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Go Tropical with Exotic Plants and Flowers

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

From the time I get together with C Stars Nursery and talk about our Plumeria order, I look forward to delivery day. Delivery day has arrived and we are proud to offer C Stars Plumeria (below), which are the best Southern California has to offer.

The Plumeria flower (above) is a warm-season bloomer, from late spring to late summer, that typically comes in white, red, yellow, pink, or multiple colors. Their flowers are most fragrant in the evening and their fragrance is a pleasantly sweet and multi-layered floral fragrance that is soothing and relaxing.

Plumeria require full sun and a soil that drains well. Irrigation is needed during dry periods for best growth and flowering. Plumeria grow well alongside cacti and other drought-tolerant plants, including Bougainvillea, which are in stock now and shown with Plumeria in the photo below.

At the Garden Center, we’ve grouped together Plumeria and Bougainvillea because they have similar requirements and look great together, each plant’s stunning colors providing an array of color that is exquisite and vivid.

Our newest Plumeria (above and below) from C Stars

Coral Trees (Erythrina) are another plant that produces stunning flowers (below). With proper installation and maintenance, Coral Trees are both a beautiful and water-efficient option for enlivening almost any landscape. We have two specimens in 24-inch boxes. One is a very familiar Coral Tree with an orange flower while the other is an unusual bi-color Coral Tree that bears both a white and orange flower on the same tree.

Coral Trees (above and below) make excellent companion trees to palms and succulents. With brilliant colors and interesting shapes, Coral Tree flowers are visual stunners that also happen to attract hummingbirds.

If you want to see the largest collection of Coral Trees in the continental United States, visit the San Diego Zoo to see 53 of the 110-plus known Erythrina taxa.

Copper Watering Cans

Many of you have been asking about copper watering cans (below) and we’re pleased to let you know that a new shipment has arrived. These in-demand watering cans are sure to go quickly so stop in as soon as you can.

Vegetable, Fruit and Vine Supports

No matter what you’re growing, if it needs a support, we’ll have what you need. Trellises, arbors, tomato cages, columns (below) — we have them in wood, iron and metal.

You’ll find a large selection of these supports in our Vegetable and Herb section (above) but do ask Darla, Steve or Stephanie for assistance since they can help you find what you need.

Our Vegetable and Herb section is the place to go to buy all of your edibles. Want to grow your own blueberries, grapes or tomatoes? We have everything you need to plant the healthiest edible garden around. We carry a selection of many different varieties of blueberries and grapes and our tomato selection is huge. It includes Ace 55, San Diego, Green Grape, La Roma, Oxheart and Japanese, and other varieties of tomatoes.

We also have watermelon, swiss chard, spinach, sorrel, cantaloupe, endive, dandelion, purslane, peppers, peanuts, basil, lemon verbena, common chamomile, lemon grass, valerian, rue, arugula, chinese cabbage, cilantro, carrots and eggplant.

Stop in to check out our raised planter beds (the one below is in the Vegetable and Herb section; the other is adjacent to water fountains, our strolling garden and the parking lot) to see how well our crop is doing.

Begonia fans will appreciate the selection of unusual Begonias (below) that have just arrived from Chia Nursery, one of the best growers in Southern California.

For bright shady areas in your garden, create visual appeal with Coral Bells (below). Its purple, marmalade and green foliage adds intrigue that is heightened when it flowers.

Begonias (below) are another good plant for shade. They come in a variety of vibrant colors that accentuate their delicate flowers and are a great way to enliven a shady spot in a flower bed.

Get Into Outdoor Living With Roses, Succulents, Containers, Fountains

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Get ready for enjoying the beautiful outdoors this spring and summer by strolling our grounds now. Our rose section is looking so spectacular (below) that you’ll feel as though you’re at a public rose garden. And here is an area garden tour you’re sure to find interesting. Attending a Garden Tour is a great way to support your community and see diverse garden styles in action.

