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Archive for month: February, 2013

A Bounty of Plants, A World of Color and an Expert Design Team

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

First shipment of roses arrives Thursday, February 28!

Swing into spring with a ton of glorious color (Primroses, above) in your garden! We have trucks rolling in every day with the highest-quality plants around. And our design team can help you get a fresh start. Ask them for assistance.

We’re known for our expansive selection of plants, fountains, statuary, soil amendments, pottery and containers. From Asian ceramics to cast stone to benches to planters (below, with Margiolds), we are sure to have what you’re after and to be able to provide the inspiration magnificent gardens require.

You can have color in your garden now. Daffodils (below) are a reminder of the glory to be in the coming months.

Earlier this month, I made a buying trip to growers where I was able to see firsthand and select plants especially for you, our customer. Those plants will begin arriving this week, so do stop in to see these high-quality plants, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Boxwoods (below) come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and have been prized in landscapes for centuries.  Ask our design team, Steve, Laurie or CJ for help.

We specialize in succulents (below) and there is no better selection in Southern California. These waterwise plants offer a fascinating mix of colors, textures and shapes. They can be integrated into an existing garden or used to create their own special area. Our design team is ready to give you expert advice so be sure to seek one of them out.

You’re not alone if you find the Tillandsia (below) rather captivating. These plants typically grow without soil while attached to other plants. They absorb water and nutrients through their leaves and use their roots as anchors only. Stop in the garden center to see some of the ways we’ve displayed them.

Do take time to wander our 2+ acres to see what’s new. We’re proud to offer excellent customer service and delivery!

Hand Selecting Our Growers’ Best Plants

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Gorgeous blue skies over Santa Barbara made my buying trip to San Marcos Growers (above and below) even better than expected. The sole purpose of my journey was to personally select the superior quality plants you have come to expect when you shop the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

San Marcos Growers (above) is one of our top growers, always delivering thriving plants that are ready to perform in your garden.

Native Sons (below) is another grower offering superior quality. Going behind-the-scenes at Native Sons and San Marcos Growers, I was able to appreciate the work that makes both such efficient operations.

Given our recent colder than normal winter, growers have had to take great care and precautions to keep their tender crop of plants as hardy and robust as possible. Both Native Sons and San Marcos Growers covered many of their plants to keep frost damage at bay (below).

Despite the colder temperatures we’ve experienced lately, the Marina del Rey Garden Center will be receiving daily shipments of your favorite plants as well as some that may be new to you.

(Below) These beautiful Bougainvillea at San Marcos Growers show how gorgeous this vine/shrub is. The color is actually from the bracts of the plant and are not flowers.

Stepping into a green house (below), you experience first hand the warmer temperature it creates.

(Below) Visiting growing grounds connects me with the process of what the growers begin with to what actually arrives at the Marina Garden Center.

Fuchsia Thymifolia (above), at Native Sons,  is one of my favorite plants.

(Above and below) San Marcos Growers has an extensive operation. Being here in person allows me to hand select the plants that will be delivered to the Marina Garden Center.

(Above and below) The ever-popular Flax plant cuts a striking visual at San Marcos as does Lemon Cypress.

(Below) The growing grounds and selection of plants at Native Sons is extensive.

My trip to San Marcos Growers and Native Sons gave me the opportunity to personally select the best-looking specimens for you, our customer. Stop in to stroll our 2+ acres today. Our expert design staff and California Certified Nursery professionals will help make your dream garden come true.