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Living Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Fresh Cut Greens and More

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

It’s time to gather for Thanksgiving to share our warmth, love and affection for those near and dear to us. It’s also a beautiful time of year to give thanks and raise our thoughts in gratitude for all we have.

It’s never too early to have a living Christmas tree and poinsettias to enliven our hearts and get us celebrating the spirit of the holidays.

Stop in and ask Steve, Laurie or CJ about the different varieties of living Christmas trees (above) we have. The exquisite Vanderwulf Pine is a new addition to our collection; everyone who sees this gem is quite taken by it.

Our cut trees arrive this week and are in stock for sale beginning Friday, Nov. 23. We’ll also have fresh-cut greens, garlands and wreaths that day for a limited time during the holiday season.

The gorgeous Yuletide Camellia is tucked into the display above, its bright showy red flowers adding a classy touch to the holidays.

(Below) Christmas Cactus, Poinsettias and indoor plants blend together with presents to create a welcoming vibe.

(Below) People are already in search of holiday plants. Stop in today to make sure you don’t miss out and to personally select the plants that will brighten your decor.

(Below) Yuletide Camellia

Poinsettias are here!

In need of some special accents around the home or garden? We do custom plantings for you when you select the pots and plants.

Ask us how you can add the spirited color red (below) to your landscape.

We’re always ready to help. (Below) Steve answers questions from a customer.

We take great pride in providing the best materials and products for our gardeners to work with.

Be sure to check out our Luminara candles (below) inside the store. These lifelike battery-operated candles are a great way to reduce the risk of fires this holiday season; they even come with timers.

We at the Marina del Rey Garden Center wish you and yours a special holiday season!

Blue Glow Agave, Citrus, Grasses: Everything You Need For Your Garden

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

The popular Blue Glow Agave (below) has limited availability so hurry in to make your selections from our new shipment.

(Below) The Princess Flower is a stunning addition to any landscape. Our nursery professionals Steve, Roger or CJ can help you determine what plants will do best in the different areas of your garden. And remember, fall is the best time for planting.

Native to South Africa, Leucodendron (below) is drought-tolerant once established. Its colorful bracts create an intriguing and long-lasting cut flower.

Imagine picking fresh fruit from your own tree. We have a great selection of citrus plants, many of which are loaded with fruit. Below is a Minneola Tangerine.

 Stop inside our store to find indoor plants, pumpkins and battery-operated candles (below).

(Below) Add the mischief of gnomes to your home and garden. And how about an orange mushroom–perfect as a fall decoration!

(Below) Add interest to potted plants with hardscape materials found at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. Let us create a one-of-a-kind planter for you like this bonsai planter.

(Below) Our gnomes are ready to join you at your house!

(Below) Grasses and phormiums add color and texture to a landscape.

Come enjoy a stroll through our 2+ acres of everything you need for a beautiful garden!