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Japanese Maple Festival, Bumper Crop Special, Roses: Get Your Gardening Gloves On!

10% off all Japanese Maples

during our Japanese Maple Festival,

Saturday, March 12 and

again on Sunday, March 13.

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Anyone who has ever thought about planting a Japanese Maple in their landscape should visit us on Saturday, March 12 during our Japanese Maple Festival, when a representative from Monrovia Growers will answer questions about these graceful tress. Japanese Maples (below) add interest to gardens of every size, even small ones.

Our Japanese Maple Festival takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and includes two drawings for a free Japanese Maple.

To get you started on the right foot with your spring gardening, we’re offering our “Buy 4 Bags, Get the 5th One Free” special on Bumper Crop, our organic soil amendment that should be used used whenever you plant in the ground with existing soil. It’s perfect for all your edible vegetables and herbs as well as ornamental plants.

Our first shipment of roses have arrived and we have more than more 50 varieties, including this year’s award-winning roses in addition to all your traditional favorites.

You asked for it, now we offer it! Welcome to our new California, Australian and South African natives section, where we feature one-gallon natives that are specially marked with the flag of the country or state of origin.

Gardens can have lots of glorious color now. This Manhattan Beach residence (below) has added Ranunculus to the landscape for seasonal color.

Ranunculu(above and below)

Go Native!

Grevillea (above) hails from Australia and because the Aussie climate is so very similar to ours, Aussie natives are great, hardy plants that once established are drought-tolerant. The same is true of South African and California natives, so stop in to see our amazing selection. Ask Darla or Steve for planting advice.

A hand next to a Saucer Magnolia tree’s flower (below) shows how large the beautiful blossom is. We have several of these specimens available. And remember, we offer delivery service.

Colorful Containers, Saucer Magnolias, Raised Bed Gardens and Stunning Camellias

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Stop in to check out our new imported pottery from Inca Imports (below). Colorful, unique, and carefully chosen styles pay homage to the finest art of Western Europe, East Asia, Turkey, India and Mexico.

These containers (above and below) are perfect vessels for indoor plants. Create a stunning focal point by combining them with colorful plants in bloom or intriguing foliage.

Indoor plants (like the one below) can make interior spaces more natural while adding dynamic color and an easy, flowing feel to your home.

Kids love to garden, too! That’s why we have gardening gloves for kids (below) and cute and fun watering cans (below).

Watering cans come in many cute styles and we have them!

Our selection of practical, unusual and fun garden items is unrivaled. Our meditating frog is a huge hit. Here (below) he is shown with some of our captivating red containers.

Magnolias are briefly deciduous this time of year which gives added focus to their beautiful blooms. Our Saucer Magnolias (below) come from one of our specialty growers.

When you see something as beautiful and grand as a Magnolia (above and below), you just have to go out into your garden and find a place for one.

Magnolias (below) M

Bleeding Heart (below) is a delicate, sensual plant that makes a great addition to gardens. Ask Darla or Steve to help you decide where to plant it in your garden.

Look at how delicate and exotic this plant and its colors and branch are (below).

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to start your vegetable and herb garden. Plant one in the ground, in containers or in a raised bed (above).

Now is the perfect time to select your Camellias (below) because many of them are in full bloom.

Camellias (above and below) come in a variety of colors, flower types and growing habits. Ask Darla and Steve to help you select the best one for your landscape and its sunlight conditions. They can also help you prep properly for its planting.