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Memories are Made of This

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By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Experience life’s awe through the eyes of a child (below). Bring a camera or camcorder and capture some memories at our Fall Festival, here now!

boy and pumpkin

This year’s fall bounty includes pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, Indian corn, scarecrows, hay bales, witches boots and more! Everything is available on a first-come, first-served basis so hurry in for the best selection.

pumpkins in the pumpkin patch

Our pumpkin patch offers something for everyone. (Below) This cute little fellow is discovering the joy of sitting among pumpkins! He’s doing a magnificent job of keeping his balance during his first visit to our Annual Fall Festival.

child in pumpkin patch

Remember to step inside our store to find special Fall goodies. Every Fall Festival is full of tempting decorative treats that will bring the outdoors in.

welcome sign

Mother Nature always has gifts for us, so get creative and bring your indoor space alive with the fresh feeling of Fall. Mix traditional fall accessories with unusual indoor plants (below).

small pumpkins, gourds, squash, indoor plants

The thought of Halloween brings with it cats, goblins, ghosts and the like. Stop in to see our collection of fun and spooky things.

cement cats, statuary, pumpkins, hay bales,  orange and yellow ceramic mushrooms

indoor plants, pumpkins

halloween and fall gift items

Our pumpkins always disappear quickly so head on over for the best selection!


gazing balls, pumpkins, hay bales

So bring the family in and check out our Fall Festival. The kids are sure to find the pumpkin(s) they want to carve!

child in pumpkin patch

And of course, we have a huge selection of plants for your fall landscape. Shrubs, citrus, trees, vines, perennials, salvias, hanging color baskets, succulents, roses, herbs, vegetables—you name it, we have it! Ask Dago, Steve or Stephanie to help you make your selections. Their gardening expertise is sure to help you.

plant in cement planter

yellow and green foliage, purple flower

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Fall is Prime Time for Planting

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Our Annual Fall Festival begins this week, so stop in to see all of our pumpkins and perhaps a gargoyle or two. 


As the summer heat gives way to cooler fall breezes, the ground is prime for planting. When heated up, the ground provides nature’s best planting time because roots planted during these conditions will respond extremely well to the warmth left from the summer sun.

red flowering salvia perennial

We have a  nice selection of salvias that flower in red, purple, blue and orange. You can create your own spectrum of color with bedding plants, one-gallon plants, five-gallon plants and larger. The heated up ground will enhance their growth, resulting in a beautiful fall and even better spring.

hedge plants

Plant small, decorative hedges now. Ask Stephanie, Steve or Dago which hedge plants are best-suited for your needs. We are loaded with all sorts of shrubs and trees, many in interesting shades of green, yellow and brown.


junipers in various shapes

Other than tender tropicals (plants that freeze easily) everything else should be planted in the fall. Fruit trees, all citrus varieties such as lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits as well as avocados, while sold year-round, do best when planted in the fall, while the stone fruits–apples, peaches, pears and nectarines, or pitted fruits–should be planted in December, January or February, for best results.

citrus salad

Citrus Salad (above) is a very fruitful tree. This one in particular is loaded with fruit. These unusual plants contain a variety of citrus grown on one plant.

boxed podocarpus trees

The Marina del Rey Garden Center is pleased to stock all sorts of plants in a variety of sizes. The large Podocarpus trees shown above make great “instant” privacy screens. Do ask Steve, Dago or Stephanie how best to plant your new acquisitions. They can tell you what soil will work best as well as how often to water, etc.

They can also advise you on how to mulch. Mulch is very important because it keeps water in the roots of your plants, allowing you to water much less.

small perennials

Fall is also a great time to plant smaller specimens (above) because the ground heat will enable them to show quite some growth by spring.

Egyptian Star Cluster (below) features long-tubed flowers in clusters. The flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

egyptian star cluster

We receive new deliveries of plants every week but if you don’t see what you want, please ask to see if we can procure it. We have the best network of growers and vendors and will do our best to get what you want. We are so confident in our plant quality and advice that we unconditionally guarantee each and every one of our plants.


We recently received a shipment of Limelight Hydrangea (below), one of my favorites. Its fluorescent green flower is a sight to see when bathed in moonlight.

limelight hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea is a woodsy plant that goes well with many different plants, as shown above.

