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From Water Wise Gardens To Roses

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

“Water wise” has long been a part of the language at the Marina Garden Center, where our expert nursery staff has provided “water wise” gardening guidance for more than 30 years.

water wise plants

Marina Garden Center gardening professionals know which plants to select for a water wise landscape and can help clients design the perfect water wise environment. In addition to our expert staff, we feature the best plant material in Los Angeles — a combination that knows no equal. Our plants are guaranteed for life because we buy from select growers who take immense pride in delivering the finest plants.


Long known as the place to shop for succulents (above), we also offer an incredible assortment of water wise plants, including Bougainvillea (below), Kangaroo Paw, Leucodendron, Grevillea, Cistus (rockrose), Bottlebrush, Ceanothus, Lavender, Salvias, Lavatera, and Phormium, among others.


Bottlebrush (below) is drought tolerant and its flowers attract hummingbirds. It grows in shrub and tree shapes.

bottle brush, grevillea

Water wise landscapes can be as colorful or industrial looking as you want them to be. Succulents can add texture, unusual shapes, and lighter transcendent grays and greens while Princess Flower, Lavatera and Kangaroo Paws (all three plants are seen below) can bring in bright colors such as purple, lavender and yellow.

lavatera, princess flower and kangaroo paws

Kangaroo Paw, which can add a modern architectural element to a garden, also come in an unusual green (below), so make sure you consult our staff professionals to create the look you want in your water wise garden. Dago, Steve, Stephanie and Herbert can help you determine the plants that meet your needs.

green Kangaroo Paw

Protea (below) can also be used in a water wise landscape. These beautiful flowering plants are native to South Africa. Their tubular flowers grow in large, tight clusters surrounded by brightly colored bracts, effectively creating the look of a large, very colorful artichoke or thistle.


And as mentioned before, succulents (below) make a great water wise garden. You can also plant succulents in containers to create a movable indoor and/or outdoor garden. Just ask Stephanie, Steve, Dago or Herbert for assistance.


As you might imagine, a large portion of the Marina Garden Center is “coming up roses!”


The Marina del Rey Garden Center has more more than 60 varieties, including the new “Legends,” a rose with monstrous buds and humongous red blooms that pays tribute to women honored during Oprah’s “Legend” Weekend. All of the new 2009 introductions, including Pink Promise, which benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation are in stock.

purple rose

Roses speak the language of love and remind us how beautiful life is. Each one is living proof of beauty and poetry in plants. Their flowers can be so different and yet they bring smiles to our faces, a testament to their magnificence.

yellow and pink roses

Roses come as shrubs, trees and vines and can be trained to grow on walls, trellises, roofs, and more. Some of the time-tested, popular roses are Double Delight, Iceberg and Mr. Lincoln.

tree, shrub and vine roses

As always, we, the Marina del Rey Garden Center, thank you, our loyal customers, for your continued recognition of our expert staff, superior customer service and desire to please you.

Remember, we accept special plant and fountain orders AND deliver seven days a week. 

Color Your Home & Garden

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and hurry in to stroll our grounds! Spring has sprung, and we have everything you need to bring color inside your home as well as into your landscape.


Grab this “Wow!” for your landscape! Fourteen-inch “tub” hydrangeas (above) that can measure up to three feet around and more than three feet tall add a glorious punch of color and come in white, blue, pink, and lavender. These special plants come from a grower in San Diego County and are in limited supply. We also stock stunning eight-inch hydrangeas from this grower.

limelight hydrangea

Eastern Snowball-Viburnum (above) offers an effervescent light green flower, seen here peeking out from green woodsy leaves. This deciduous plant features brilliant color in spring and summer.

The Marina del Rey Garden Center proudly announces that we have a new unique line of cast stone for home and garden. Stop in to see firsthand the quality and craftsmanship that goes into a Linda Lauderbaugh Design. (Below) This Maidenhair Bowl in “Rust” brings a unique perspective to birdbaths.


