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Celebrate The 4th of July With A Sale On Fountains And Roses!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Stop in this week to see what we have in store for the 4th of July, when we launch a sale on all in-stock fountains and roses at 20% off! Our special sale will also help you conserve water/moisture on an established garden with Black Forest, a premium organic compost, in a “Buy 3, Get the 4th Free” offer. The Marina del Rey Garden Center wants you to know how to be waterwise.

Make your garden red, white and blue in celebration of the 4th! Red and white roses (below) with some blue agapanthus or blue lobelia.

red and white roses in bloom

And remember to stop in on the 4th for a celebration of you, our loyal customer, and the spirit of America! We’ll have free hot dogs and beverages from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Our special hours of operation on the 4th will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Our roses (below) are beautiful right now and in full bloom so you can see firsthand what they look like.

red rose with buds

We unconditionally guarantee the health and vitality of our plants and select our plants from top-quality growers. So, know that you are buying the best, when you shop at the Marina Garden Center.

yellow and white roses

Explore the beauty and grace of a rose. Visit today and ask one of our nursery professionals, Steve, Dago, Stephenie or Herbert, which rose selections will work best for your growing conditions.

glorious roses

Iceberg Rose (below) has long been a proven winner that countless people enjoy in their gardens. It comes in pink and white and is an enduring and glorious beauty that freshens any landscape.

white iceberg roses

Enhance your garden with the soothing sounds of flowing water and be waterwise at the same time! All of our fountains use a pump that recycles the small amount of water needed in a water fountain.

And you’re are sure to find just the fountain for you because we are known all around Los Angeles for our huge on-site selection that includes styles ranging from classic to contemporary and everything in between.

iron fountain

Fountains have the ability to create a serene and tranquil environment and our styles include a variety of colors/finishes as well as themes. The iron fountain above adds elegance and class and puts those who see and hear it in a calmer mood.

tranquil fountain

Surround your fountain with reeds, grasses, succulents or whatever you wish to design your very own water feature. Make it a peaceful place where you can sit and be still and quiet.

green garden fountain

Let water’s energy create a calming vibe, its smooth flow adding energy to those who surround it. Express yourself with a fountain–we have the best selection in the Los Angeles area and welcome you to enjoy a 20% discount on all in-stock fountains beginning on Saturday, July 4th.

flowing water

With summer here, now is a great time to plant a tropical garden. Ask Dago, Stephenie, Steve or Herbert for advice on how to plant a garden like the one below.

tropical garden with canna lily

There are as many ways to stage a garden as there are shades of blue in the sky, so let one of our experts, Stephenie, Herbert, Steve or Dago, lend their guidance. They can advise you on what to plant where, with what soil, how often to water, how to maximize water retention, and everything you need to know to get the most pleasure from your garden!

canna lily and fuchsia tropical garden #2

Remember to stock up on Black Forest (below) with our “Buy Three, Get the 4th Free” offer that begins on Saturday, July 4th!

Black Forest, organic compost and soil conditioner

Go Tropical and Add Color With Plumeria and Bougainvillea

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer


The handwritten sign said, “Please don’t touch the plants.” Obviously, someone wanted their plants to have nothing but pure nature touch them and not the hands of some human walking through the neighborhood. I looked to see what the sign pertained to and saw a front yard flower bed full of Plumeria (above and in the next two photos below), their green leaves scattered on long leggy stalklike branches.

plumeria with gazing ball

Plumeria (in front of the gazing ball, above) is a small genus of seven to eight species, native to subtropical and tropical areas such as Mexico and Central America. It produces flowers ranging from yellow to pink depending on form or cultivar. From Mexico and Central America, Plumeria has spread to all tropical areas of the world, especially Hawaii, where it grows so abundantly that many people think it is indigenous to that island system.

