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Archive for month: August, 2012

New Hardscape Materials and Succulent Six-Packs!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Isn’t this Oro Verde rock (below) stunning?

Stop in to see our new hardscape products. We’re carrying stepping stonesboulders, stone, pebbles and exotic materials. You can use these materials as garden accents or as part of the landscape. We’ve also created a display to show you how to use hardscape materials as borders or for planting beds.

As you can see in the display (below), we now stock a wonderful assortment of decorative rock in a variety of color shades, shapes and sizes.

(Below) Inside our store is where you’ll find more garden accents. The polished rocks below sparkle in the sun. We’ve added them as accent pieces to many of our fountains, bird baths and planters to help inspire you.

Be Inspired!

(Below) We keep discovering all sorts of decorative uses for our new stones and pebbles. (Above and below) These are glass pebbles.

We’ve also got more exciting news: We now offer a six-pack succulent selection in addition to all of the other siez we offer, including four-inch (below).

(Below) The love birds on this fountain are enchanted by the addition of beautiful blue glass pebbles to their bathing area.

(Below) And our frog fountain has been jazzed up with some glass stone as well. Use your imagination to let loose and do something creative in your home or garden with our wonderful new stone/pebble collections.

(Below) We’ve created a dry river bed using Arizona rock. Ask Roger, Steve or CJ for assistance with our new hardscape materials, plants, fountains and anything you see at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

(Below) Golden Onyx boulders have lots of striation in them. Stop in to see their distinguishing characteristics and learn more about how to use them in the landscape.

(Below) Keep your garden hose in line with these new decorative yet sturdy hose guides.

Inside our store is where you’ll find indoor plants, including Orchids, home decor items, seed packets, gardening tools, gardening gloves, hose nozzles and all sorts of fun small items every gardener needs. (Below) Candles on pedestals can create a soothing atmosphere.

These candles are very popular: they are battery-operated yet look like the real thing! Now you can let your candles “burn” and feel safe!

Buddha, Boulders, Morning Glory, Wind Chimes: Stop in for Plants, Fountains and Hardscape Materials

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

(Below) This young lad believes you should “Give Peas A Chance” and is communing with one of our new Buddhas on the subject. We have Buddhas, Budleias (aka butterfly bush) and everything your garden needs, including those beautiful blue pebbles in Buddha’s hands.

(Below) You asked for it, so we went in search of superior hardscape products we could offer. After finding a vendor who met our criteria, we worked with them to craft a hardscape display that is inspiring and a point to launch from. Stop in today to see firsthand all of the remarkable new product we offer. Stepping stones, boulders, stone, pebbles and exotic materials are here.

Oro Verde green and Golden Onyx boulders will add intrigue to your landscape. Our hardscape materials are available in a variety of colors that will enhance your garden.

As an independent garden center, we take tremendous pride in bringing you the best products, expertise and service. Buying from local growers is something that’s very important to us because you, our loyal customer, benefits from plants that have been grown in California weather conditions. Buying locally grown plants also supports a network of growers who also take great pride in producing the best plants.

We appreciate your support of us because we are a local business, and we feed our local network, without whose efforts, we wouldn’t have the wealth of spectacular plants that we offer.

(Above) There’s nothing quite like the beauty of the magnificent Morning Glory. Ask Steve, CJ or Roger for assistance. They’ll let you know the conditions needed for this vine to thrive and what it is best used for.

Cool off with one of our fountains (below). Fountains can add a gorgeous focal point to an area or simply be part of the landscape. The soothing sound of flowing water helps add a relaxing touch.

Let the sound of wind chimes (below) from Majesty Bells grace your abode. Not only do these wind chimes come in musical tones, they’re also available in a variety of colors.

Now’s the time to add a fountain to your home. Stop in to choose from classic, contemporary, modern and other designs. We stock indoor and wall fountains, too.

(Below) A contemporary design

Start planning now for your fall planting. Fall is the best time to plant: the ground is warm and plants have optimum conditions for establishing themselves. Ask CJ, Steve or Roger to help you decide what plants to use: for a privacy hedge, a major landscaping project, as add-in to an existing garden and any other planting project you can think of.

You’re always welcome to come sit in our garden center and enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Frequent visitors to our garden center include hummingbirds, butterflies, bunnies, lizards, bees and we hope you, too.