Use your creativity to fashion the garden of your dreams, pairing all sorts of greenery. The Junipers below remind me that Christmas is one its way. (Did I say that?!)


Ornamental grasses (below) can introduce browns to your landscape, swaying gracefully in the air when one of fall’s cool, crisp breezes blows through.

ornamental grasses

Papyrus and Phormium in the background make a nice backdrop to succulent plantings in containers. Succulents are great waterwise plants that add appeal to any landscape or walkway. We recently custom planted some containers for a business building on Manhattan Avenue in Manhattan Beach.The striking planters add a classy touch.

succulents, papyrus, phormium

Our succulent collection is the best around. You will always find this area well-stocked, brimming with waterwise beauties. (Below) Donkey Tail cascades down the sides of its container. Succulents can add color and texture to your visual space.

donkey tail

And, as always, if you need “immediate color,” we have hanging baskets in scintillating colors. Ours are priced the same as Target and in far better condition. Just the other day, I took two home to make my deck come alive. The hot pink geranium has been a big hit and the softer pink, yellow and orange million bells container has been equally appreciated.

Below is a sampling of the many hanging baskets we have in stock every day.

immediate color with million bells in hanging baskets

I clipped the hangers so that I could place the baskets in containers on my deck for a view out out over them to the backyard while enjoying the outdoors.

buddha million bells plants

The Marina del Rey Garden Center is a full-service nursery. Our staff of professionals are experts who are here to serve you. Ask about our delivery services. They come in particularly handy with large containers, fountains and large plants.

And be sure to stop in to check out our Fall Festival!

The Heat of Summer Pays Off

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By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

summer color

Do “double duty” now by planting for summer and fall. Heat waves in Los Angeles call for hot sizzling summer colors such as orange and yellow, however, you can mate these plants to fall’s greens, browns and muted tones. Ask Steve, Stephanie or Dago for ideas on how to have a summer/fall garden at the same time.

new plants arrive

The Marina del Rey Garden Center receives new plant shipments (above) all the time so be sure to stop in to see what we have today.


Our first shipment of Cyclamen (above) for the season have just arrived. Cyclamen come in red, white and lavender and bloom profusely in fall and winter.

In Southern California, roses are always a good addition. Iceberg Rose (below, in white) is one of the most prolific and hardy roses around and comes in pink and burgundy, too. And, it’s always easy to accent roses.

iceberg roses and more

Accenting gardens with plants in decorative planters (as seen above) is a great way to put some fresh life into an existing landscape. The Marina Garden Center stocks an amazing collection of Talavera Pottery and accent pieces (below).

talavera pottery and accent pieces with plants

Check out all of our nursery: We have everything you need to make your garden beautiful, from plants to statuary to fountains to containers to home decor. When you do stop inside our store, look around and notice our many home accents, including vases, unusual pots, clocks, fun signs, and much more. Right now we have the current issue of Garden Design magazine. Its feature is on “Best Eco-Friendly Gardens.”

Best Eco-Friendly Gardens in Garden Design magazine

We always have a great supply of orchids (below). We hand-select every orchid and indoor plant with you, our customer, in mind.


Plan on visiting us throughout the holiday season for all sorts of great gifts and accents to warm up the home. Year-round we pride ourselves on offering unusual items that will add to your home. Right now (below) we have all sorts of ways to partner plants with accents.

home accents and decor

Starfish, turtles, fish and frogs. We have a fun assortment of sea shell accented pieces (below) that are proving extremely popular.

sea shell accnted pieces

se shell turtle

Nicely accented pieces are available. This unique duck on a bird bath (below) is decorated with sea shells.

The Marina Garden Center is known for our huge in-stock selection of fountains. And we deliver seven days a week and can special order so that you get just the right fountain.

duck on a bird bath

water fountain globes plants

And, as always, we have one of the largest selections of plants anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area. Whatever plant or fountain you want for your landscape, we are sure to have it.

lush greenery

So, stop in to see what we have in stock now. Talk to Dago, Stephanie and Steve for advice and guidance. And remember that we pride ourselves on expert customer service and stand behind our plants.