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Water Wise and Sustainable Gardening for a Healthy Planet

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Succulents (below, displayed in a stunning container arrangement) and Grasses are among the plants that are “water wise.” And indeed, there are many more plants that qualify as drought tolerant, enabling you to have a water wise garden. Our expert nursery professionals, Dago, Steve and Stephanie, can help you discover which plants will work in your garden.

water wise succulents in containers

We have an large selection of Grasses (below), in stock now. Grasses can create an intriguing natural landscape, full of their own spirit.

grasses and papyrus

horsetail reed grass

Drought-tolerant plants enable your garden to go without water for a long span of time, allowing you to conserve life’s precious resource, water. With water use restrictions in place in many communities, let one of our gardening professionals, Dago, Stephanie and Steve, give you expert advice on how to make your garden water wise for life!

Lavender and Salvias (below) are another great plant for a water wise garden. Lavender also bends gently in the breeze and is beautiful to behold, particularly when planted in large groupings as in a field. Of course, we don’t have fields of Lavender in our immediate area but you can fashion your own exquisite garden of Lavender.

lavender and salvias

Kangaroo Paws (below) make a stunning focal point in any garden. They come in a variety of colors and are named for their resemblance to a Kangaroo’s paw. This unusual looking plant has become very popular in recent years and when I walk my neighborhood, I see many beautiful examples of it. Just ask for assistance to learn how to incorporate a Kangaroo Paw or two (or three or four or more) in your existing landscape. Or, plant a garden anew with this beautiful, gracious water wise plant.

the stunning kangaroo paw

The Marina del Rey Garden Center is proud to offer the best plant variety around. From trees, shrubs and vines to roses to shade-loving plants to succulents to grasses to salvias to bonsai to camellias to native perennials and much more, we have it.

Right now, we have a nice selection of one-gallon plants in our Herb and Vegetable section so be sure to look there to discover some great finds. Lavender (below) and Banana Tree plants (below) are among the offerings found in this very cool section of the nursery.

small lavender plants

small banana tree plants

In this part of the garden center, you will also find lettuce, corn, tomatoes, peppers, squash, grape vines and berries. MDRGC is proud to have the finest collection of sustainable gardening plants–plants you can bring home to reap an abundant harvest of the foods you love.

grape vine sign at madrgc

Grape vines (below) don’t just like “fuill sun,” they love full sun! Our varieties have been selected to ensure successful growth in your garden. And remember to ask Steve, Dago or Stephanie what conditions your selection needs to have a happy, healthy, abundant life! Our gardening pros can recommend the proper soils and amendments to ensure your enjoyment of your plant for years to come.

grape vines

In addition to grapes, berries are another way to get powerful antioxidants into your diet. We stock a good selection of berry plants, Raspberries, Blackberries and Boysenberries right now, especially chosen because they do well in coastal climates.

berries anit-oxident fruit

Many plants benefit from being trained on a trellis (below) for support. We have a full selection of trellises, arbors, and other fun supports. We also are know for our huge selection of containers and fountains, all spread out over our 2+ acres. So, grab a beverage and come in and stroll our garden grounds. It could be the inspiration or rejuvenation you’re looking for!

zen trellis and containers

The Marina del Rey Garden Center has an extensive inventory of trees, shrubs and vines–enough for huge landscaping projects. We also pride ourselves on carrying boxed specimen trees, a large variety of Junipers, and unusual plants and trees (below).

unusual tree

We are also able to special order many items upon request from our top-quality growers and vendors. We maintain relationships with the best and take great pride in offering you the best in plants, the best in selection, the best in knowledge and support, the best in customer service. And we deliver seven days a week.

boxed specimen trees


And don’t forget that now is the time to plant Plumeria, that gorgeous and fragrant flower that brings Hawaii to California!


Hot Summer Color

scintillating impatien

Impatiens (above and below) add sizzle to summer gardens with their vibrant colors.

red hote impatien

(Below) Orange and yellow flowers are excellent color choices for summer gardens.

sizziling summer color for flower beds

Verbena (below) is a sweet summer flower available in pastel shades as well as “hotter” colors.


Echinacea (below), aka coneflower, have large, showy heads of composite flowers that bllom into late summer.


echinacea  in white

Geraniums (below) are a summer favorite.


Sizzlin’ Summer Color

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

dahlias and

Funky Gerbera Daisies (above) surrounded by Rudbeckia make a summer garden glow. The Marina del Rey Garden Center is fully stocked with plants to make your garden sizzle with color. We have Bougainvillea, Plumeria, Hibiscus, Canna Lilies, Fuchsias, Ferns, Banana Trees and much more for your tropical home. Ask us how you can have vibrant color on your patio, deck, balcony and landscape. Dago, Stephenie, Steve and Herbert, MDRGC garden professionals, can help you create the paradise of your dreams.

hanging flower baskets in bloom

Beautify your outdoor living spaces with our colorful hanging baskets. We always have a great selection that’s planted with you in mind. Have a special request? Just ask. We are more than happy to bring your vision to life.

orange begonia in hanging basket

Here’s another colorful hanging basket! This one has an orange Begonia (above) in it. Hanging plant baskets can be the finishing touch to your landscape. Check ours out today.

colorful hanging baskets of plants

Succulents (below) are also dynamic in hanging baskets. You don’t have to plant in the ground to have an interesting outdoor area.

