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Garden and Home Decor Items to Brighten Your Winter

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

On a cold, wet morning as I got in to work, this beautiful Magnolia blossom (below) turned my day into brightness and beauty. Stop in today to see all of the glorious plants that area ready to add color to your garden now.

(Below) Primroses offer stunningly vibrant color. Plant them in flower beds and containers to add bursts of color to your winter landscape and to brighten up your shady garden.

(Below) Bleeding Heart is actually a bulb that blooms in winter and does very well in light shade.

We’ve just received large deliveries of home decor items, including these bright-colored watering cans (below) that make watering your garden even more fun!

Be sure to check out our newly relocated Talavara pottery collection that is now entirely inside the store. (Below) We’ve added a frog to this unique Talavera bowl.

Stop in to see Laurie, Steve or CJ about planning your spring garden now. They can help you design everything from privacy hedges to fountain areas (below). This particular Campania fountain is featured in the front yard of a home in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section where it looks quite grand!

(Below) How about a tiffany glass bowl that can be used as a bird bath or as an accent in your home or garden decor! In our recent home decor delivery we received a number of wonderful new accent pieces.

(Below) This ocean-themed glass bowl can be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand for a gorgeous effect.

Add some fun or fashion to your home with bamboo floor mats (below). I use one in front of my kitchen sink where it adds a nice touch.

(Below) Don’t these candles look real?! They’re actually battery-operated, but they do indeed appear to be the real thing.

Our Luminara candles (below) have been quite popular since they arrived, with customers raving about them and returning for more. Maybe it’s because they flicker. Maybe it’s because they operate on batteries, without a live flame. Or maybe it’s because they have a timer you can set to turn them off and on. They even have a very light fragrance!

(Below) Heavenly Bamboo yields its gorgeous red leaves this time of year. Stop in today to stroll our 2+ acres of garden heaven and see what delights you can find! Ask any one of our gardening experts, CJ, Laurie or Steve, for assistance. They’ll be glad to answer any questions.

It’s been rather chilly of late, so do layer up when coming in. And feel free to bring a beverage with you. Thanks for visiting us!


Japanese Maples, Orchids, Talavera Pottery & More!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

The recent very cold weather has brought cold damage to our garden center and perhaps your garden as well. If you have cold damage, don’t cut the affected areas back; wait until it warms up before trimming or pruning damaged growth.

(Below) Our 2013 Japanese Maple delivery has arrived! Come browse our selection while its at its fullest.

(Below) Blueberry bushes are a popular plant here at the Marina del Rey Garden Center and it’s no wonder why! Their antioxidant fruit is a wonderful addition to cereal and simply delicious picked right from your homegrown plant. You can grow blueberry bushes in containers or in the ground. Ask one of our experts, Laurie, Steve and CJ, for guidance.

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so stop in today to check out our many great gift ideas. Our Orchids  (below) are always a pleaser and indoor plants are a wonderful way to remind someone that you’re thinking of them.

Compared to a rose due to their showy flowers, Camellias (below) are a much-loved plant in the garden. Ask Steve, CJ or Laurie for assistance. Selecting the proper location for a Camellia is important and we have the soil amendments needed to give your plants the best start possible. Our Camellias are full of buds waiting to deliver their magical flowers.

Our indoor display expert Jim creates some beautiful displays (below). Be sure to ask him for help with gift selections.

Statuary in the garden provides year-round areas that capture the eye. (Below) A standing Kuan Yin brings a sense of peace and serenity.

Collectors of the prized Mexican Talavera pottery (below) appreciate its unique designs and colors that range from blues and whites to vibrant orange, yellow and red. You, too, are sure to find a unique Talavera garden accent to add to your landscape. We recently moved our selection, always the best around, inside the store.

We at the Marina Garden Center hope you enjoyed a special holiday season and welcome you to a beautiful new year! Stay tuned for all of our new plants and products that will be featured here on our website homepage.