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A Morning in the Garden

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Just last week, I had the pleasure of taking a peaceful walk through the garden center. It was morning, before our gates had opened, and I was taken by the peaceful feeling that came over me as I took the time to enjoy the bounty of nature that surrounded me.

Colorful salvias

On this overcast morning, I was struck by how much brighter all the flowers seemed to be. And I was reminded that now, as much of our work in the garden has been completed, is the time to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Take a stroll through the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

And as with any living thing, there is always something that can be done, always something to do. I found much joy in finding a way to let go of all that needed to be done and to simply enjoy the garden that was.


On my stroll, I noticed how colorful many of our edible plants (above and below) are, making them a delicious and attractive addition to your garden.


One of our recent arrivals caught my eye. Tall, slender with dark foliage and a delicate and stunning flower, this Hibiscus plant (below) is the one that tea is made from.


In addition to the gorgeous plants that were flowering, I also noticed those that were in various stages of bloom. Doing so provided for moments of reflection and amazement at just how beautiful a garden is.

Erica is native to South Africa.

Each week when new plant shipments arrive, I always have the dilemma of not being able to put all of the beautiful new plants in the front where they are quickly and easily seen. Erica (above) is an example of a plant I treasure for its delicate beauty and it is just one of the countless treasures to be found when you stroll our entire plant section.

A climbing rose in bloom on a trellis.

Seeing beyond what is present right in front of you often enhances the experience of feeling a garden. My eye immediately met the splendor of this magnificent red rose (above) in bloom on a trellis and then was taken by the vistas beyond and through the trellis.

The splendors of Day Lilies and Kangaroo Paws, an awesome combination.

Kangaroo Paws (above and below) is a fascinating plant that has become very popular. Upon close examination, you’ll see how different this plant really is.

Graceful, artsy Kangaroo Paws

Gardens aren’t just all about flowers. Shrubs and trees have their place and purpose, too. I was taken by the delicate foliage and variety of colors on many a shrub and tree (below).

Tree leaves can add another dimension of intrigue to a garden as exemplified by this example below. The dark stem provides a nice contrast to the soft green leaf that is surrounded by a white border.

Notice the black stem and light green leaves rimmed with white.

I encourage all of us to take time to stroll through your garden and see what’s growing and what unexpected pleasures you might find.

Gardening and Entertaining in Summer

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

If you need to create shade, privacy, a contemplation place, a colorful garden or a stylish entertaining area, we can help. Our 2+ acres holds a huge inventory of plants, fountains, containers, statues and artful pieces. And delivery is available.

Fountains add the appealing sound of flowing water and can add a nice visual focus to a landscape. Our in-stock selection is huge. We have everything from small tabletop fountains to wall fountains to large, larger and estate-sized fountains.

Calla Lilies (above) make striking companions to fountains and add a colorful touch to landscapes.

Lisianthus (above) is a great summertime bedding plant. It comes in pink and purple and adds a nice delicate feel to a garden.

Growing your own edible garden is great fun that yields results! We have a large selection of vegetables and herbs and the expertise you need to grow your garden. Ask Darla or Steve for advice and assistance.

We also carry fruit trees, vines (above) and bushes (below) and are your one-stop destination for gardening expertise/instruction, soils and amendments, great hand tools and hoses, and reliable information.

Summer’s blazing hot sun calls out for gardens that explode with color! In addition to bedding plants, you can use shrubs and bushes (below) to great effect in a summer garden and receive year-round benefits.

The heat of July and August with that begins to yield to fall in September and October also calls for yellows, oranges, greens and browns (below).

The Marina del Rey Garden Center is always receiving new plants so make plans to stop in frequently to see our latest arrivals!

Our expanded succulent and cacti section (below) is a must see. These waterwise perennials give year-round pleasure. Ask Darla or Steve for assistance with your waterwise landscape. They can show you all of the waterwise plants we have in stock to choose from!

And while you’re here be sure to look around at all of the wildlife. We have hummingbirds, butterflies, ducks, geese (below) and other birds that come and go while on their migratory journey. These geese happen to be ones you can have in your garden, too!

Great Weather for Gardening

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

The cooler overcast weather we’ve been having is actually one of the best times to garden. Not only is the temperature more comfortable to work in, the ground is warm and prime for planting because it is summer.

Wine barrels have arrived!

This vessel from Campania (below) is a great planter for the garden. Stop in to see our entire selection of containers, fountains and statuary. We have a huge inventory!

Sleeping Maiden Planter

We are always receiving new plant deliveries so stop in to see what we have for your garden. If you don’t see what you want, ask Steve or Darla to place a special order for you.

We also have decorative hanging baskets lined with coco mat liners. These fun baskets can be planted for some summer sizzle.

The orange tones of the Butterfly Weed contrast well with the white of a Shasta Daisy

Fun New Items in Home and Garden Decor

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Every week there’s something new at the Marina del Rey Garden Center and we invite you to stop in to see our new arrivals firsthand!

For a glorious tropical garden, you’ll want to pair Plumeria with Hibiscus (above) and Bougainvillea, which can be used in so many ways, one of which is seen below on a house in El Segundo.

Bougainvillea vine on house in El Segundo

In addition to new plant arrivals, we have lots of new items in our Home and Garden Decor section inside the store. How about a pebbled garden path or stepping stone (below)?

Garden pathway and stepping stone

Some of our other new items include seashell creatures (below) and brass vases and candlesticks with fun dragonflies, frogs or turtles on them (below).

Seashell starfish
Frogs on brass candlesticks
Brass bud vases and candlesticks with turtles make a fun gift.

Seashell sea horses (below) add fun nuances to a casual indoor or outdoor living space and can be placed in the garden, too.

Seashell sea horses

Another fun new item is an adorable little frog bird bath (below).

Cute frog bird bath