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Fountains, Fun and Finds: We’ve Got Herbs, Vegetables, Roses, Benches — Everything You Need for Outdoor Summer Fun!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind fountain or one that will make a statement, we’re the place to visit. We have one of the best on-site collection of fountains (above) and we can special order fountains to meet your needs.

The Marina del Rey Garden Center offers one of the best selections of heirloom tomatoes (above). Our plants come from the best growers and we receive near daily deliveries of fresh herbs and vegetables (below).

Our tomato cages (below) come in fun colors so that you can keep them growing in the right direction while enjoying some fun colors.

Smartphone users can now download an app (see sign below) and use it to scan plants in our garden center to learn more about them. This great tool is new to the Marina Garden Center and it’s one you’re sure to love.

Our signs (below) now contain what you need to scan them from your Smartphone, after you’ve downloaded the app, to learn all about the plant you’re seeing.

Part of the fun of gardening or having indoor plants is finding those gems that create a buzz. These carnivorous plants (below) are bound to be a conversation piece and perhaps eat all your bugs and flying insects, too.

If it’s beauty you’re looking for, there’s nothing quite like a rose (below). We have so many varieties you’ll be sure to find the one you’re looking for. Stop in today to select your rose while it’s in bloom–the best time to make a choice.

Bridges (below) enable us to get places we might not have ever gotten. They’re symbolic of quiet meditative spaces and represent a way to get to the other side. Make your own intimate garden space with a wooden bridge.

We also carry one of the best selections of containers around. Pair a tree or plant a succulent garden. We have an assortment of pottery that will meet your needs.


Garden benches (below) are another great way to create vignettes and contemplative spots in your garden. There’s nothing quite like walking around a garden, meandering and being led by what you see, and then having the opportunity to settle into that garden in a space that then allows you to view all that you love.

Part of the fun can be happening upon a space in the garden that includes a fountain (below). You might not see it right away, but you can hear the soothing, beckoning call of water. So, you follow. And then you see it, the fountain, and you hear its flowing sound, and you re relaxed and immersed in the splendors of a garden.

No one has been able to resist these fun, lifelike turtles (above) whose legs move in the water.

Be sure to stop in our gift shop to see what treasures you can find. These classy small notebooks (above) are very popular and sell out quickly.

Create A Backyard BBQ and Party Oasis. Add Color and Intrigue With Plants and Pots

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Father’s Day barbecues and graduation parties need one thing to make them the best ever–summer color! And there are quick and easy ways to put that sparkle into your outdoor gatherings by adding pre-planted hanging baskets (below) or custom planted containers. You pick the plant(s) and container, and we’ll plant them up for you.

We have the best quality hanging color baskets (above and below) that are ready to add dazzle poolside, on your balcony, deck or front porch. The baskets below are full of geraniums, which don’t mind sun and heat.

Hanging plants can also be intriguing like the Lotus shown below.

Even adding one new plant in a container (examples below) to an outdoor setting can create a great conversation topic. We have exciting glazed containers in countless color choices, including Talavera pottery. Ask Darla, Steve or Roger to help you put your elements together.

(Above) Large succulents can make bold statements, particularly when planted in the perfect container.

(Below) Here’s a closer look at just how unique our glazed pottery is. And we receive shipments all the time so stop in to discover the best selection in containers.

Just this week, we had lots of customers selecting containers from our huge selection. Some looked at our terra cotta, others at our glazed containers, still others, like this woman below, at our basic garden containers.

Part of the fun of gardening is figuring out which plant will fill in this or that gap by adding color or intriguing foliage. And gardeners, landscape designers and interior designers have come to know and love the wealth of diversity found in succulents, which are also waterwise and easy to care for.

We, at the Marina Garden Center, enjoy sparking your creativity and enabling you to have fun with your garden. The topiary cacti junipers below are just one example of the many unusual items we carry on a regular basis.

Kangaroo Paw (below) is an interesting plant that likes sun and can be striking alone, in a container or in ground, and when planted in abundance (second photo below).

There are all sorts of ways to enhance your landscape. Trellised Roses (second photo below) and Tree Roses (below, in red) add a nice visual effect to yards. Ask Steve (shown with a customer below), Darla or Roger for assistance.

Stop in today to see all of the exciting plants we have for your garden!