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Hop Into Spring at the Marina del Rey Garden Center!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

A colorful Talavera bunny (below) is our resident greeter as you enter our store. With spring upon us, there are so many wonderful plant choices to be made for your garden! Ask one of our design experts, Laurie, Steve or CJ, for assistance.

Ranunculus (below) in yellow, red, white, purple and orange make a dazzling spring time statement. Every year, neighbors look forward to this home’s gorgeous display.

The home, in the Manhattan Beach Hill Section, is surrounded by the burst of spring time color Ranunculus bring. (Below) Dozens upon dozens of them line planter flower beds near the sidewalk and closer to the residence.

Stop in today to see our selection of Ranunculus and other bedding plants such as Violas, Bacopa, California Poppies, Lobelia, Delphiniums and more.

(Below) Fatsia Japonica, also know as Japanese Fatsia and Japanese aralia, is an evergreen shrub that loves, loves, loves shade! Its distinctive large palmate leaves can reach 16 inches across and can provide a nice contrast to ferns or azaleas.

(Below) With more than 40 varieties in stock, you’re sure to find a rose perfect for your garden at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. Featured below is the popular Brandy.

The little touches can add a lot to your home or garden. The pebbles below have been a huge hit. Do step inside our store to find gems that include indoor plants, home decor items, Tillandsia, Venus Fly Traps, indoor fountains, wall fountains and much more.

(Below) Venus Fly Trap is fun for the kids and fun for everyone! For those of you who’ve been waiting for them to arrive, they are finally here!

With shipments arriving daily, you’ll want to stop in often to see what’s new! (Below) A small assortment of Leucospermum has just arrived. This unusual plant is drought tolerant and needs full sun.

Our indoor plant selection is unrivaled! (Below) The green leaves of this indoor-grown Bird of Paradise create a lush tropical feel, setting the stage for relaxing and entertaining. For advice on what would grow best in your home, consult out indoor plant professional, Jim.

Do stroll our 2+ acres now to enjoy a spring time paradise of colors, textures, herbs, vegetables, salvias, lavenders, perennials, select pottery, Asian ceramics, contemporary containers, garden benches, statues, fountains and more.

Our design experts, CJ, Laurie and Steve, are ready to help you. Their expertise and knowledge make them the best gardening professionals around!

Succulents, Vegetables, Roses, Blueberries… Everything For Your Garden!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Join us for our Japanese Maple Festival Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24. Monrovia expert in person each day from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Enter our free drawing for a Japanese Maple. All Japanese Maples 10% off this weekend to celebrate the festival!
Spring is here at the Marina del Rey Garden Center where our 2+ acres are filled with every plant imaginable! We’ve been receiving daily shipments from our top-quality growers and are ready to help you have the best garden possible.

In addition to beautiful blooming trees and shrubs (above), we have the prized Japanese Maple Tree and Magnolia (below). Our expert design staff–Laurie, Steve and CJ— can help you decide where in your landscape to plant one of these gorgeous trees.

Japanese Maples are known for their brilliant foliage (above). A Magnolia blossom (above) illustrates the beauty that can be found in a garden.

We are indeed heavily stocked with all the plants you need to enjoy a spring filled with beauty and color. Ask Steve, CJ or Laurie to help you design a privacy hedge, vegetable garden, succulent display, fruit area, shady spot, fragrant garden, colorful borders and container gardens.

(Below) Our succulent selection is the best around.

We buy our plants and gardening materials and supplies from the most reliable growers and vendors to ensure that you, our customer, have the best experience possible. (Below) A shipment of plants arrives.

(Above) Our roses are in and we have all of the award-winning varieties, climbers, trees and bushes. Stop in today for the best selection.

(Below) How does the taste of a homegrown blueberry sound?! You can easily grow blueberries in containers and in ground. Ask our design experts, CJ, Laurie and Steve, for assistance. And enjoy the taste of absolutely fresh-picked berries!

Our vegetable and fruit selection is one of the largest and healthiest around. Stop in to see all of the wonderful herbs, vegetables and fruit plants available and create a garden to your tastes. (Below) We have tomato cages so stop in to get yours now.

(Below) Be sure to stop inside our store to see all of the latest home and garden decor items available. We carry a diverse product line that includes ocean-themed items, vases, signs, wall fountains, indoor fountains, and much more.

See you at the Marina del Rey Garden Center! Do say “Hi” when you’re here. We  look forward to being able to provide the superior customer service we’re known for. We’re your gardening professionals.