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Roses, Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit Galore, Fountains and Expert Advice

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Roses are in full bloom, as seen below, so now’s the best time to wander through our rose section to pick your favorite color and fragrance.

We support and do business with local growers, including C Stars and Otto & Sons.  These local growers offer top-quality plants that are guaranteed to do well for you.

Roses do well in containers and in ground. Ask CJ, Steve or Roger for expert advice. They can help you be sure you plant your roses in the best soil and in a spot where they will have the conditions they need to thrive.

(Above) Gardeners love to shop our vegetable, herb and fruit section.

Stick-like Kangaroo Paws (below) nicely accent one of our many in-stock fountains.

(Below) Need an onion from your garden now? Impress yourself and your guests with the fresh wholesome taste of homegrown vegetables, herbs and fruit. Our selection changes constantly; deliveries come in almost daily, ensuring that you get the best plants.

(Below) The heat of summer needn’t be a drag. Create a lush interior oasis with lots of green indoor plants and accents that set the stage for cool indoor living. This customer is admiring some of the metal handcarved Haitian art work.

Everybody loves our wind chimes (below)! They have a soothing, gentle sound. We sell out all the time but the good news is we’ve just received a new delivery.

(Below) CJ helps a customer with her order.

(Below) We have one of the best succulent selections in the greater Los Angeles area so stop in to see all of the creative things you can do with these waterwise gems.

We hope you’re having a terrific summer! Do visit to stroll our 2+ acre paradise to find out how to have a water-efficient, sustainable landscape, grow your own food or add some accents to your home and garden.

Cool Off With A Fountain; Create A Garden Oasis Indoors Or Out

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

The sound of flowing water is always soothing so stop in to check out all of our indoor and outdoor (below) fountains. We offer a large selection of contemporary, classic and fun styles to fit in with your existing decor, enhance it or add a stylish new element.

Ask Steve, Roger or CJ for assistance: They can help you discover all of the available fountain styles and finishes we have available for our customers.

Create an oasis for entertaining this summer! Pair containers with plants to design unique living spaces, indoors and out. Our 2+ acres contains all of the plants you could possibly want and our container selection is known to be the best for miles around.

(Below) These beautiful blue containers will look gorgeous anywhere!

(Below) Our vast container selection includes the prized, collectible Talavera pottery (on the right), which comes in all sorts of fun designs beyond pots. Suns, frogs, lizards… stop in to see the full collection.

Bring the sound of flowing water inside with an indoor fountain (below)! We have numerous styles, including some that hang on the wall as well as lightweight selections.

While you’re here, check out our fun frogs (below)!

Add a conversation piece inside or outside your home. (Below) This stunning peacock definitely is a showy fella and would make a great gift!

(Below) Jim and a customer are pleased with her purchase. Ask Jim for design help anytime; he’s the guy behind many of our displays inside the store.

Hibiscus, Herbs, Vegetables, Roses, Citrus, Grapes and More!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Nothing says “Wow!” in the garden like the large, showy Hibiscus flower (below). Hibiscus plants, long a part of Southern California landscapes, love the heat and go together well with another heat-loving plant, Bougainvillea. Hibiscus can be grown as shrubs or trees.

You’ve been asking for it, so we got it! We now have cold water processed Seaweed Extract (below), aka liquified organic kelp. Your plants will love, love, love this organic fertilizer that you can use on all of your plants, indoors and out! Simply mix it with water, by following the directions, and you are ready to spoil your plants.

The coast and boats call up images of carefree living and, well, of course, parrots (below). Jimmy Buffet may have launched the wonderful world of Parrotheads, but we’ve got everything and anything you need to add some fun to your boat, patio, deck, garden. And, if a parrot isn’t quite your thing, we have dolphin, pink flamingo and whale whirligigs, so come on in!

Stop in to smell our roses (below).

From terra cota pots to Asian ceramics to Talavera to Italian pottery, our selection is known to be the best around. (Below) These two customers are scrutinizing our selection and finding just what they need.

(Below) We have the flashiest, most colorful fish around… and they’re more than happy to take up residence in your garden! Ask Steve, CJ or Roger where to find these fun garden accents.

Stop in to see our coastal selection of home and garden goods. The lamps below are oh so perfect for your oceanside, beachy living!

(Below) Corn, squash… whatever crop you’d like to grow in whatever space you have, we’re sure to have it. Ask Roger, CJ or Steve about what you need to do to give your tender plants the best start possible!

Our herbs and vegetables (below) are constantly being refreshed, with deliveries that come in all the time. We also have the best fruit and citrus selection around. Want a lemon or lime tree? Want a blueberry bush or grape vines? Yes, we have all of that and so much more!