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Everything’s Coming Up … Colorful!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Color spring pink, blue and white with hydrangeas. Our 14-inch tub hydrangeas (below) are here and limited in supply so snag yours while they last.

And be sure to fan us on Facebook for all the latest and greatest MDRGC info.

Plants make beautiful Easter gifts so stop in to select yours from our amazing collection of indoor and outdoor plants. We’re open on Easter Sunday, April 4, from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. for all of you last-minute shoppers.

Stop in to select roses, see our expanded succulent and cacti selection, and all of the latest plants that have just arrived. Our vegetable and herb collection is huge and you’re sure to find just what you want.

You’ll also want to stop in no later than Wednesday to take advantage of our “Buy Four Bags, Get the 5th One Free” Bumper Crop sale. Sale ends Wednesday, March 31.

With our warmer weather, now is a great time to add bedding plants to your landscape. Easy to plant, delphinium (below) add height and color to any garden. Our bedding plant selection is always one of the best around and we have plants for sun and shade.

We’re pleased to list some local garden tours. Take a tour, support a great cause, and get ideas for your own landscape or home decor.

Scabiosa (below) sway gently with a slight breeze and are known for their beautiful blue flowers that attract butterflies. If you’d like to know which plants will attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other critters to your garden, ask Stephanie or Steve for help. Or just stroll our 2+ acres to see birds, bees and butterflies. They’re here on a daily basis.

Container planting is a great way to add a feel to your outdoor living environment. Use brightly colored pots to create a vibrant area. Dress up a patio or level garden area with a bench and daisy trees and rosemary in containers (below) so that you and your guests can wander the garden and land in a delightful space.

We have everything you need for container gardening, from the right plants to the right soils and fertilizers to the perfect selection of containers, including our new vegetable and herb beds. We’re known for our huge in-stock assortment of containers and fountains so visit today.

We’re also known for our creative displays and suggestions. We’ll even custom plant containers for you or help you mix and match containers and plants. The Flax below looks even more striking when placed into the right container.

Color and texture make a landscape design even more intriguing. Create a soothing “green” environment by planting Coleus (below) and then use other soothing green plants around it, in varying heights and sizes. Coleus also work well with bedding plants, so use your creativity to put color and texture into your garden.

Look throughout the nursery for examples of colors and textures you like and then ask Steve or Stephanie for assistance with each plant’s growing requirements to make sure the plants in your design are compatible.

Some plants prefer shade, like the Summer Sunset (below), a relative of the Star Jasmine.

For me, early spring is evocative of certain plants — Wisteria, Lilacs, Hydrangeas, and Tulip Magnolias (below).

Another plant I look forward to every spring is the Fuchsia (below), with its multicolored flowers that elegantly cascade over the side of many a hanging basket. I’ve got several in my backyard, hanging off tree limbs.

Spring is definitely here so stop in to see how you can add some new life to your garden. All of our plants are budding up and blooming, including the bedding plant Foxglove (below), so stop in to see our complete selection of roses, shrubs, vegetables and herbs, perennials, vines, succulents and cacti, and much more.

Local Garden Tour Calendar 2010

Venice Garden & Home Tour
Sat., May 1

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tickets: $60 advance, $70 day of event., or barbarab/events at 310-821-1857.

Self-guided walk of beautiful and avant garde gardens and homes in the historic heart of Venice, including Oakwood, the Palms, and Milwood neighborhoods. These venues are just a short distance from the bustling activity of Abbot Kinney Boulevard and the beach community.

Benefits Neighborhood Youth Association’s Las Doradas Children’s Center, Venice.

Time To Dig In To Your Landscape

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Remember that you can shop for all your gardening pleasures and treasures until 6:30 each weeknight now that we’re on our Spring Hours schedule. Daylight savings is giving us more time to spend outdoors in our gardens, planting, designing, puttering, weeding, meditating, relaxing, entertaining.

That said, do join us on Facebook for all of the latest news on plant deliveries and special events. Our latest event, our Annual Japanese Maple Festival, was a busy and fun day. As announced on our Facebook page, Diane Smith (photo at bottom of page) of Culver City won our free drawing for a Japanese Maple of her choice.

