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Waterwise Gardens

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Get ready for Father’s Day BBQs and summer parties with our 10% off all in-stock fountains sale. If you’ve ever wanted a fountain, now is the time to buy it! At 10% off, you will be getting the deal of the summer!

You can have a gorgeous waterwise garden and we are ready to help you select the plants that will make it absolutely incredible! Ask Stephanie, Darla or Steve for assistance with your water-conserving garden.

(Below) Cistus aka Rock Rose, a stunning waterwise plant

Waterwise landscapes can be full of colorful California natives, Salvias, Grevillea, Ceanothus and  Leucodendron. These plants mix and mingle well with Succulents (below), which are waterwise as well.

When you travel the California coast, you see all sorts of gorgeous flowering plants, especially in spring and summer. Lupine and California Poppies are frequently seen as are Ceanothus (below) and Rock Rose, particularly as you go north along the coast. Ceanothus is another resilient waterwise shrub that comes in a variety of shapes and degrees of blue in its flowers.

As seen below, Salvias can create an eye-popping display of color.

Grevillea (below), which is native to Australia, a continent that enjoys a climate akin to ours, is a remarkable and beautiful group of plants. Like Ceanothus which can be compact and low-growing or creeping, Grevillea comes in many forms, including those that look like a large forest tree or a diminutive crevice plant. We stock an assortment of Grevillea and Ceanothus, so come in and ask Darla, Steve or Stephanie which variety will be best for your situation.

Foliage adds intriguing colors, shapes and textures to landscapes and Phormium (below) and Succulents are classic examples. Phormium add height and shades of brown, green and yellow.

On our 2+ acres, we have a huge assortment of trees, shrubs, vines, citrus, fruit, vegetables, herbs, salvias and waterwise plants. Our waterwise plant selection includes our expanded Succulent and Cacti section (below).

Bring on the Outdoor Parties

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Barbecues, fun, hanging out, going to the beach, playing baseball, planning graduation parties… Make your upcoming gatherings even more memorable by adding some pizazz and style with potted plants, colorful hanging baskets, or new bedding plants and roses.

We’ve just received a large delivery of Boxwoods. Suitable for formal and informal landscape use as edging, hedge, screen, accent, and specimen plants, Boxwoods have long been considered an essential component of historical and colonial gardens.

Today’s clever gardeners shape the Boxwood into a variety of intriguing designs, using them in traditional and contemporary landscapes.

Boxwoods will grow in full sun and will also tolerate some shade. Ask Steve, Stephanie or Darla for information on how to have happy, thriving Boxwoods in your garden. They can let you know the soil amendments you should use and the ideal growing conditions.

(Below) Juvenal shapes some Boxwoods.

We have a huge selection of roses and right now is the best time to see how beautiful a rose bush or climber (below) will look in your landscape.

May and June typically mean graduation parties so how about honoring a graduate you know with the gift of a plant or by planting something beautiful, like a rose, in their honor!

One way to turn your outdoor gathering into a special occasion is by adding a fountain to the mix. We have one of the largest in-stock fountain selections in Los Angeles thanks to our 2+ acres. Fountains can be used on walls and as freestanding elements, indoors and out.

We also have some new wall art (below) so step inside our store to see our newest gift items.

Outdoor living calls for vibrant colors and exotic flowers. Bougainvillea (below) provide a dazzling display of color when draped across fences or trellises. They work well with Plumeria and Agapanthus, aka Lily of the Nile (below).

Stephanie, Darla and Steve can walk you through the features of these plants and help you design a colorful party atmosphere for your outdoor gatherings.

Our nursery spans 2+ acres and offers everything you could need and want for your gardening pleasure. We constantly receive unusual plants so be sure to tell us what you’re looking for if we don’t happen to have it when you visit.

Fig Tree (below)

Get Ready to Enjoy Outdoor Living

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

May means getting ready for garden parties and enjoying the great outdoors. Right now, the Marina del Rey Garden Center is full of color and everything you need to make your yard, landscape, garden, patio, deck or balcony ready for summertime and outdoor living.

(Above) Penstemon

(Below) Dinner Plate Dahlias

(Below) Bearded Iris

Getting color into your landscape isn’t all we can do for you. We have the most complete stock of ornamental grasses (below), succulents, cacti, shrubs and trees around. Our knowledgeable staff will help you pick the right plants to create privacy hedges, a patio defined by plants in containers or plants that add texture or a modernist style.

Papyrus with Horsetail Reed (below)

Ask Darla, Steve or Stephanie how ornamental grasses can be an attractive addition to your landscape. There are many varieties to choose from and they can be a great complement to succulents, perennials and California natives.

