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Have A Colorful Spring


The Marina del Rey Garden Center is fully stocked with bedding plants and new deliveries arrive weekly.

colorful primroses

Primroses (above) are available in a variety of colors. Though a perennial, many gardeners treat them as annuals. Either way, this hardy plant can give your garden a splash of dynamic color in winter and early to mid spring!

bedding plants

Violas (below, with a few petunias) are another wonderful little plant with a variety of colorful blooms. These delicate-looking delights are great for flower beds and container planting.


Columbine (below) come in colors that include yellow and lavender/magenta. This perennial has a fairylike, woodland quality with its lacy foliage and beautifully posed flowers.


Geraniums (below) come in a variety of colors and enjoy full sun.


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