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Enhance Your Yard With Trees, Shrubs, Vines


Roses (above) are here, in bloom, in abundance. Stop in today to select the ones you’d like to see bloom in your garden year after year.

Coral Trees (above) are beautiful in a landscape. The San Diego Zoo, known for its landscaping, uses them to great effect.

Ask one of our nursery professionals for help when selecting trees, shrubs and vines. The Bougainvillea (below) is a popular vine that can be used to create a privacy hedge.

Give your plants the best start possible by planting with Master Nusery’s organic Bumper Crop.

(Below) Grape Vines and Blueberry Bushes

Hibiscus (below) come in tree and shrub shapes.

Lavatera (below)

Lion’s Tail (below), a perennial, makes a great shrub.

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