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Get Set For Summer With Colorful Vines

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Vines can be grown for multiple purposes: color, flair, privacy, to attract hummingbirds. Right now, the Marina Garden Center has the best selection of vines from our prime growers. (Below) A Morning Glory flower beckons, its translucent purple revealing an appearance much like a sand dollar.

morning glory vine and flower

Vines come in delicious “hot” colors that tend to be dazzling and dynamic! (Below) Two varieties of Black Eyed Susan showcase an electric appeal. Train your vines to grow on arbors and trellises to enjoy maximum effect. Ask one of our gardening professionals, Steve, Herbert, Stephanie or Dago, to help you select one of our redwood or iron decorative trellises to go with your vine.

black eyeyd susan, two varieties

Clematis, long thought only suitable for Southern climates, DO GROW in California! Large hybrid Clematis can grow in all 24 zones of California except for mountain and desert areas where they need special care. Clematis can be grown in containers, making them a great poolside, patio, balcony or deck companion.With their stunningly gorgeous flowers, you really can’t go wrong with a Clematis. (Below) Three Clematis varieties demonstrate the wealth of color and diversity available.


Clematis need support to grow. This can be achieved in many ways. From growing them on an arbor to up a trellis, onto other shrubs, on a fence, or an obelisk, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

white clematis

Clematis (above and below) are showy and certainly add a beauty and grace to any garden. Many Clematis bloom throughout summer and some have a fragrance. Do ask Steve, Herbert, Stephanie or Dago for advice on which Clematis will work best for your growing conditions and garden needs.

clematis vine

Sky Flower (below) is another beautiful vine. It blooms repeatedly in summer and early fall and attracts butterflies and birds.

sky flower

The Marina Garden Center is Los Angeles’ best source for plants, including all sorts of colorful and fragrant vines, like the ones below.

star jasmine vine

Our custom, pre-planted hanging baskets (below) bring fresh color to any place you can hang them! Get instant color on your deck, patio or balcony.

custommade hanging flower baskets

Water in style with the DRAMM premium Rain Wand, available in six colors (below). The Rain Wand is American made with a lifetime guarantee. Professional grade materials, including a comfortable foam grip, create a watering experience that features a gentle, full flow for fast watering.

magic wand attachment for hose and watering

Fuchsias come as trees, shrubs and in hanging baskets (below). Their delicate blossoms are available in shades of pink and purple.

fuchsia in a hanging basket

One of the most beautiful romantic roses ever created is the Meilland rose; Pierre De Ronsard also known as Eden rose (below). It belongs to a class of roses known as Romanticas, fully double roses with a romantic old fashioned look.

eden rose

The Marina del Rey Garden Center delivers (below) seven days a week, for your convenience. Stop in today, select your plants, decorative accessories, soils or fountain, and we’ll courteously deliver it right to you.We take great pride in offering the best service available.

mdrgc delivery truck. we deliver!

We have a large selection of citrus fruit, vegetables including Heirloom Tomatoes, herbs, and fruit trees and vines. The Peach Tree (below) is loaded with fruit that will soon ripen. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Plant citrus, fruit, herbs and vegetables to create your own sustainable garden.

peach tree

Check out our new geese and ducks (below) and take some home with you today!

geese and ducks

Inspiring Gardens, Fun in the Sun, and Soothing Sounds

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

fuchsia in a hanging basket

Set the stage for Memorial weekend fun with instant color. We have pre-planted hanging baskets (fuchsia, above) and containers that will bring instant color to your surroundings. If you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask Steve, Dago, Stephanie or Herbert about having your special “bowl of color” created with you.

succulents in containers pre-planted

Add a touch of pink to your garden with a pink flamingo (below). These whimsical fellows are especially vibrant grouped together. Get one or many. Whatever suits your spirit.

pink flamingo group

Enjoy the outdoors with the soothing sounds of a fountain. Our in-stock selection is the largest in the Los Angeles area and we deliver seven days a week. If you look closely, you’ll see a little bird bathing in the water at the top of the fountain below.

water fountain with bird on top bathing

Be sure to stop in to see the magical fountains, bird baths (below), planters and more from Linda Lauderbaugh. This gifted artists has created unique expressions in cast stone. These high-quality items will bring magic, serenity and love to your garden.

Linda Lauderbaugh Designs at the Marina del Rey Garden Center

Roses are in full bloom now and we have a large selection. Add romance and flair to your garden with a beautiful rose (below). Roses can also bring serenity. Our selection includes the new “Legends,” a rose with monstrous buds and humongous red blooms that pays tribute to women honored during Oprah’s “Legend” Weekend. All of the new 2009 introductions, including Pink Promise, which benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation are in stock.

roses in bloom

As an independent garden center, we are the place to find the highest-quality plants. One of the most widely used plants in California and Arizona, Star Jasmine (below), aka Trachelospermum, is not a true jasmine. Known for its sweet fragrance, this plant can be grown as a bush or vine (we stock both!) and blooms April through July. We feature plants from Monrovia Growers, which can only be found at select garden centers.

star jasmine from monrovia growers

Walk through our demonstration garden (below) to discover landscaping ideas.

marina del rey garden center demonstration garden

Join us on Memorial Day for free hot dogs and beverages. We value your patronage. Hot dogs will be available from 11a.m. until 2 p.m.

