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Edible Gardens, Roses, Sprouts, Seeds: Only the Best For You!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood when you grow your own gigantic artichokes (below). All you need is space and the right growing conditions. Ask one of our design experts, CJ, Steve, Laurie or Roger for assistance with planning your vegetable and herb garden. We are fully loaded with edibles and new shipments arrive daily.


IMG_3388(Above) Our vegetables and herbs are so popular people shop off the racks before we have a chance to put them away!  Our edible selection is extensive. Stop in now to discover all sorts of great edibles!

IMG_3379New to our store is the Seed Sprouter (above), an easy way to grow your own sprouts! Now, you can have homegrown sprouts on your sandwich or salad.


(Above) We have several different kinds of seeds for your Seed Sprouter! (Below) And we have a huge assortment of seeds for your edible garden. Stop in today for the best selection and get your edible garden growing!


(Below) Completely organic, Dr. Earth products are safe to use on all edible and ornamental plants! They’re safe for you, safe for your children, safe for your pets.


(Below) Stop in and smell the roses! The Barbra Streisand Rose (below) is a great cutting rose and intensely fragrant.



(Above) Wander our rose area and fall in love with life! Ask a member of our design team, Roger, Steve, CJ or Laurie for assistance. They can help you discover the best rose(s) for any space and ensure your growing success through proper planting!


(Above) Fun, artful gardens are a pleasure. Stop in to find just the perfect accent for your garden.

IMG_3341If you’ve ever thought about growing Clematis or want to add to your collection, now is the time! Our first shipment of the season of this special plant has arrived. Shop now; availability is limited.

Get Color in Your Garden Everywhere!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer


The Marina del Rey Garden Center is awash in color, so stop in today to select from our huge selection of the best plants available. Deliveries arrive daily and we can deliver your purchases to you.

(Below) This couple was looking to beautify an outdoor jacuzzi area and wanted plants that would drop very few flowers or leaves and be easy to clean up after. Ask our plant experts CJ, Steve or Laurie for assistance. They can help you design gorgeous garden/patio/deck areas to meet your needs.


(Below) Rock Rose, aka Cistus, ia one of my favorite plants. We have several different varieties, two of which are below.



Pride of Madeira (below) heralds the arrival of spring in our landscape garden. Though it needs dedicated space, this stunner will reward you with tall purple plumes that attract butterflies and bees and all the beneficial insects we need in our gardens.


(Below) Create a vegetable, herb and fruit garden. We have everything from strawberry plants to blueberry bushes to corn to tomatoes to lettuce to sage to chives to cilantro to grapes to lemons to grapefruit.



If you’re looking for waterwise plants, our design experts Steve, CJ and Laurie can advise you on what plants to select. Our succulent selection (below, just a small part of it) is one of the largest in Southern California, so stop in to see all of the different ways you can have use succulents–in ground, in containers, indoors and out.


Turn any part of your landscape, garden or home into a zen experience by adding Japanese Maples (below) and a Buddha or meditating frog statue.



The garden center is in full bloom right now! Roses (above), Bougainvillea, Salvias, fruit trees, Hydrangeas (below) and much more.


Visit us today to find exactly what you want to add to your garden or outdoor or indoor living space. We can help you enhance your existing garden, design new garden areas, add colorful bedding plants, create a drought-tolerant garden, add focal points, sitting areas and much more.

Our design team of Laurie, Steve and CJ are ready to help!