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Gorgeous Natives Here Now!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Waterwise Australian and South African natives are looking stupendous right now and we’ve just received some really gorgeous ones. (Above) Leucodendron and Leucospermum (below), known as the Pincushion plant, add nice color and texture to gardens, filling in nicely when California natives are dormant.

Leucodendron and Leucospermum (above and below) are native to South Africa and make great conversation pieces given their artsy nature.

Native to Australia, Grevilleas (below) are another interesting plant to have in a landscape. These shrubs come in many different varieties and have lots of different growing habits. Ask Steve or Darla for help finding the natives that will work best in your garden.

We’re pleased to announce some great news! We’ve been able to negotiate new, lower prices from Monrovia Growers and you still receive the same excellent quality you’ve come to expect.

We’ve just received a shipment of Boxwoods and other landscape gems (above). Consult Darla or Steve to find out how to create accents and focal points in your garden with twisting trees, hedges, and the unusual and striking foliage and flowers found on Leucodendrons (below) and Leucospermums.

Leucodendrons come in different shades of green, golden, brown and gold. Leucospermums’ pincushion flowers (below) come in a variety of appealing colors and shapes, each one slightly though distinctly different from the other.

Marina del Rey Garden Center delivers, and our staff is always ready to provide assistance.

Stop in to see the many new plants and pots in stock. We can custom plant your selections or simply help you choose the ones you’d like to plant. Our container selection is one of the largest around and we’re sure you’ll find the plant and pot color combinations that will make your outdoor areas dazzle.

Grevillea (above, with a red flower) can be a standout in your garden. Plants that are native to Australia and South Africa, such as Grevilleas, Leucodendron and Leucospermum (below), grow well in our climate because it is so similar to ours.

Stop in today to see what’s new in our garden center.

Indoor Plants Help Build Bridges to the Outdoors

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Create a green and healthy environment with indoor plants. Known for producing more oxygen than they can use, indoor plants are a great way to add ambiance to your home. Our indoor plant selection is quite large and we know you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Indoor plants come in many shapes and sizes, heights and widths. Many also produce beautiful flowers, like the one above.

Have fun when selecting indoor plants for your home. Find a leaf that intrigues you. Get a variegated leaf for visual effect. Create your own jungle of green or a cool, calm, serene place.

Indoor fountains (above and below) mix well with indoor plants and add the soothing sound of water.

All sorts of plant combinations are available, so let us help you. Tell us what kind of light you get where, how often you want to water, and we’ll advise you on what plants are suited for your needs.

With the warm temperature of late, it’s also time to get digging outside. Ask Steve or Darla for guidance. They can help you decide what to plant where. Maybe you want a vegetable garden, some citrus or berries. And what about herbs? Plant the veggies and herbs you want to eat and cook with.

Or just go outside and create a vignette without getting your hands dirty. Put citrus or a ficus (below) in a pot. Add a bridge or fountain (below). Have fun and go for it!

You can make all sorts of striking statements or simply create the place you want to spend time in in your garden with statuary, pottery, benches, fountains (above) and bridges (below).

Redefine Winter

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

This year, our winter has been cold and wet, which bodes well for springtime planting. And yet, even now, we can turn the weather to our side by creating interior spaces that brim with color and turn gloomy days into stimulating times.

Camellias (above) are one way to bring brilliance to your landscape. These much-loved shrubs and trees were so treasured by E. Manchester Boddy, publisher of the Los Angeles Daily News, that he planted acres of them in what is now known as Descanso Gardens. Camellia flowers can be left on their stems or brought indoors for use as beautiful cut flowers. Float them in water or place them in a vase.

Boddy also knew how well Azaleas (above) grow with Camellias and how nice the two look together. At Descanso Gardens, you’ll find the exotic blooms of Azaleas mixed in with Camellias.

While out and about this holiday season, I saw lots of Snapdragons. Snapdragons come in pink, white, red, and yellow. Find some ground to dig in and plant some Snaps, Iceland Poppies (below), Pansies or Cyclamen. They will bring a colorful spark to your outdoor areas and also can be planted in containers to bring color close to you, on balconies, patios, decks, porches.

Though their name may bring thoughts of freezing cold weather, Iceland Poppies (above) are perfect in our Southern California winters. Their yellow and orange hued flowers stand on tall stems and open gracefully.

Pansies (above) and Violas (above) add a fresh burst of color to gardens this time of year. The two flowers look very similar, however, Pansy flowers are larger. Viola flowers tend to be small and delicate.

Winter is a good time of year to plant citrus. And even if your space is limited, you can plant citrus in containers (above) and grow them on balconies, decks, and patios.

Cyclamen (above) love cold, cold weather and because they are a bulb, will return year after year if the bulbs are left in the ground.

So turn winter into whatever you need or want it to be. Plant a beautiful Camellia (above). Find some ground for new bedding plants, reconfigure or rethink an existing landscape, select some containers for colorful bedding plants or to grow citrus, or find some houseplants and match them with fun containers. You can make your surroundings what you want them to be.

The exquisite Camellia flower above is from our garden. Pearl Maxwell is its name and we enjoy it year after year. Though they need space, Camellias produce stunning flowers that can’t be matched.

Flower lovers who want to bring the outdoors in will enjoy Orchids. This Cymbidium Orchid (above) is awash in gorgeous flowers that will last a long time.

Stop in to the Marina Garden Center to see how you can redefine winter with color, flowers, citrus, unusual containers, and everything a body needs. We even have Chimineas to give your outdoor living some winter warmth.

And remember: We deliver.