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Planting for Summer and Fall with the Marina del Rey Garden Center

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Monarch butterflies have been visiting the Marina del Rey Garden Center as they travel on their annual migration, landing on plants (above), in this instance a White Iceberg Rose. Ask one of our nursery professionals, Steve, Darla, CJ or Roger, how to attract Monarchs to your garden.

Iceberg Rose (above) is one of the hardiest roses around and comes in white, pink and burgundy. They are highly recommended for coastal areas, and when planted en masse, create a stunning view.

Stop in now to see our selection of roses, Flax, Papyrus (above) and more. Then wander the aisles to see the enormity of what we have in stock. From vines to Budleais to succulents to New Zealand Tea Trees to Pittosporums to Heavenly Bamboo, we are loaded with the finest plants from the best growers in the business.

Our plants come in just about any size you want, from one-gallon (above) to five-gallon and up. And we can special order plants, fountains, statuary and more for you.

We are known for our extensive on-site collection of containers (above in the background and below), in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Our garden center is the place to bring your special friends (below) and family members for an adventure. Little ones love walking around, finding butterflies or bunnies or lizards (yes, we have all three!).

Camaraderie and friendship can be found while browsing plants. These two customers shared their best tips for planting vegetables and herbs (below).

Our succulent selection (part of it, below) is very large and starts with one- and four-inch containers and continues on to much larger specimens. Stop in today to see our extraordinary collection.

We also stock a nice assortment of indoor plants (below) so if you need something for your home or office, check us out. Our knowledgeable nursery professionals can make sure you get the right plant for the conditions.

While inside our store, look around and you’ll see all sorts of great home and garden decor ideas. We have vases, exquisite orchids, wall art and our friendly and fun gnomes (above), who love to greet visitors.

And remember, we have gift cards year-round so that the gardener in your life can enjoy their pick of plants whenever they are ready to do so. And our gift cards never expire.

We have a limited supply of raised garden beds (above) available at a discounted price. Prepare to have an amazing fall crop now!

Ask our expert staff for assistance with selecting the proper soil amendment for your planting needs.

We’re here to help (below) and offer delivery, expert plant knowledge, custom planting services, and everything you need to grow a healthy, vibrant garden.

Roses, Succulents, Plumeria: Summer Planting is Fun!

By Cathy Hough, general manager & buyer

Taking time to stop and smell the roses is a “must” this time of year at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. Our expansive collection is in bloom and it’s quite beautiful to view the span of color that cascades down a lengthy aisle in the garden center.

Our staff of nursery professionals can help you plan and design gardens of amazing beauty that fit into your lifestyle.  Waterwise succulent gardens are extremely popular. Steve, Darla, Roger and CJ can answer any questions you have about succulents and what to plant them in to give your garden a great start.

Succulents are versatile and can be planted in containers or the ground. (Below) An operations staff member has custom planted two containers for customers and is now loading up their remaining succulent onto the cart.

Plumeria (below) are a prized plant known for their stunning flowers that are used to make leis. Our plumeria plants come from a top grower and are available in one gallon containers up to boxed specimens.

Roses are a beautiful thing to behold so why not grab an ice tea or coffee and stop in to wander our “rose garden” (below) which resembles the grounds of an estate or a rose garden in a park. Seeing roses in bloom is a great way to identify the plants you want in your garden!

In addition to a large selection of plants on 2+ acres, the Marina Garden Center features a huge selection of containers, in terra cotta and otherwise. We also stock fountains, statuary, benches and much more, including the gazing ball you see containers reflected in (below).

Our Terra Cotta selection is always large and full of a variety of shapes and sizes. (Below) Ian answers a customer’s questions.

We pride ourselves on offering superior service, the best plants and products to make your home and garden gorgeous, and knowledgeable, informative, courteous nursery pros.

Families enjoy trips to the Marina Garden Center. (Below) This mom and dad were selecting plants and teaching their little boy about them—a future gardener in the making!

Citrus (below) pairs nicely with Terra Cotta containers. Ask Darla, Roger, CJ or Steve for guidance. They can tell you what kind of sun a plant needs, what its watering needs are and what soil amendments will help it thrive.

(Below) We always have a large assortment of fruit tress and plants, citrus, vegetables and herbs. Stop in now to grow and harvest your own corn, tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce and much more.