Take the time to smell the roses as well as to hand pick the ones you’d like to see blooming in your yard. All-American Magic (below) is a winner with its soft stunning colors.

Create a place of magic in your garden this spring. A new fountain not only adds visual appeal but also provides the soothing sound of flowing water. Our newest fountains (below) are from Campania.

Since its arrival just three weeks ago, the Campania line is selling very well and it’s easy to see why. Each piece’s sleek, modern lines add a distinctive touch. (Below) The detailed workmanship that goes into Campania’s cast stone containers, fountains, vessels and benches have earned them high marks.

We recently expanded our succulent and cacti section so check out all of these amazing waterwise specimens (below).

Succulents really are amazing plants. They can be so very different one from the other. Some can look like aliens like those in the hanging baskets in the top photo above. They can be grouped together to form a succulent jungle (below). And many of them bloom, producing beautiful flowers.

You can create an in-ground garden (as shown below, in the photo of our entrance) or group them in stunning container displays (second photo below, foreground center).

We can custom plant your succulent containers. You pick out the pots and plants and we’ll craft the perfect look. Succulents in containers make a great statement. Ask Steve, Darla or Stephanie for assistance.

Succulents can be sleek and striking. The succulents (below, center) add greenery and height.

We also have a nice assortment of smaller custom pre-planted succulent containers (below). These mini gardens offer a diversity of colors, texture and foliage matched to containers that perfectly accent the succulent arrangement.

Antioxidants are another big story at the Marina Garden Center. Several blueberry bushes,  loaded with blueberries (below), suited to our climate have arrived as has a variety of grape vines (third photo below).

We’re proud to offer plants from Monrovia Growers (above and below), horticultural craftsmen since 1926.

Our staff is more than happy to load your vehicle with your purchases (below) and we offer delivery, too.

We are constantly receiving new deliveries of plants (below), thereby ensuring that you get the best.

Don’t forget to have fun in your garden. We certainly do! (Below) Pink flamingos enjoy a succulent garden along with their deer friend.

The Latest and Greatest in Shrubs!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Plant a waterwise garden full of California natives and plants from South Africa, the Mediterranean and Australia. The Cistus aka rockrose (below) produces gorgeous blooms.

The white, low-growing cistus (below) hails from the Mediterranean and is a versatile waterwise shrub.

Cistus, whose leaves are evergreen, are perennial shrubs found on dry or rocky soils throughout the Mediterranean region, from Morocco and Portugal through to the Middle East, and also on the Canary Islands.

Pink-flowering Cistus varieties (below) are easy to spot given their vibrant flowers or profuse flowering habit.

The rockrose is a beloved flower and one that Portmeirion dishware/china uses on its steak plate (below).

Leucadendron Pom Pon (below) is an unusual plant that grows to a maximum of six feet, though it is easily kept smaller with pruning. This gem needs full sun, great drainage and not much water. Pom Pon’s flawless foliage and showy flowers are long-lasting in the garden or in a vase. Pom Pon can also be grown in a container. Ask Steve or Stephanie for assistance. They can tell you what you need for planting in a container vs. in the ground.

The Marina del Rey Garden Center is full of all sorts of beautiful shrubs. Stop in to see all of our exciting, new plants, like the Italian Yellow Jasmine (below).

Some other beautiful shrubs you’ll want to have in your garden include Chinese Lantern aka Abutilon (below, first) and Lavatera (below, second). Abutilon flowers are conspicuous, with five petals, mostly red, pink, orange, yellow or white. Abutilon and Lavatera are part of the mallow family, Malvaceae.

More commonly seen, the Lavatera (below) adds hues of purple to the garden. Lavatera is native to the Mediterranean region, central and eastern Asia, and Australia. 

Bougainvillea (below) is a beautiful flowering vine that can be used to spread over a wall or on a trellis/arbor to provide privacy. It is a relatively pest-free plant that consistently performs well in the Southern California climate.