Add a fountain (below) to your summer entertaining. We have the largest in-stock inventory around and we carry contemporary fountains from Gist (formerly Trevi) and Campania.

If it’s brand new or trendy, we’ll have it. And our selection will enable you to find just the treasure you’re looking for. The Gist fountain below is one of the many exciting new fountain styles we’ve just gotten in.

Surround your new fountain with exciting dashes of color and ornamental grasses that sway in the breeze (below).

Daylilys (above)

Ornamental Grasses (below)

Contrasting colors is one way to create an intriguing landscape. Shape and size can also add another appealing element to what you see in a garden. The ornamental grasses below demonstrate a contrast in foliage.

Our garden center is full of surprises, like finding the specific vegetable plant you’ve been hunting for or discovering a plant you’re not familiar with. Libertia Goldfinger (below) is a priceless find that perfectly complements ornamental grasses, flax and phormium with its vibrant golden color.

Blue Eyed Grass (below) has long been a favorite of mine. It is a perennial that grows across the prairies and parklands in open meadows and is quite attractive. In the garden, Blue Eyed Grass can be planted in sunny flower beds, rock gardens or mixed with other wildflowers and grasses.

Put some passion in your life by growing a fruiting Passion Flower Vine (below). Its gorgeous flower is beautiful enough but eating its fruit is a distinct pleasure. It tastes great over some vanilla ice cream and is simply a delicious treat.

The Marina del Rey Garden Center is proud to offer our customers the kind of knowledge, service and professionalism you won’t find anywhere else. Our staff of certified nursery professionals can answer your questions and provide all of the guidance you need to have the garden of your dreams.

And, we can deliver your purchase right to your home so that you can dig in to the fun part of enjoying your garden and all that summer brings.

Succulents and Waterwise Plants

We have one of the largest and most comprehensive selections of succulents and waterwise plants in all of Greater Los Angeles. Stop in today to see our amazing array.

(Above) We have several planted areas to give you ideas on how to landscape with succulents and waterwise plants.

Diversity in shape, size, color and texture make succulent gardens beautiful to behold.

Our inventory includes everything from small succulents to super large ones. Ask us for assistance. They can help you design a landscape, add succulents to an existing garden and provide guidance on how to plant them.

We will custom plant succulents in containers for you. We also have pre-planted succulent gardens in containers already available.

Get Into Outdoor Living For Mother’s Day And Beyond

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Make Mother’s Day unforgettable with a gift card from the Marina del Rey Garden Center or pick out a rose (below) that she’ll enjoy for years to come in her garden or one that symbolizes what she means to you.

Moms hold a special place in our hearts and we’ve got lots of great gifts inside our store in the Home Decor section. And what about giving mom the gift of an indoor plant, a soothing indoor fountain, an outdoor fountain that sets the stage for summer living, an unusual container planted with a beautiful plant, a special garden statue or a raised planter bed for vegetables and herbs!

My mom loves roses and many grace her garden. Some symbolize a time or person or event while others are simply enjoyed for their fragrance or their flower. She jokes that she introduced the simple beauty of a white Iceberg Rose (below) to Illinois when she moved there from California. The Iceberg Rose she planted was so hardy it thrived despite the snow and unCalifornialike weather.

One of our newest lines, Campania Cast Stone, is a hot seller and there’s no wonder why. The container above is just one example of their unique line and the attention to detail they employ.

Campania’s fountains (above) showcase a trendy minimalist look. We stock a large inventory of fountains on site so stop in to check out the many styles available. And remember, we deliver.

Gist products, such as the fountain above, are also minimalist and very popular. Formerly known as Trevi, Gist is responsible for some impressive commercial projects, many of them at famous Las Vegas landmarks. We’re pleased to offer this distinctive line that brings serenity and sophistication seamlessly to the garden.

Succulents, California natives, perennials and tropical plants such as Plumeria (below) can be mixed to create one-of-a-kind landscapes suited to your tastes and water requirements. Ask Darla, Steve or Stephanie for assistance. They can help you plant a waterwise garden.

We have Plumeria in a diversity of container sizes, ranging from one-gallon to 24-inch box. Ours are grown with the utmost care by C Stars Nursery. Create a tropical oasis with Plumeria (below), other tropicals and waterwise plants.

Bougainvillea (below) make nice privacy screens and can be grown on fences, trellises, arbors and other supports. Train them to span a wide area. The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale uses Bougainvillea to create a great effect in the pool area, the Bougainvillea growing over rooftops and dangling and spilling down to the pool.

There are lots of things you can do in your garden right now, from planting bedding plants to designing new small vignette areas to landscaping a larger area to creating the perfect patio or pool deck for entertaining. Stop in to see all of the options available to you at the Marina Garden Center, where our 2+ acres offers everything you need.