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Seaside Succulents and Other Plant Fun

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Succulent plants (above and below) have become widely known and planted in sustainable gardens. A reason for this popularity is because succulents require less water than most other plants, even when in containers.

The custom arrangements from the Marina del Rey Garden Center shown in the photos above and below can be seen in downtown Manhattan Beach on Manhattan Avenue. Shop owners came into MDRGC to ask us to help them add appeal to their storefronts and so together we selected containers and succulents that would enhance each respective business.

Succulents do not need full sun and can tolerate light shade. They come in a range of interesting colors and textures, giving gardeners, landscapers and designers a rich opportunity to create visually appealing, one-of-a-kind containers.

The custom designs in Manhattan Beach evoke the colors of the underwater world found in the ocean, literally just yards away. The downtown MB scene is vibrant and these containers add to that feel.

Stop in today to consult one of our nursery experts, Steve, Roger or CJ. They can show you our large selection of succulents and help you make decisions about how and where to plant them.

(Below) In case you don’t know, we do offer delivery, but in this instance, one of our customers decided to take a five-gallon Purple Hopseed on his Vespa.

While we don’t recommend this mode of transportation for plants, we can say that our 2+ acres is full of everything you need for your garden. We have Monrovia’s exclusive Pittosporum golf balls, which make a nice low-growing hedge. For those of you from the Midwest and East who miss your lilacs, we have the  Lavender Lady Lilac which blooms beautifully in our mild winter climate.

This Nagami Kumquat (below) is loaded with fruit, and it’s only  a seven-gallon semi- dwarf! We have a large selection of citrus. And remember, there’s no tax on edible green goods like citrus!

See you at the Marina del Rey Garden Center!

Japanese Maples, Phormium, Coprosma and More

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

With winter comes a sense of newness and renewal. Stop in today to discover the many ways you can put some newness in your garden.

Primroses (below) add fresh, vibrant color to flowerbeds and containers. We have a large selection of single and double Primroses.

Kangaroo Paws (below) are yet another example of color and art in the garden. These Australian natives are known to be hardy in our Southern California gardens, needing little water once established. They come in a variety of colors and are striking additions.

You can also bring color and freshness to your home. Indoor plants (below) and other design touches are a simple way to refresh an area inside your home.

Our Meditating Frog (below) is a great year-round conversation piece. Here he sits peacefully among Japanese Maples and inside a fountain (fountain sold separately).

Stop in to check out our first shipment of Japanese Maples, which come from Monrovia’s Oregon growing grounds. These treasured specimens are sold first-come, first-served so hurry in to see the different varieties available, including one with a weeping, cascading growth habit that looks like a waterfall. We have some of the most popular varieties such as Crimson Jewel and Bloodgood.

(Below) Phormium are extremely popular in the landscape. They come in varying shades of bronze, green and pink. They can be used to create a hedge or placed in other ways to create color and contrast in your garden.

The Marina del Rey Garden Center has everything you need to create a landscape perfect for you. Now is a good time to start thinking about creating privacy hedges (below) for spring and summer entertaining. Topiaries and other nicely shaped plants (mix and match trees, shrubs and smaller plants if you’d like) can create a very useful yet interesting privacy hedge. Ask Steve, CJ or Roger for assistance.

Herbs (below) can be fun to use for smaller hedges or as points of interest in a garden, on a patio, deck or balcony or inside the home.

Stop in today to select from our large selection of vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

Coprosma (below) is another hardy plant for Southern California gardens. It’s great as an anchor or border and its unusual foliage makes it something people notice. Its leaves come in copper-bronze and creamy whites, greens or yellows, often blended together. It can also be planted in a container.

We’ve just received a huge shipment of containers, so stop in today for the best selection. And remember to ask our expert staff for guidance and help.

Begin Anew in Your Garden Now

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

We’re closed Jan. 1 and 2. Happy New Year!

Hiring Now: Sales & Operations

A new year brings with it the opportunity to start fresh, to begin anew. We, at the Marina del Rey Garden Center are ready to help you explore new possibilities for your garden. We’re also ready to help you tackle the big and small projects that will turn your garden into something new for 2012.

Our nursery professionals, Steve, CJ and Roger, will give you the expert guidance you need to turn your garden into something spectacular, every season this year. Right now, Camellias (below) will turn your landscape into a beautiful wonderland of colorful and delicate blossoms.

Camellias (above and below) are considered the rose of fall and winter. Ask our nursery professionals what products to use to prepare your soil for these special plants.

New, fresh surroundings open the door for inspiration. Stop in today to see all of the wonderful, colorful wintertime bedding plants that are available to brighten up your garden. Primroses (below) add vibrant color.

Iceland Poppies (below) are another fun way to add color to a garden. And, as always, all of our plants come from the best growers. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Another popular wintertime bedding plant is the Cyclamen (below), which come in white, red, purple and pink. They’re great for creating rows of color.

Citrus (below) does well in winter, too, and the fruit they yield is an added bonus. Citrus can be planted in containers and grown on balconies, decks, patios and the like if you don’t have ground to put them in. We have lemons, oranges, grapefruit and other unusual varieties of citrus and we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect container to grow them in.

The Japanese Maple (below) is highly prized.We’ll receive our first shipment of the year early this month, so be sure to stop in early for the best selection.

Known for their delicate beauty, the Japanese Maple is revered in landscapes worldwide, known for their graceful foliage. While you’re here, ask one of our experts for advice on where to plant one of these gorgeous trees.

Japanese Maples come in red and green foliage (above and below).

Stop in to say “Hi,” and wander our grounds. Happy New Year to all of you, and let us help you start fresh and begin anew in 2012!