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Learn How To Grow An Edible Garden

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

We’re excited about our new “edible gardening area,” created just to show you how to be a sustainable gardener, enjoying the fruits (and vegetables and herbs, too!) of your labor.

lettuce, tomato watering can

Of course, our entire 2+ acres of garden center is a sustainable gardener’s delight (as is our Garden Tours calendar page, listing upcoming local garden tours) but we thought we’d help you focus on growing your very own edible garden, even if you’ve never grown one. And we also wanted to demonstrate how to plant an edible garden in containers.

herbs in pots, edible garden

Growing herbs and vegetables in containers can be very rewarding. For starters, you experience everything gardeners love: digging in the soil, giving your plants the best start with Master Nursery’s Master Start and Bumper Crop (buy 4 bags of this all-organic soil amendment and get the 5th bag free!), tending to your plants by watering (you’ll find cute and colorful watering cans in the edible garden area and inside our store) them and making sure their growth is healthy, basking in the pleasure of the outdoors, and then, yielding fruit, vegetables and herbs for eating and sharing with others.

watering cans

How about some tomatoes for your salad and some cilantro to spice things up? Need a lime for key lime pie? Does your recipe call for Meyer Lemon? And what about adding beneficial ladybugs (or a ladybug-themed gardening tool, below)?

gardening tools

Ask one of our gardening experts, Dago, Steve, Stephanie or Herbert, for details on how to have a sustainable garden full of edible plants. They know what’s required for successful growing.

talavera pottery

Select beautiful containers from our huge assortment that includes high-quality, hand-painted Talavera pottery (above). And, as always, the Marina Garden Center is the place to shop for all sorts of containers, in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.

blue pots

Spring is definitely here, so stop in today to see the wealth of plants and gardening supplies available to make your garden look great!

Roses are in (below), Bumper Crop is on sale, and our expert and friendly staff is ready to help you. If you don’t see what you need, just ask. We’re more than happy to provide assistance and can special order plants, fountains, and much more!

rose bushes

Grow Your Garden Organically With Bumper Crop

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Bumper Crop, an all-organic soil amendment from Master Nursery, gives plants and vegetables the head start they need. Right now, we are featuring a “Buy 4 Bags, Get the 5th Free” and customers are loading up (below, with roses, too!).

And, for those of you who enjoy getting ideas from other gardens, visit our Garden Tours calendar.

Bumper Crop organic soil

The Marina Garden Center is proud to be a Master Nursery garden center. Bumper Crop, one of many exclusive Master Nursery products, is perfect for preparing flower beds prior to planting, mulching existing plantings, binding sandy or rocky soil to aid water retention, and loosening clay soils.

Ask one of our professional nursery staff members, Dago, Herbert, Steve or Stephanie, for advice on what products to use for your situation. We want to help you make sure your plants thrive!

Monrovia plants

Monrovia Growers, horticultural craftsmen since 1926, offers distinctive plants and we are proud to carry them. Gardeners appreciate the value of Monrovia plants.

pink red rose

If ever there was a gorgeous bloom, roses (above & below) fill the bill. We have more than 60 varieties and some 300 roses.

Fonda roses

The Henry Fonda rose (above) is a beautiful, delicate but lively yellow. Plant your roses with our Bumper Crop soil (below) to ensure their success.

Bumper ZCrop soil special

Bumper Crop is the soil to use for planting vegetables and other plants for sustainable gardening. You can give your fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, tomatoes, lettuce, grapes, blueberry bushes and everything you plant the best start with Bumper Crop.

citrus fruit

Sustainable growing is yours and we have everything you need to plant and reap a great harvest! From citrus trees (above), dwarf and otherwise, to lettuce (below) to blueberry bushes, we have ’em all!


Spring has definitely arrived at the Marina Garden Center and we are jampacked with natives, perennials, bedding plants, citrus, trees, shrubs, vines, succulents, and much more!

tomatoes and other vegetables

Be sure to check out our indoor and outdoor hydrangeas (below), which have just arrived! These seasonal beauties feature vibrant colors that provide exquisite beauty. Hurry in for the best selection!


Speaking of beauty, check out our Garden Tours resource page for area events.

On March 7th and 8th, we held our annual Japanese Maple Festival. A representative from Monrovia Growers answered questions about these amazing trees and we gave away a Japanese Maple each day.

Below are our winners.

Japanese Maple tree winner

Paul Leitner (above)

Tony Houston (below)

Japanese Maple Festival winner

We have a huge selection of these delicate, graceful trees so stop in today and consult Steve, Dago, Stephanie or Herbert for advice on how and where to plant a Japanese Maple. They do well in containers and in the ground!


A new pergola (above) graces our fountain/statuary area. This eye-catching garden feature is perfect for hanging flowering or succulent baskets from as well as attaching flower boxes. We’ve created a nice sitting area in the center with a decorative cement table and benches and a succulent arrangement displayed in pottery.



Our Roses Have Arrived!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Adorn your garden with roses, spectacular roses! We’ve unloaded a huge shipment of fresh, budded-up roses in delicious colors! Visit now to make your selection. Bring a cup of your favorite beverage and stroll our grounds to see spring’s bounty. And to make your bounty do its best and produce blooms, buds, herbs, vegetables, and fruit, take advantage of our “Buy 4, Get the 5th Bag Free” Bumper Crop special (scroll to the bottom of this page for details)!

got roses! otto and sons nursery

Now, where once was open space (below) there is an abundance of fully-budded roses, in alphabetical order.

rows for roses

With a lot of hard work and a little magic, Adrian and the MDRGC staff could call it a “mission accomplished.” Voila! Roses… for you… for your garden!

roses in 5-gallon containers, full of buds

The Marina del Rey Garden Center has in stock more than 300 roses representing more than 60 varieties. Marina Garden Center has the new “Legends(below), a rose with monstrous buds and humongous red blooms that pays tribute to women honored during Oprah’s “Legend” Weekend. All of the new 2009 introductions are here, too.

