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Annual Japanese Maple Festival

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Stop in on Saturday, March 13, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., for our Annual Japanese Maple Festival. A horticultural expert from Monrovia Growers will be on hand to answer your questions and explain why Japanese Maples have enhanced landscapes for centuries. We will hold a drawing for a free Japanese Maple so be sure to enter.

Japanese Maple trees are known for their foliage which comes in many different shapes and colors. Planted as an ornamental tree throughout the United States, they are native to Korea, China and Japan. The Japanese Maple was introduced to the United States in 1820 and its maple-like leaves, which range from green to red to purple, give it its common name.

Go Homegrown!

Nothing tastes as great as homegrown, so stop in to get your very own Farmers Market growing! We are fully stocked with all sorts of vegetables and herbs and have all the organic amendments you need to grow a healthy edible garden.

New Raised Planter Beds for Vegetables & Herbs

We now have two new products in stock–raised planter beds! We’re excited to offer these easy-to-assemble planter beds that can increase the bounty grown in your garden thanks to a longer planting season.

The raised planter below offers an edge to sit on.

Loving Lilacs!

Now is a good time to plant Lavender Lady Lilac (below), which is cultivated to do well in our Southern California climate. Bring the beautiful fragrance of a lilac home today and enjoy it time and time again.

We Bring It To You

Our delivery specialist and team are ready to deliver your plants, soil amendments, fountains, containers and all of the items too big for you to get home.

Add the soothing sound of a water fountain to your landscape. We have a huge selection of water fountains on site, ready to go to your home or business.

We also have a nice selection of chimineas (surrounded by Japanese Maples, below) and other garden accents like the wood bridge below.

Homegrown Tastes Best

We proudly offer one of the best vegetable and herb selections in Los Angeles. Stop in today to find what you need or what you didn’t even know was available!

Los Angeles Magazine featured us in an issue for our large selection of vegetables and herbs. As we all know, homegrown tastes best, so grow your own Farmers Market in ground or in one of our new raised planter beds (below; prices vary) that you easily assemble from a kit.

The raised planter above features a great border for sitting on. Gardening from this perch will help alleviate backaches and knee pain.

Stock your garden with vegetables and herbs from our large selection. Our staff of nursery professionals can answer your questions and provide planting guidance.

Count on our Master Nursery Bumper Crop to do the job when you want to grow delicious homegrown fruit, vegetables and herbs, in the ground or in a raised bed. If you’re planting your herbs and veggies in a container, use our Master Nursery Gardener’s Gold.

Get the power of antioxidants from your own garden by growing berry and/or grape vines (below).

Enhance Your Yard With Trees, Shrubs, Vines


Roses (above) are here, in bloom, in abundance. Stop in today to select the ones you’d like to see bloom in your garden year after year.

Coral Trees (above) are beautiful in a landscape. The San Diego Zoo, known for its landscaping, uses them to great effect.

Ask one of our nursery professionals for help when selecting trees, shrubs and vines. The Bougainvillea (below) is a popular vine that can be used to create a privacy hedge.

Give your plants the best start possible by planting with Master Nusery’s organic Bumper Crop.

(Below) Grape Vines and Blueberry Bushes

Hibiscus (below) come in tree and shrub shapes.

Lavatera (below)

Lion’s Tail (below), a perennial, makes a great shrub.

Color for Spring and Summer

Delphiniums (above and below)

Stop in today to see what bedding plants we have available in four-inch, six-pack and one-gallon containers and plant some color now.

Give your garden the boost it needs by planting with Master Nursery’s organic Bumper Crop. Ask one of our nursery professionals for assistance when looking for a soil amendment or fertilizer.

Foxglove (above) in purple and (below) in yellow

Coleus (above)

Grow Your Own Farmers Market This Spring!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

With the first yellow blush of a Daffodil (below), I always feel good because when Daffodils appear, can spring be far behind?

With all of the rainfall we’ve experienced in this El Nino year, the colors of spring (Tulips and Ranunculas, below) are already popping and are sure to be spectacular. And we, at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, are pleased to offer the wide assortment of quality plants and superior service and expertise you’ve come to expect from us.

We have many new things in progress and are excited to offer our new raised planter beds (below) that you can easily build yourself. Available now, these raised beds are already receiving great feedback and we’re sure you’ll want to take a kit home with you and build yours ASAP!

We’ve assembled a demonstration unit that is planted with herbs and vegetables (below) to show you how to grow your own Farmers Market! Our raised planter beds come in two sizes and are ready for you to take them home today.

Thanks to the warmth created by a raised bed, you can begin your garden early and harvest later, giving you an extended growing season. You can also maximize your space by planting plants close together, producing a larger harvest in a smaller area.

Raised bed gardens also require less watering. In addition, gardeners will appreciate this raised bed’s ease-of-use (no need to bend over) and edge to sit on when planting and harvesting.

Our Herb and Vegetable section is packed with cool-season vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, peas, cauliflower, collard greens and lettuces like a mesculin mix, and we have Grape Vines and Berry Varieties (below), too. Ask Steve, Stephanie or Pat for help. They can show you where specific plants are and tell you what they need to grow their best.

We’re known for our huge in-stock selection of plants, including fruit and citrus trees, many of which can be grown in containers if you don’t have the ground space for them. Fruit and citrus trees come in dwarf sizes and can look particularly stylish when paired with one of our colorful containers. The Anna Apple (below) features a beautiful, delicate blossom that is stunning to look at and the apple itself tastes delicious.

Alexander Magnolia (below) produces striking large purplish-pink tulip-shaped blooms with white interiors. This deciduous plant can be grown as a shrub or tree and makes a good focal point planted singularly in the front yard or as a pair that flanks an entry walk. These beautiful blossoms make a great study near patios, porches and other outdoor living spaces.

Transitioning from winter to spring always brings a special freshness, light and color to landscapes. This time of year, there is much to see  in our natural habitats: California Poppies, Lupine and Ceanothus. The great news is that you can bring the beauty of California’s landscape to your home and garden.

This spring, we’re proud to feature California Natives and plants that originated in Australia, South Africa and the Mediterranean, climates much like what we enjoy in Southern California. Bleeding Heart (below) is a California Native that needs full to partial shade to produce its beloved dangling heart-shaped flowers. It can grow to three-feet tall and wide and is easy to care for. It is good as a border, in mass planting, in a woodland garden or container.

Shade-loving Hellebores (below) are evergreen perennials that produce showy flowers. Hellebores have been traditionally grown in woodland gardens and bloom from winter into spring. Ask Stephanie, Pat or Steve for assistance.

Stop in today to see all of the fresh, new things going on at the Marina Garden Center. We are here to help you enjoy your garden to the max!