Behold the Beauty of Flowers and Plants

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

May is a gorgeous month for gardening, enjoying the splendor of the sun, flowing water, ocean air, and everything being outdoors brings. Get your hands in the dirt and plant some vegetables, herbs or fruit. Use a creative eye to design your landscape or enhance an existing one. Sit on a patio and listen to the soothing sound of flowing water from a fountain. Or, turn an eye to water flowing from an exquisitely beautiful or meditative fountain. Revel in the beauty of clematis and roses (below).

clematis and roses

The Marina Garden Center is pleased to offer high-quality, handcrafted natural stone containers and fountains (below). Available in pebble rock, slate tile, broken slate and marble tile, these containers and fountains add a rugged elegance to landscapes.

handstone imports water fountain

Once dormant grasses are now blooming (below) and can add stylish touches, particularly when planted in larger quantities.

variety of grasses

Right now is a wonderful time for restoring your spirit by strolling our grounds. Our rose section is full of colorful blooms and varieties that include the new “Legends rose that pays tribute to women honored during Oprah’s “Legend” Weekend and Pink Promise, which benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

red roses, pink roses, lavender roses

On Mother’s Day, May 10, 2009, the Boys in Blue wore a touch of pink during the Los Angeles Dodgers home game against the San Francisco Giants. Players wore Susan G. Komen pink wristbands and embroidered pink ribbons on their jerseys. The Pink Promise rose (below) is a soft pink and cream color sure to be a winner in your garden.

Pink Promise rose for breast cancer

Rose gardens and roses in landscapes can be partnered with vines, shrubs, trees, bedding plants. Their only requirement is full sun to partial shade, the best in organic soil (use our Bumper Crop when planting in ground and Gardener’s Gold if planting in a container), water and TLC. Ask Steve, Herbert, Stephanie or Dago for their professional guidance.

lavender roses, white roses

Planting a group of same-colored roses can create a stunning view. In particular, all red or all white rose groupings make quite an impression.

red roses

white roses

Plants of different shapes and sized create height and dimension in gardens. Accents are always a great way to add intrigue to a garden as shown by this gnome (below), who happens to be surrounded by indoor plants.

garden gnome, indoor plants

Containers, pottery, statuary, pillars, posts, gazebos and fountains are wonderful garden accents. Use them to add color, style, intrigue. We have a huge on-site selection of containers and fountains and deliver seven days a week.

slate water fountain

Enjoy the Sun, Fun & Garden!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Edible gardening, enviroscaping, container gardening, succulents, citrus, fruit, color — whatever it is you’d like to plant, the Marina del Rey Garden Center has the best plants and expert advice and guidance, in addition to a huge selection of organic soils, fertilizers, water fountains, ceramic and terra cotta containers, trellises, pottery, and gardening gifts and tools, and much more! And remember Mom on Mother’s Day with a Marina Garden Center Gift Card, available in any amount with no expiratrion date!

color plants for shade gardens, hydrangea new guinea impatiens, coleus

(Left to back center to right) Hydrangea, New Guinea Impatiens and Coleus provide dynamic color and texture in shady areas. Look in and beyond our shade house area or ask our nursery professionals, Dago, Steve, Herbert or Stephanie, for assistance with finding the plants that meet your sun and shade requirements.

Fuchsia (below), whose flowers add a colorful elegance, can be used in shade, too. Hang them from a tree or plant upright varieties in a shady garden mixed with ferns.

fuchsia upright tree variety

With summer fast approaching and the glory of spring here now, the Marina Garden Center is full of an amazing assortment of plants. New plants arrive almost daily, so stop in often for the best selection.

wheelbarrow garden, iceberg roses, celosia, geraniums

Plants that thrive in full sun include Celosia (above), with Geraniums in the wheelbarrow and beautiful Iceberg Roses in bloom behind. We have a huge selection of roses, in bloom, so you can actually see how beautiful each variety is and make your choice.

One of the most widely used plants in California and Arizona, Star Jasmine (below), aka Trachelospermum, is not a true jasmine. Known for its sweet fragrance, this plant can be grown as a bush or vine (we stock both!) and blooms April through July. We feature plants from Monrovia Growers, which can only be found at select garden centers.

Star Jasmine

Dahlia (below) lovers be advised that Dahlias are here. These interesting plants grow well in full sun!


Gerberas (below) are another sun-loving plant. Native to South Africa, Gerbera flower colors range from cream through yellow to coral, orange, flame and red.

Gerbera Daisies

Tropical plants are in now, so stop by for the best selection. We have Hibiscus, Bougainvillea and Bananas (below).


Gardens and surroundings are always made more fun with pink flamingos (below) and we have loads of them! Stop in today to choose which ones are coming home with you. Go on, add some fun and frivolity! There’s nothing quite like a pink flamingo.

pink flamingos