The Four Seasons Fountain (below) showcases soft detail work and the soothing sound of flowing water. Linda’s many designs are available in Aged Limestone, Aged Limestone Deep, English Moss, Deep English Moss, Mission gray, Deep Mission gray, Rust, Deep Rust, and Natural.


In addition to the products featured here, Linda has other unusual and creative designs that grace the best of Los Angeles gardens. California-born, she studied in France and Italy before returning to the States to continue her training. She was a muralist for more than 12 years, creating pieces for Rod Stewart, Rachel Hunter, Miles Copeland, David Caruso, and Robert Townsend, among others.

Linda Lauderbaugh Designs at the Marina del Rey Garden Center

Her entire product line (above) is sculpted, hand cast, and hand colored and includes birdbaths, stepping stones, pedestals, plaques, planters, pots, urns, fountains, figures, and finials.

Jardin Fountain

The Jardin Fountain (above) is also available as a Jardin Planter.

Join The Edible Revolution!

Local Garden Tour calendar

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Grow your own fresh, organic vegetables and herbs and consider yourself a part of the “edible revolution.” As Los Angeles’ premier garden center, the Marina del Rey Garden Center has everything you need to grow a bountiful crop, including the expert knowledge and customer service that sets us apart.

join the edible revolution

We receive new vegetable and herb plants practically every day, so stop in now to figure out what you’d like to grow in your edible garden. Looking for basil? What about corn, beans and cucumber?

red or green leaf lettuce

What a pleasure it will be to pick red or green leaf lettuce (above) from your garden and topping off your salad with slices of vine-ripened Heirloom Tomatoes (below)!

heirloom tomatoes

Remember to plant your vegetables in a sunny spot and to use Master Start and all-organic Bumper Crop when planting for the best results. Ask Dago, Herbert, Steve or Stephanie for expert guidance.

You might also consider adding a lemon tree (below, left, next to a kumquat tree) to your landscape. Eureka and Meyer Lemon trees can be grown in ground or in containers, allowing you to brighten a patio, deck or balcony. Then, squeeze some lemon juice over your freshly picked salad greens!

lemons and kumquats

Water is a resource that we need to conserve, so visit our “Water Wise, Water Efficiently” section located next to our “Edible Gardening” area under the “Outdoor Living” canopy in our parking lot. Here, under the canopy, you can find plants that are “water wise” and be sure to consult one of our nursery professionals, Herbert, Dago, Steve or Stephanie for complete info.

water conservation

Our staff of nursery professionals can provide landscaping expertise and have an arsenal of water wise plants to recommend. Our 2+ acres are completely full of plants, plant material, accessories and gardening gifts. We also stock the largest selection of on-site containers and fountains, which use re-circulating water and fit perfectly into a water wise landscape.

kangaroo paws, water wise plants, outdoor fountain with re-circulating water pump

Kangaroo Paws (above, right) is an Australian native plant with a striking growth habit. And remember, our fountains (above and below) use pumps that re-circulate the water, making them very water efficient!

budhha fountain, cat fiddler statue

We also stock indoor water fountains, some of which are very lightweight, making them perfect for walls. Our indoor area also includes breathtaking orchids, gifts, gardening gloves and hats, smaller pots, indoor plants and much more, including a huge variety of seeds (below).

seeds for planting

Another water wise option is succulents. We feature an enormous selection that includes pre-planted containers (below) of succulents. We’re also more than happy to plant containers for you. Just contact one of our nursery experts, Steve, Stephanie, Dago or Herbert.

pre-planted succulents in colorful floorstanding containers

All of our vendors are personally selected for their superior craftsmanship and durable, appealing products. Monrovia Growers is one of our choice plant suppliers.

Monrovia Growers, horticultural craftsmen

So stop in today to see our new bounty at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. This time of year, we have something new and different everyday.

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