Leaves of P. pudica have an elongated oak shape and glossy, dark green color. Plumeria flowers are most fragrant at night in order to lure sphinx moths to pollinate them. The flowers have no nectar, and simply dupe their pollinators. The moths inadvertently pollinate them by transferring pollen from flower to flower in their fruitless search for nectar.

yellow plumeria plant and flower

(Below) Bougainvillea create a sense of serenity when surrounding a Pagoda with the soft graceful beauty of Japanese Maple leaves atop the Pagoda.

bougainvillea and pagoda

Bougainvillea bursts into gorgeous color in summer and makes a perfect privacy screen when spread across a trellis (below, on a trellis surrounding a gazing ball). In 1768 when Admiral Louis de Bougainvillea began his long journey to the Pacific Ocean and discovered the vine that now bears his name, it was a botanical highlight of the voyage. Through the ensuing years, this Brazilian beauty has assumed its rightful place as one of the most popular, spectacular and beautiful tropical plants.

red bougainvillea on trellis

In addition to vibrant colors, Bougainvillea also come in softer colors, such as this delicate pink and white (below).

bougainvillea and gazing ball

The color of a Bougainvillea actually comes from the three large bracts that surround the tiny inconspicuous flowers. We have a large variety in stock in many shapes and styles (below). Ask one of our experts for assistance. Dago, Stephanie, Herbert and Steve will be very happy to help you select the plant that is right for your growing conditions.

variety of bougainvillea

Bougainvillea can be trained to grow on arbors and whether used to accent an entryway or as a solo design statement, they also work well in the landscape with other plants (below).

more bougainvillea

Bougainvillea can be grown in containers or in ground. For advice on how to plant your Bougainvillea for success from day one, ask Steve, Herbert, Stephenie or Dago for expert guidance. The delicate Bougainvillea below blends nicely with white roses.

bougainvillea with roses

You can be waterwise with drought-tolerant plants and fountains that recycle water. All of our fountain pumps recycle the water to ensure a minimal and efficient use of water. (Below) Penstemon add a soothing and colorful touch to the flowing water of a fountain.

penstemon and fountain

Don’t miss out on making your summertime outdoor experience a relaxing one! Our water fountains are available in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. Visit today to ask one of our professional staff members (Stephenie, Steve, Herbert and Dago) for assistance with selecting a fountain for your yard or patio. We deliver seven days a week.

water fountains

There’s still time to plant a summer vegetable, herb and fruit garden. Tomatoes have gone Topsy Turvy (below) with the new wildly popular creation frequently seen on TV!

topsy turvy tomato plant

We have Heirloom and other specialty tomatoes, so stop in today to find the ones you want to harvest. There’s nothing quite like the taste of a homegrown tomato.

heirloom and specialty tomatoes

Deliveries that bring us the freshest and best plants arrive all the time.

lettuce in June

Be sure to browse our indoor store (below) where you will find unusual gift items, fun gardening items, indoor plants, meditating animals, and new prints that capture glory and feel of summer.

tomato-themed tools and gift items

sunflower scene print

dolphin sea turtles prints

Spoil Dad With Corona Tools, MDRGC Gift Cards And Waterwise Plants

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Father’s Day means celebrating Dad and all he enjoys and does for you. Shop our selection of Corona Tools for the best in pruning implements or give Dad a Marina del Rey Garden Center Gift Card (available in any available amount and they never expire!) so that he can buy some waterwise plants and save money while being green. Or, buy Dad that fountain he’s always wanted. Our fountains use low-energy pumps that re-circulate water, making them waterwise and energy-efficient.

fountain for Father's Day

Corona Tools are known for making your garden grow! Yes, grow, because without proper pruning and care, your plants won’t do their best.

corona tool with rose

The Marina Garden Center is pleased to offer Corona® products because they feature comfortable grips and innovative designs to make your gardening work easier. Corona puts professional-grade quality into every tool they make., which is why nearly all Corona products carry a lifetime warranty for years of reliable service.

