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Get Your Summer Color Now!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Every Friday through Monday, we’re featuring an in-house special that we’ll post on our Facebook page and tweet, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

(Below) Get ready for summer with warm season tropical plants: Dinner Plate Dahlias, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and Day Lilies. These beauties, which can be planted in the ground or in containers, will add gorgeous color to any sunny area. Place them poolside, in your garden, on the deck or porch: They will give you months of blooms.

Outdoor living is at its best when you can take full advantage of our California sunshine! (Above) Position one of our benches in a place where you can sit and read and enjoy your garden.

(Below) Accent your garden with a fun Talavera frog, gazing balls that reflect their surroundings, colorful urns, bird baths, buddhas and the like. We have a nice range of accents in a variety of price points.

(Above, in the background) Place a Rose or Bougainvillea on a trellis for stunning effect.  Ask CJ, Steve or Roger for assistance with selecting the proper plant and trellis and for advice on how to plant.

(Above) Benches in the garden can add whimsy and attract visitors to take a seat to enjoy the view.

(Above) Use a table and chair to create a serene spot. This is the time of year when you want to be outside enjoying all of the color in the garden.

(Above and below) Our Roses are in bloom! Stop in to discover the special attributes of each: fragrance, big, showy blossom or smaller dainty flower, climbers… Ask us what soil amendments to use when planting. If you have a special Rose in mind, call us. We’ll see if we can special order it.

Step inside our store to find a quality collection of Haitian metalwork (below) and other seaside decor items.

You’ll also find a selection of Orchids and our latest hit novelty item: Snail watering cans (below).

Indeed, get ready for your outdoor parties now by stopping in for ideas and to find everything you need for the garden. Steve, CJ and Roger can help you with an organic edible garden, natives, shrubs, perennials, succulents, trees… whatever you need!

Stop in today! Bring a beverage and stroll our 2+ acres.

Spring Planting: Roses, Succulents, Perennials

Stop in Memorial Day between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. We’ll have free hot dogs and drinks in honor of you, our loyal customers.

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

We’re not sure if this is the same momma hummingbird who made a nest in our store last year or perhaps her offspring who knows about the greenery inside our store, but once again we have a resident momma-to-be hummingbird who has built a nest in one of our indoor plants (below).

Get ready for a tropical summer! As the weather warms up, we’ll be receiving deliveries of all the tropical plants you love, such as Bougainvillea, Hibiscus (below) and Plumeria

Cestrum (below), related to the Night Blooming Jasmine, is a showy, sun-loving perennial that attracts hummingbirds. Stop in today to wander through our 2+ acres to see the many colors and textures your garden can have. Steve, Roger and CJ are ready to answer your questions and provide a level of expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

(Below) The Eden Rose on a trellis is a rare find and a classic favorite valued for its large peony-shaped flower. If you don’t see the trellised rose you’d like, ask us for assistance. We can help you select a climbing rose and trellis to grow it on.

Calandrina (below) is a succulent with a showy purple flower. Stop in today to see our succulent collection. We have many in front of our store and many, many more behind it.

Container gardening (below) gives you the opportunity to pair a plant and a pot for specific spots and maximum visual appeal. We continue to receive new shipments of plants and containers so your garden can look its best.

(Below) Here are some new additions to our container selection.

At the Marina del Rey Garden Center, we pride ourselves on offering the finest plants, expert advice and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.