succulent hanging basket

Cool your outdoor living area with greenery in containers and the soothing sounds of flowing water. Consider using Ferns or Banana Trees to create a sense of breezy coolness. Bring it all together with a fountain as a focal point.

banana trees

pebble water fountains

MDRGC is know for our vast selection of fountains (above and below) and containers. And we take special orders if we don’t have what you are looking for. On our 2+ acres, you’re sure to see the best in indoor and outdoor water fountains and pottery and containers. We pride ourselves in having an awesome assortment of top-quality product that will last for years to come.

buddha fountain

As the MDRGC fountain buyer, I am constantly on the lookout for new designs that will bring intrigue and interest to your home or landscape. And, remember, our water fountains are waterwise since our pumps recycle what little water is needed in a fountain.

Water is a soothing element that can create an air of calm and ease. Ease into summer and beat its heat with one of our fountains.

Year-round you can count on the Marina Garden Center to have a full selection of plants, indoor and outdoor, to meet your needs. Call on us when you’re thinking plants.

fuchsia trees

You can count on our plants (Fuchsias, above) to do well, too. Ask Steve, Stephenie, Dago or Herbert for expert guidance and friendly, professional assistance. Each of these gardening experts can answer your questions and provide the expertise you’ve come to know and expect from the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

penstemon with fountain


Bougainvillea (above) come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. We even have the new Bambino Bougainvillea Collection. Remember, the plants you purchase at MDRGC are top-quality and unconditionally guaranteed because we our vendors are among the most select and include names such as Monrovia Growers, Otto and Sons, Monterey Bay Growers, C Stars, Hines Nursery, San Marcos Growers, among others.

Stop in to see us today! You’ll be glad you did.

Stroll the Garden With Someone You Love

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Summertime in the garden center means time to wander our acreage amidst beautiful blooming plants. We have Plumeria, Bougainvillea, Plumbago, Salvias, Lavender, Begonias, Gerberas, Million Bells, Kangaroo Paws and much more to delight the senses.

cathy and her mom strolling the roses

All of our in-stock roses are 20% off and we’re offering a “Buy Three Bags, Get the 4th Free” special on Black Forest, an organic soil amendment that can be worked into your soil or used as top dressing to help retain moisture and prevent weeds.

pink rose

orange and pinkish roses


Roses come in so many colors that you’re sure to find the ones that appeal most to you. One of the hardiest and most loved roses is Iceberg, which now comes in white, pink and burgundy (below).

white iceberg roses

pink iceberg roses

Burgundy Iceberg Rose

Our gardening experts Stephenie, Dago, Steve and Herbert can help you explore the world of roses and set you on the right path for gardening success.

edible gardening water fountain

Beat the summer heat by cooling off with an outdoor fountain. Fountains use a small amount of water that is recycled. There is also time to plant an edible garden so do ask one of our gardening pros Steve, Stephenie, Dago or Herbert for assistance.

Right now, we are loaded with stunningly beautiful Plumeria (below), an exotic plant known for its fragrant flowers that are used in Hawaiian leis.


Did you know that Plumeria (above) is related to Oleander? (Below) Plumeria and Bougainvillea make a stunning combination as they surround a bird bath.

plumeria, bougainvillea, bird bath

plumeria and bougainvillea

Excitement and Grace In The Garden With Stunning Plumeria

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

A radio broadcast about the garden center aired on Monday, July 5th, on 89.9 at 2 p.m. and on 89.3 FM at 3 and 6:30 p.m. The link to hear it is at the bottom of this page.

white and yellow plumeria

The passion, power and exquisite beauty that is a Plumeria (above and below) flower is unrivaled in its splendor. Long associated with Hawaii and flower leis, Plumeria is a dazzling and fragrant flower that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The Marina Garden Center is loaded with these gorgeous plants, supplied by one of our great growers, CStars.

plumeria plants in bloom

We’ve created our own little nirvana of Plumeria plants (above), most of which are in bloom (below) and full of buds! Be sure to ask one of our expert nursery professionals, Steve, Stephenie, Dago or Herbert, for assistance. Best planted in our cactus mix, whether in ground or in a pot, Plumeria plants need a warm sunny spot. Their flowering season is long… They bloom in spring, summer, and early fall.

pink plumeria with water drops

plumeria flowers

pink plumeria flowers

Come in now for the best selection. We have a large number of one-gallon Plumeria as well as larger sizes, too. Plumeria are great companion plants to Bougainvillea (shown below), Kangaroo Paws, Hibiscus and many other plants.

plumeria plans with bougainvillea

Did you know that it takes a Plumeria grown from seed three years to bloom? That’s just one reason why Plumeria are available at garden centers known for their expertise. The Marina del Rey Garden Center has long been known for procuring only the best plants from a select group of superior growers.

plumeria, bougainvillea, garden statue, arbor

Hibiscus (below) go well with Plumeria and bring their own lively sensibility. Their flower colors can be dynamic or soft, as shown below.

hot orange and pink hibiscus

soft pink pastel hibiscus

You can listen to the interview at, which is found at and then go to the Marketplace tab and “Listen to the Show” for listening options. Jolie Myers, a public radio producer with Marketplace, a nationally broadcast news magazine that covers business and economic issues, recently visited us to discuss what is hot in the gardening business these days.