Waterwise and energy-efficient, our fountains come in designs and colors that will please Dad, Mom, guests and the family! Marina Garden Center has a vast selection of in-stock contemporary, European, high-tech, Mediterranean and old-fashioned fountains.

Anyone who lives in Southern California is probably aware of the acute water shortage. As of June 1, the City of Los Angeles has imposed water restrictions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a glorious garden, indeed the garden of your dreams!

water wise plants

Have the garden you want, now, with a waterwise landscape. Ask one of our experts, Stephanie, Steve, Dago or Herbert for advice. Plant smart, conserve, go green! We can help you understand what to do to make your garden work for you.

Conserve water in an existing garden by using mulch and soils such as Black Forest, Bumper Crop, Cocoa Mulch and bark. Ask which mulch or soil amendment is right for you.


black forest

The site says, “Mulch! Save hundreds of gallons a year by using organic mulch
around plants to reduce evaporation.”

Some drought-tolerant plants include Bougainvillea, Salvias and Lavender. Stop in today to see our huge selection. And if Dad is drawn to Succulents or Cacti, we’ve got an amazing assortment.


Bougainvillea (above)


Salvia (above)

Treat Dad to a well-deserved Father’s Day and make it super special with a gift from the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

mdrgc gift card


Privets For Privacy: Plants That Make Great Hedges!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

In need of privacy? Consider using a hedge.

Hedges, a wall composed of plants, can create a privacy screen, reduce noise, define an area and even add security to your property. The Marina Garden Center has a huge assortment of hedge material, probably the best on-site selection in Los Angeles, including Waxleaf Privets, Podocarpus, Junipers, Purple Hopseed and Silver Sheen Pittosporum which are drought-tolerant once established.

hedge plants

Ask Steve, Stephanie, Dago or Herbert for assistance with choosing the best hedge plants for your situation. Planted densely together in a row, hedge plants can be left to grow naturally or trimmed to a particular size and shape. Be sure to define the type of hedge you want. Some hedge plants let in filtered light, others are so dense they are difficult to penetrate.


Waxleaf Privet (above) has long been a favorite for hedges, partly because it creates a dense hedge. It can be trimmed as needed or allowed to grow naturally. Its evergreen shiny waxy leafed foliage is enhanced by white flowers that attract bees but with some trimming you can have a flower-free hedge.

purple hopseed

The Purple Hopseed (above) trees will grow rather quickly, adding fullness and height to your hedge. These plants need full sun and will grow to about 12-feet tall and six to eight-feet wide. Purple Hopseed produces a great color show–its bronzy-green foliage turns deep purple-red in fall and pinkish fruit brightens summer.

twisty junipers

Junipers (above) come in many shapes, sizes and colors, giving landscapers a nice variety of options. Variegated Hollywood Juniper offers a vivid green and gold variegated foliage that adds lively color to the landscape and makes an eye-catching specimen in Japanese gardens. Its striking color and shape make it perfect for large spaces. Its irregular, upright form comes from its slightly twisted branches. This Juniper also has a good heat and salt tolerance.

variety of junipers

The Junipers above demonstrate some of the diversity found within this species. You can find a Juniper in almost any height, width, shape or foliage color.

tuberous begonias

Yellow, orange, white, red and pink can be the colors of your garden with Tuberous Begonias (above). These new arrivals grow well in shady areas and bring dazzling color to summer and fall flower beds. They can also be planted in containers. Be sure to ask one of our nursery professionals which soil amendment to use when planting in ground or containers.

Dahlias (below) are also among our summertime beauties. With a blast of different colors, shapes and sizes, Dahlias bring life and beauty back to your garden in summer and fall. Some Dahlias may reach six feet and some are great for use as low-growing border plants. They also make excellent cut flowers, lasting about a week indoors. They bloom best in full sun and will tolerate most soil types, but prefer a sandy, well-draining soil.


The Marina del Rey Garden Center is proud to offer the best in plants and associated products through our established selection of prime growers and vendors.