This time of year, the Marina del Rey Garden Center is constantly receiving new deliveries of plants and we’re stocked with a deep inventory to meet your landscaping needs. Our huge selection of roses have arrived, including the budded-up Pillow Fight rose (above).

We are also the best place to shop for vegetables and herbs, stocking a large assortment. Need Swiss Chard, Rhubarb, Japanese Eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, corn, strawberries! We have them all and much, much more, including expert gardeners on staff who can provide planting guidance. Talk to Steve or Stephanie for the best customer service around.

Our new expanded succulent and cacti section (above) is a must see! Serious landscapers and designers will appreciate our deep inventory of unusual and hard-to-find plants.

With you, our customer in mind, we will create custom succulent containers so that you can have just the look you want.

Succulents (above and below) come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some standing tall, some twisting and turning, most providing intriguing foliage in a variety of colors.

(Above) Succulents mingle with Phormium (Flax) and an elevated pedestal container attractively planted with succulents. The container is actually an old fountain that we turned into a planter since it wasn’t in saleable condition.

Stroll the entire garden center for ideas. You never know what inspiration you might find in a tucked away spot.

Succulents (below), which can and do make appealing and stunning landscapes, also make your garden water-wise. Ask Stephanie or Steve for information on how to plant a water-wise garden.

California native plants share ground with succulents at The Learning Garden in Venice (below). If you look closely, you will see small succulents and cacti mixed in with perennials for a gorgeous display of color and texture, evocative of the California sunshine.

Another view of The Learning Garden (below) gives a different perspective on the use of California natives with succulents and cacti. These plants, as disparate as they seem, have the same water requirements and so make good companions for each other.

And if your plants are too large to fit into your vehicle (below), don’t worry, the Marina del Rey Garden Center offers delivery by a team of on-staff specialists.

Join our customers who are gearing up for planting greatness by taking advantage of our “Buy 4 Bags of Bumper Crop, Get the 5th Bag Free” Bumper Crop offer, available only for a limited time.

The Marina del Rey Garden Center is packed to the brim with all sorts of plants for your garden. Blue-eyed Grass (below) heralds the colors that spring brings.

Wisteria (below) is another spring winner. Its fragrant purple blossoms cascade nicely on arbors, trellises and fences. Get creative! Wisteria is a stunning vine you will enjoy in your landscape for years to come.

Roses also add color and flair to gardens. Trumpeter (below) makes a bold statement.

This year, we’ve grouped the David Austin English Roses as well as the ground cover roses to make selection even easier. (Below) Tamora roses are loaded with buds that will burst with lively color in the near future.

Jacob’s Ladder (below) is a beautiful climbing rose. Climbing roses make great privacy screens.

So remember to stop in to see what’s new at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, where spring is in full swing and you can get anything and everything you need for your garden and indoor/outdoor living. And while you’re here, take some time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

Japanese Maple Festival Winner 2010

Diane Smith of Culver City won our free drawing for the Japanese Maple of her choice. Keep your eyes open; we’ll be offering more events this spring and summer!

Roses, St. Patrick’s Day, and Lots of Spring Color!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Spring has burst forth with more color than imaginable and the Marina del Rey Garden Center has everything you need to make your garden precisely what you want it to be!

Our new Spring hours begin on Tuesday, March 16. Beginning this Tuesday, we will be open from 8 a.m. until 6:30 p.m.

Perhaps the biggest news is that our roses have arrived and now is the time to select the rose(s) you want so that the beauty of your garden/landscape can be enjoyed throughout spring and summer.

This year, we’ve made it easier to find the David Austin English roses by grouping them together. We’ve also grouped our excellent selection of ground cover roses.

As with all of our plants, our roses (below, our huge assortment) come from the best growers. Organized alphabetically, each row of roses is identified by a sign that shows the rose in bloom and explains its features and care.

Of course, Steve, Stephanie and Pat are more than happy to answer your questions and put you on track for successful rose growing.

