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Summer Sizzle in the Garden

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By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

The sizzle of summer is here, and we have the plants that will add gorgeous color to your landscape, including the dazzling Daylily (below). Daylilies bloom from late spring until fall, are drought tolerant, adaptable to a variety of soil and light conditions, and have relatively few pest and disease problems.


IMG_3671(Above and below) Daylilies planted close together offer a landscape full of color.

IMG_3670(Below) It’s Dinnerplate Dahlia time! These highly prized beauties are a showstopper. Ask CJ, Steve, Laurie or Roger for assistance. They can help you decide where to plant, what soil amendments to add to give your plants the best start possible and determine what you can plant in a container.


IMG_3665(Below) The Susans of the plant world deliver stunning color from a vine. Plant the Black-Eyed Susan on a trellis, pergola, archway, fence or stake it in a pot. It is a quick-growing vine whose flower typically has a dark center. These plants thrive in full sun.


IMG_3655(Below) Looks like cast stone, doesn’t it?! The good news is these cast stone and fiber pots are half the weight of their heavy counterparts. We’ve just received more new styles to add to our collection. Stop in today to see all of the great new colors and styles.




(Below) Our design team is always ready to provide assistance. Here, CJ helps a customer choose some pots from the brightly colored Asian pottery collection. Consult Laurie, CJ, Roger and Steve any time you have a question.


(Below) Orange Agastache combines with salvia to create a colorful display. Agastache flowers from late spring to fall.


(Below) Ruby Red Seedless Grapes are the way to go! Enjoy some flavorful homegrown grapes this summer and taste how good fruit can really be.


My favorite new toy for gardening is this collapsible gardening bag. It’s lightweight and folds up, and I use it as I wander through my garden, collecting tree leaves, pine tree needles, weeds I’ve pulled and the like.


(Below) Our demonstration gardens have yielded quite a haul! This bounty includes fresh-picked corn, tomatoes and banana peppers. These will be great on the barbecue grill.


(Below) Our vegetable and herb section is the best around, offering a nice diversity of savory seasonings and veggies. Grow your own lettuce and chives and other herbs to add to your meals.


(Below) Summer means Bougainvillea, with its colorful bracts that draw the eye. This popular plant comes in bush form or as a vine, depending on the variety, and is frequently seen cascading over trellises, entry ways and fences. It does best in very bright full sun. Once established, Bougainvillea has very low water needs.


A recent delivery of pottery brought this unique pot that seemed to fit perfectly in our South African native plant section. Check out our “native plant” sections showcasing drought-tolerant perennials from Australia, California and South Africa.


Stop in today to get your garden or entertaining area ready for summer. We are a full-service nursery with everything you need, from expert advice to custom planting to delivery and more.

Make Summer Memorable With A Fountain

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Treat yourself right this summer and enjoy the outdoors by creating a lush, soothing environment. Hang out, read, entertain… We have a huge selection of fountains, small enough for the top of a table, light enough for a wall and large enough for an estate.

Our fountains require zero plumbing. All you need is an electrical outlet.  


(Above) There’s nothing quite like outdoor living in summer. Stop in to select from our huge selection of fountains, many of which are new arrivals like the one above, as well as to see our large inventory of containers (terra cottaAsian ceramicsTalaverascontemporary). Containers work very well on patios, decks, balconies, in entry ways. Certain treesshrubs and evergreens also do well in containers. Ask one of our design experts, LaurieCJRoger and Steve, to help you.


(Above) Have fun with your fountain! Stop in to find just the right one from our wide-ranging selection that includes classic fountains and more modern and contemporary ones (above). The modern design above is flanked by planted urns on pedestals with Lion’s Tail and Kangaroo Paws on the far sides.

Stop in to see the new styles that have recently arrived, like the ones below.


(Above) Either one of these fountains will make a statement in your home. We’re in awe of this large standing fountain that consists of  a metal frame with a mirror and a cascading sheet of water. The reflection you see here is of indoor plants. Next to it is a lightweight resin urn fountain that is easy to move around. This realistic fountain recirculates its water and can be used indoors and out.


(Above) These popular buddha fountains are great for indoor and outdoor use. They fit quite well on a balcony and come complete with light and pump.

(Below) There’s nothing quite like outdoor living in summer. Stop in to select from our huge selection of containers (terra cottaAsian ceramicsTalaverascontemporary) and match them with a treeshrub or evergreen. Our design experts, LaurieCJRoger and Steve, can help you get your plants off to the healthiest start possible.


(Above) Get your sea theme going with this stunning and sturdy 4-piece table and bench set. We’re pleased to be able to offer this high-quality and beautifully artistic table set in cast stone with inlaid tiles.

(Below) Fourth of July or not, red and white Mandevilla and blue Agapanthus give summer a colorful start! We also have planted hanging baskets and bedding plants that can add a splash of color to your home and garden.


(Below) The unusual and gorgeous Nikko Blue Hydrangea can only add beauty, elegance and “Wow!” to any garden, patio, deck or balcony.


(Below) Nothing says warm weather and summer like Hibiscus!


Make a point to spend time in our water-wise natives section where we feature plants from three distinct places on the globe: Australia, South Africa and California. Here you’ll find an amazing grouping of plants that will do well together and are drought tolerant, saving money on your water bill.

Here’s our webpage about our water-wise natives.

(Below) This Cape Fuchsia is native to South Africa. You can enjoy color practically year-round by planting natives from each of the regions. Consult one of our design experts for guidance. CJ, Laurie, Steve and Roger will be happy to help you find the plants best-suited for your garden.


(Below) Our lifelike geese are frequently confused for the real thing and can be purchased at the garden center.


Remember, we are your full-service garden center. We value serving you and are proud to offer the best in customer service. Stop in today!