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Go Water Wise With Native Plants From Australia, South Africa, California

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Employment Opportunity: Full-time Operations position. Join the hardworking Operations team at the Marina Garden Center. This position requires heavy lifting and weekend work.  No phone calls, please. Come in to fill out an application.

Customer Appreciation Day is Monday, May 27 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. as we say “Thank you” to you, our valued customer. Free hot dogs will be available.


Stop in today to see the latest addition to our garden center, an entire section devoted to natives (below)–that is, plants native to three distinct areas that share similar climate conditions: South AfricaAustraliaCalifornia.

Ask one of our design experts, Steve, CJ, Laurie and Roger, how you can mix and mingle native plants from each area to enjoy year-round color in your garden!


(Below) Our Kangaroo greeter, with Baby Kangaroo, indicates you are in the Australian natives section.



Australia is known for Acacias, Kangaroo Paws and Grevillea (below). Grevillea, with its beautiful signature red flower, comes in many shapes, sizes and growing habits. Ask one of our design experts, CJ, Steve, Laurie or Roger, for guidance. They can help you select the plants best suited for your environment.


A Giraffe greets visitors to the South African natives section. Giant Bird of Paradise, native to South Africa, flank the giant giraffe.


Protea (below) are native to South Africa.


Leucadendron (below) are valued for their foliage and come in different varieties, including the hard-to-find Jester (below), which is a beautiful striped pink and white.


With Leucadendron (below) your garden can have vivid shades of green, gold, red, pink and orange punctuate the garden throughout the year. Winter Red is known for its vibrant red bracts that change color with the season.



Dolphins indicate you are now in the land of California natives.


In our California natives section, we have Manzanita, Ceanothus and Mimulus, aka Monkey Flower, all of which thrive in our climate. Have fun deciding which plants to put in your landscape and ask Laurie, CJ, Roger or Steve about how natives can attract birds to your garden.


(Below) Have a seat on a bench from our new line of cast stone from Canada. With a very natural look, any one of these benches is a perfect fit for a native garden.



California Gold, Bahamas Series Hibiscus, Hostas, Peonies Are Here!

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Spring has brought gardens everywhere alive with color, texture, and beauty!  Gardeners who have edibles are enjoying the fruits, vegetables and herbs of their labor.


At the Marina del Rey Garden Center, our inventory is extensive, with plants arriving daily. You will find your favorite garden staples such as Roses, Salvias, Succulents and Flax and some unusual plants you might not have seen before.

The California Gold Bougainvillea (above) is one of our striking new finds. You’ve undoubtedly seen the San Diego Red Bougainvillea splash its dynamic color across landscapes for years. Now you can create the same effects and impact with this winner. As with the San Diego Red, the California Gold needs a warm spot in your garden where it will get full sun and will receive moderate water once established.


(Above) Known for its huge colorful flower, the Bahama Series Hibiscus has arrived. Create a Mediterranean or tropical look by partnering it with the bougainvillea above. Both plants like a warm, sunny area, and both will make a stunning statement in your garden!

Generations of gardeners come to the Marina Garden Center (below). Get your kids involved in the wonder, beauty and science of gardening. It’s a habit they’re sure to cultivate and love throughout theirs lives! We love seeing families come in together to select plants for their garden!

IMG_3485(Below) What’s better than one snail watering can with pearls? Three! Stop in to see all of our cute watering cans sized just for kids’, but we’ve seen plenty of adults get a smile from these whimsical watering cans.


(Below) Visit our edible section for the best selection! And whatever your shopping needs, ask a member of our design team for assistance. Laurie, Roger, CJ and Steve will be happy to help you.


Hostas are here!

(Below) If you’ve been waiting for Hostas to arrive, they have! These shade plants do produce flowers but are known for their large, leafy foliage.


Hostas (below)

IMG_3449If you’ve lived in the Midwest or on the East Coast, you might wonder where to find that sweet Peony you so adore. Known for preferring colder climates, these are varieties grown for our warmer climates. These beauties are available in a very limited availability so shop now.

IMG_3440(Below) Peony

IMG_3441(Below) You have to see these Hydrangeas to believe them!

IMG_3464We’re very excited about our newest addition to our popular Illumina battery-operated line of candles! In a soft pink, this candle is literally “sweet” with a light rose fragrance to it. These candles have many uses, decorative and practical. Their on-and-off timer gives you lots of options. Why not come home to a candlelit home? Or, use these battery-operated if your power goes out. Stop in to see our selection.


(Below) We carry a large, diverse range of Bromeliads. Here, we’ve created a Bromeliad wall, which you can easily do at home in your garden. Ask Steve, CJ, Roger or Laurie to show you how.




Stop in today to see everything we have on our 2+ acres! We are fully stocked for spring and shipments arrive daily this time of year. Our design experts, Steve, CJ, Laurie and Roger can help you determine which plants to plant where and what soil amendments and preparation to do to ensure your garden’s success.