Legends rose, Oprah Winfrey

Pink Promise (below), another new introduction, is sure to find its way into bouquets as well as your heart. A portion of the proceeds from each plant sold will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Pink Promise

 MDRGC also has all of your favorites, including Double Delight, Mr. Lincoln, and Iceberg. Ask one of our nursery experts, Dago, Stephanie, Herbert or Steve, for help selecting the roses that will flourish in your garden.

iris in bloom at back bay, los osos, ca

Nature is a glorious thing and on a recent trip to the central California coast, I had the pleasure of pampering my senses with flowers (above), naturally-occurring scrub brush, and wildflowers (below).

wildflower on cerro alto loop off hwy. 41

Right now, give your plants the best: Buy 4 bags of Bumper Crop and get the 5th one FREE!

bumper crop special sale

Be sure to check out our Garden Tours calendar, where we’ve assembled local garden tour information.

And we’re pleased to announce that Tony Houston and Paul Leitner each won a free Japanese Maple by attending the March 7 & 8 Japanese Maple Festival we held.

Perennials, Shrubs, Citrus, Vegetables, and Much More!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

With spring a mere weeks away, the Marina del Rey Garden Center is packed with plants–perennials, shrubs, citrus, fruit, vines, veggies, herbs, bedding plants, succulents, shade-loving plants, bonsai and more.

blue hibiscus

Blue Hibiscus (above) is just one of several plants that produce beautiful purple flowers. Princess Flower, Purple Potato Vine, Lavender, some salvias, pansies, violas, and lobelia are among other plants that will put the color purple in your landscape. Ask one of our expert professionals for assistance. Steve, Dago, Herbert and Stephanie can help you find plants that flower in a color of interest to you.

wisteria vine

Wisteria (above), a fast-growing vine that can provide dramatic coverage over an arbor or gazebo, comes in purple and white and is very fragrant. It is so adaptable that it can be grown as a shrub, tree or vine.


Columbine (above), a perennial, has delicate foliage and can produce flowers in purple, pink yellow and white.

yellow clivia

Yellow Clivia (above) is an evergreen perennial and a striking member of the amaryllis family. Its blooming period is December to April and this plant makes a great border in a shady area. It can be grown in containers and indoors. Its flower is widely-seen in orange with a yellow-flowering plant a bit more unusual to find.

Speaking of unusual, the Marina Garden Center takes great pride in offering the best in plant material. We are also known for stocking unusual plants, including protea (below, in container in foreground) and succulents.

protea and succulents

Succulents can be planted in containers for maximum visual effect (below). We have many such containers already planted and ready to go. Ask us about planting a grouping for you.

succulents planted in containers

Succulents are great for a waterwise garden. If you’re interested in learning more about what plants to use to create a waterwise garden, ask Dago, Stephanie, Steve or Herbert for assistance.

succulent collection small plants

A recent central California coast trip put me in the middle of nature. More coming soon…

Have A Colorful Spring


The Marina del Rey Garden Center is fully stocked with bedding plants and new deliveries arrive weekly.

colorful primroses

Primroses (above) are available in a variety of colors. Though a perennial, many gardeners treat them as annuals. Either way, this hardy plant can give your garden a splash of dynamic color in winter and early to mid spring!

bedding plants

Violas (below, with a few petunias) are another wonderful little plant with a variety of colorful blooms. These delicate-looking delights are great for flower beds and container planting.


Columbine (below) come in colors that include yellow and lavender/magenta. This perennial has a fairylike, woodland quality with its lacy foliage and beautifully posed flowers.


Geraniums (below) come in a variety of colors and enjoy full sun.


Japanese Maple Festival, March 7 & 8

We are now open daily from 8 a.m. until 6:30 p.m.

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Imagine a tree whose minimalist, structural beauty in winter gives way to brightly colored leaves that spring from its intriguing branching habit. Imagine a tree whose foliage changes with each season. And imagine being able to grow this prized specimen in a container or planted in the ground. What tree am I talking about? The Japanese Maple!

Japanese Maple, green foliage

To honor this fine specimen, the Marina del Rey Garden Center is pleased to have a Monrovia Growers Japanese Maple expert on hand to answer all of your Japanese Maple questions from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, March 7 and 8.

Last year’s event was such a success that we decided to sponsor yet another day about the Japanese Maple and to once again offer a free drawing for one of these remarkable beauties (one per day; winner need not be present) on Saturday and Sunday.

March will be a great month for planting; this year’s weather has brought lots of rain and our sunny days have been perfect for getting outside. Just last week, while on the central coast of California, roadside wildflowers (California Poppy, below) were in bloom and full of buds in preparation of what will be gorgeous fields of wildflowers.

ca poppy

In anticipation of all the beauty spring brings, we have most anything you could want for your garden. Stroll the garden center for ideas and then talk with one of our expert staff members (Steve, Dago, Stephanie or Herbert) for guidance. We are here to help you get the most out of your garden and can provide the professional information you need.

6-pack of lettuce varieties

Reap what you sow by planting a garden of vegetables (lettuce, above) and herbs. And how about a grapefruit tree (below) that will yield for years to come?!

grapefruit tree sustainable growing

The Marina Garden Center is absolutely full with plants that can be a part of your world for years to come, AND that can produce food for your table.

peach tree flowering

The peach tree (above) is just one of the many flowering trees we see this time of year, providing beauty in colder months and fruit in summer.