Buy 4 Bags of Bumper Crop and Get the 5th One Free!

Celebrate With Green!

St. Patrick’s Day calls for nothing less than a green gift of some sort and we have just what you need! Yes, plants are green, so giving one is a great way to mark St. Patrick’s Day, but we also have some wee special St. Patrick’s Day gifts (below).

Stunning new wall art has arrived (below) and it represents some of the most eye-catching visuals I’ve seen in awhile. This metal art can be used indoors and out, making it extremely flexible.

Realistic and artful, each piece of this indoor/outdoor wall art (above and below) is hand cut and hand painted without any machines involved.

Create Visual Appeal with Fuchsias in Hanging Baskets

As I mentioned last week, Fuchsia time is here! Fuchsias come in pink (below), purple and red flowering varieties and are an easy way to add color to a shady outdoor area, such as a patio, pool area, deck, porch or balcony.

Fuchsias can be grown in the ground but are widely seen in hanging baskets. Choose from varieties that cascade and flow over the basket (above, and below left) and those with a more upright posture (below, right).

Newly Expanded Succulent Section!

Stop in to see our unique selection of succulents and cacti in our newly expanded section. We have “sky-high” Sticks of Fire (below) and an Echeveria selection (second photo, below) that can’t be beat.

So be sure to stop in today to see all of the great new things going on at the Marina Garden Center. New plant shipments arrive almost every day and we’ve got lots of vegetables and herbs, raised veggie beds, shrubs, grasses, phormiums, trees, hedge material, vines, citrus, Japanese Maples, California natives, perennials, salvias, bedding plants, and much more.

Bring the little ones, too. They just might make some new friends while hanging out in our vegetable and herb section (below).

Spring Color Is Here! 10% Off Japanese Maples Saturday and Sunday!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

The look and feel of spring is definitely in the air and the Marina del Rey Garden Center is packed full of everything you need to have a beautiful and thriving garden!

Say Hello To 10% Off All Japanese Maples
During Our Annual Japanese Maple Festival And All Day Sunday

Be sure to attend this Saturday, March 13 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for our Annual Japanese Maple Festival, where you can learn all about these graceful trees from an expert with Monrovia Growers and save 10% on any Japanese Maple purchase. Write your questions down and bring them in. We’ll address the why, where and how of planting these elegant maples, long revered for their foliage, grace and serenity. Do register for a free drawing for a Japanese Maple Tree during the Festival. Winner need not be present to win.

The 10% discount on Japanese Maples will also be available all day on Sunday, so be sure to make your purchase this weekend while the savings are in effect.

And while you’re here, load up on our Master Nursery organic Bumper Crop (below) during our special sale. Buy four bags and get the 5th bag free!

More Spring Color

Just coming in to bloom, a weeping, fast-growing Wisteria vine will cascade gracefully over an arbor or trellis.

Purple Wisteria is much more versatile than most vines because they can:
  • Transform an old fence into something beautiful.
  • Turn a plain tree into a classic flowering specimen.
  • Create an elegant trellis like you see throughout the Biltmore House & other regal estates.

Wisteria grows in a wide range of soils, even alkalai, sand and clay, tolerates drought and salt, and flowers best in full sun.

Gazing balls (above) placed in the garden on pedestals add a nice touch. Stop in today to see all of our garden accents. We stock a variety of fun garden accessories.

Our first shipment of Fuchsias has just arrived. These eye-catching plants come in upright and basket forms, spilling over the side. (Above) A Fuchsia cascades downward to meet the beautiful white of a Cyclamen. (Below) A Fuchsia mingles with the pink of a Cyclamen.

Fuchsias planted in flower beds can add height and color contrast. Ask Pat, Stephanie or Steve for help with all of your planting questions.

Abutilon (above), aka flowering maple, feature red, yellow, white, pink, and orange bell-shaped flowers with delicate foliage, making them a great flowering plant to place in bright shade.

Do remember to stop in this Saturday, March 13th between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to participate in our Annual Japanese Maple Festival when all Japanese Maples will be offered at 10% off. This savings will also be available on Sunday.