We have a large selection of roses (below), many of which are in bloom. Stop in today to personally select the rose blooms you like the most. If you want a rose with fragrance, we have those, too!

Iceberg Rose (below) is one of the hardiest roses around and comes in burgundy, pink and white. When grouped together, these roses can be used as a privacy hedge or border that looks absolutely stunning when in bloom.

Roses, Vegetables, Herbs and Gorgeous New Statuary Available Now!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Modern. Sleek. Intriguing. These words describe the new Campania Cast Stone fountains, pottery, benches, statues and garden accents we’ve just gotten in. Campania is regularly featured in Garden Design Magazine and is now available at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

(Below) Campania pots on pedestals line the center aisle of the garden center. Stroll through the arbor and into the serenity of a wondrous garden. Bring a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the beauty of nature. We’re packed with loads of plants, including the freshest herbs and vegetables around. Bring in our coupon (by printing out the page) for one free four-inch vegetable plant.

Before we take a tour of our new Campania line, remember that our vegetable and herb selection (below) is the best around! Deliveries, like the one below, arrive all the time and our plants are incredibly healthy. Stop in to get your garden growing and remember homegrown tastes best. Ask Steve or Stephanie how to plant in ground, in one of our raised beds and in containers.

Be sure to wander through our rose section, which is divided into three distinct areas: ground cover roses, David Austin roses, and all others. You’ll be captivated by the great variety of roses in bloom now. (Below) The Enchanted Evening rose is an absolute beauty.

As with all of the manufacturers we represent, you can peruse their catalogs online via the links located on the left side of each of our website pages. Campania is the latest manufacturer we are proud to represent and we know that you’ll love their high-quality products as much as we do.

(Below) The Williamsburg Chippendale Fretwork Urns in the foreground demonstrate the remarkable attention to detail and style that is the hallmark of Campania Cast Stone.

Campania produces contemporary fountains (below) and several are on display in the garden center. The aptly-named Precipice Fountain (front, center, below) is showcased with Echo Fountains to its left and right with a Moderne Fountain (back, center). We also have the Reef Point Square Fountain on display in the same area.

Campania also makes stylish benches and tables. The Provencal Bench (below) is just another one of Campania’s distinctive designs. A South Seas Planter sits on the bench while two Reef Planters are in the background.

The Campania Cast Stone line is so extensive that we will special order products just for you. Their website is a great resource and easy to use. To see more of Campania’s selection, please visit their website.

(Below) The Saguaro Planter evokes images of succulents and cacti attractively planted within. Next to it is the Sleeping Maiden Planter on a pedestal.

(Below) Perky Pig is hanging out with his best buddies Petey and Fritz with Garden Cat with Shovel and Standing Rabbit with Carrots behind them. Campania’s line also offers fun garden accents.

(Below) Curly the pig is hanging out with the birds in the Passaros Fountain.

We are proud to offer the highest-quality plants and Monrovia Growers, horticultural craftsmen since 1926, grows nothing but quality. We carry a variety of one-gallon and larger plants from this prestigious grower.

(Below) Flax grows adjacent a Morris Seated Buddha from Campania’s diverse line.

A Morris Standing Buddha (below, back) and Nobility add serenity and grace to any garden.

Spring is the time for flowers. Our nicely priced hanging flower baskets (below) will add color to any area. Ours are so popular that we go through them quickly and are always receiving new baskets.

Fuchsias also make beautiful hanging baskets (below).

Spring is here and we invite you in to enjoy our magnificent collection of all sorts of beautiful plants. Wander our 2+ acres to see all of the attractive plants we have. And remember, we deliver.

Free Four-Inch Vegetable

Our vegetable plants are the best around and we want you to experience how great they are!

Print out this page and bring it in beginning Monday, April 5 through Sunday, April 11 to select your free 4-inch vegetable plant valued at $2.99. Hurry in. Limited supply and subject to change.