffodils herald spring's arrival

However, before spring officially arrives, winter offers its own sweet notes. Pink Jasmine Vine (below), one of the first plants to bloom in late winter, continues its sweetness into early spring. Our vines are fully budded up. Stop in to ask Steve, Dago, Stephanie and Herbert how to make use of this wonderful vine in your landscape or patio/deck/balcony.

pink jasmine vine

Japanese Maples (below) are coming out of dormancy now. Learn all about these gracious, elegant trees at our Japanese Maple Festival on March 7 and 8. An expert from Monrovia Growers, the home of horticultural craftsmen since 1926, will speak about this beautiful specimen: sun and shade requirements, planting in ground or in a container, the available varieties and proper soil and fertilizer specifications.

Japanese Maples from Monrovia

Lilacs (below) are another wonder of early spring and many that are well-suited to the warmer winters of Southern California were developed at Descanso Gardens. “Lavender Lady” is the most well known and successful of the so-called Descanso hybrids and we have it in stock.

Lilac for Southern California low-chill

Admired for its showy landscape flower, Wax Flower (below) makes an excellent cut flower, too. As you can see, the Marina Garden Center is full of colorful plants so once the weather clears, plant some beauty in your world.

Wax Flower shrub perfect for landscape.


A Colorful Spring

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

English primroses (below), poppies, lavender, daisies, calla lilies, camellias, clivia. Color is here, and we (the Marina del Rey Garden Center) are loaded with a large variety of perennials, bedding plants, hedge material, and the gardening expertise you know to expect from us.

english primroses

Our knowledgeable staff can point you in the right direction and help you find what you need.

Remember lilacs? We have lilacs (below) that do well in our climate and will deliver wonderful fragrant blooms.

Our lilacs don’t need a winter chill to produce their beautiful fragrant flowers. Ask Steve, Dago, Stephanie or Herbert for planting advice, including appropriate supplies such as Master Start and the proper soil.

blue skies lavender

In addition to color, we have podacarpus (below) and other plants that will make an instant hedge for privacy. There’s no need to wait for plants to grow and fill in open space. You can have privacy instantly and we have plenty of choices and can special order to meet your needs, too. Again, one of Marina Garden Center’s gardening experts can provide assistance.


A trumpeter of spring, deciduous “Tulip” Magnolia trees (below) bloom before their leaves appear.

magnolia tree blossoms and buds

Calla lilies (below) are another wonderful reminder that spring is on its way. So stop in today to see what’s new at MDRGC. Our garden center grounds are filled to capacity with beautiful plants now! Why wait for spring when you don’t need to.

calla lilies

Remember: Pittsburgh has Super Bowl champions but we have year-round weather that allows us to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and our yards, and P-L-A-N-T!