We carry top-quality plants from Monrovia Growers, horticultural craftsmen since 1926. They grow hardy, strong plants that will thrive and flourish.

Hines Nurseries is another one of our primary growers, known for searching the world over to make quality new introductions each year. Small-space gardens can now have the “Wow” factor with Hines’ Bambino Bougainvilleas Collection (below). Perfectly proportioned for a petite yard or patio, each of the varieties grows just 40 inches high and requires minimal care or know-how to grow with success.

Bambino bougainvilla

Bambino Bougainvilleas (above and below) can be used in hanging baskets or trained to trail over a retaining wall. Bambino “Baby Lauren” can be used in a flower bed as a low-growing ground cover.

bambino bougainvilleas

The Bambino Bougainvillea Collection includes five varieties ranging in color from lavender and pink to bright white and magenta. Each of the plants in the collection thrives in full-sun.

Be sure to stop inside our store to see our selection of meditating animals. Designer Stone’s Buddha Animals are original sculptures perfect for any zen garden.

All Meditating Animals are created with Chinese Characters etched into the back of their robe. This symbol is indicative of the animal’s primary characteristic: the Meditating Dog’s (below) primary characteristic is Loyalty. A product tag which explains this is included and reads as follows: “Those who connect with this Zen Creation are Compassionate, Friendly and Protective in Spirit … or they just love dogs.  Keep this sculpture near as a lasting reminder of all which is good in you.”

meditating Dog

It’s not everyday that your home & garden can reflect the special characteristics of charming animals who meditate. Below is just a sample of what’s available.

meditating animals, buddha animals, all by designer stone

Buddha Animals are handcrafted in America of solid cast-stone (concrete) made with integrated coloring and sealed for outdoor use. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Sizzling Summer Color With Hibiscus, Daylilies, Bougainvillea and Agapanthus

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Agapanthus, Hibiscus (below), Bougainvillea and Daylilies have arrived and will undoubtedly put sizzling color in your landscape!

pink hibiscus

Hibiscus (below and above) is one of the showiest flowering shrubs and can be used as screen planting, in containers, as espalliers, or as free-standing shrubs or small trees.

red hibiscus

These plants (hibiscus, below) can grow as high as 15 feet in California and their glossy foliage varies somewhat in size and texture depending on the variety.

hibiscus orange red and pink

Agapanthus, aka Lily-of-the-Nile, is a popular evergreen perennial with attractive dark green grass-like stalks with white or blue flowers atop a stem. New introductions include Storm Cloud and Midnight, dark, dark blues.

Agapanthus, lily of the Nile

Lily-of-the-Nile, Agapanthus (above and below), is a superb container plant and looks great on patios, decks, and balconies. It is also enjoyed in containers near a pool.

In your landscape, it can stand out against lush green ferns, as shown below.

white agapanthus, lily of the nile

Bougainvillea is another summer winner, producing a dazzling display of brilliant color or a softer subtle look, like the Pink Pearl variety below, accented with a Japanese Maple.

pink pearl bougainvillea with japanese maple

Bougainvillea (below and above) makes a nice privacy screen and is particularly appealing when planted in groups when in full bloom.

bougainvillea purple

Commonly seen gorgeous colors include pinkish purple (above) and a more crimson red (below).

bougainvillea red

The flowers of most Daylilies (below) open at sunrise and wither at sunset, possibly replaced by another one on the same stem the next day. Some species are night-blooming. Daylilies are not commonly used as cut flowers for formal flower arranging, yet they make good cut flowers otherwise as new flowers continue to open on cut stems over several days.


The daylily is sometimes referred to as the perfect perennial because it is:

  • Available in a rainbow of colors and a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Able to survive with very little care in a wide range of climates.
  • Suitable for all types of landscapes.
  • Drought tolerant when necessary, with relatively few pest and disease problems in most gardens. See descriptions of pests and diseases that may be encountered .
  • Adaptable to various soil and light conditions.
  • Known to bloom from late spring until autumn.