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Put a Little Disney in Your Garden

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

To help your garden remain as healthy as possible, we no longer stock Impatiens due to a newly emerging disease called Impatiens downy mildew that has been affecting all varieties of Impatiens walleriana.

So, what can you plant in shady areas to add some color? Begonias, New Guinea Impatiens (not affected by downy mildew) and Coleus are three options that will have your garden looking amazing!


 (Above) New Guinea Impatiens

IMG_3807Begonias (above)


(Above) Coleus offer a diversity of color.


Ask our design experts Steve, Laurie, CJ and Roger for any assistance you may need. They can provide information about watering and soil requirements so you can enjoy a colorful shade garden.

Disney Magic

Enjoy artifacts from Disneyland Resort’s Enchanted Tiki Room and Jungle Cruise thanks to our latest find. Stop in to select objects and accents from these popular Disney attractions and bring the Disney magic home! These cast stone pieces are from a vendor with ties to the Disney family and are crafted from the original molds.

 (Below) Greetings from The Enchanted Tiki Room


(Below) Art from the Jungle Cruise, which opened in 1955.


(Below) Throw a Tiki party this summer with the coolest tikis around! Stop in today before we sell out of these in-demand accents.


(Below) More cast stone accents




(Above and below) We offer a broad assortment of edibles ranging from herbs to vegetables to fruit. In our selection, you’ll find more than just the typical tomatoes, corn, squash, basil and lettuce found most anywhere. Stop in today to peruse our bounty.


(Above) Long Red Slim Cayenne Pepper


Now’s a good time to pick a Rose for your garden. Our selection is vast AND in bloom, so you can smell the fragrance and see the beauty.


Visit us today to see what’s available for your home and garden! Our team of experts is ready to help.

‘Green’ Gardening With Edible Vegetables, Herbs and Fountains

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Get your own bountiful garden with a stop at the Marina del Rey Garden Center! All of our plants are superior in quality, healthy and sure to produce a wealth of vegetables, fruit and herbs for your eating pleasure.

Indeed, summer gardening means fresh fruit and vegetables, and nothing tastes better than a juicy homegrown vine-ripened tomato (below)! We have everything you need to grow the best tomatoes; just ask one of our experts, Steve, CJ, Laurie or Roger for assistance.


Our veggie and herb buyer is a cook herself and orders a wide variety of plants with the home chef in mind. You’ll find a bonanza of delicious eats at the Marina Garden Center!


(Above) Lettuce

(Below) Eggplant


We carry the best in soil amendments and the products you need to have a superior garden. The Dr. Earth HomeGrown Organic Tomato, Herb & Vegetable Fertilizer will turn your garden into a production machine! And, it’s pet and people safe so you don’t have to worry.


As your garden center, we can help you have a beautiful water-wise landscape (below). Stop in to see how you can use native plants from three regions (Australia, South Africa and California) to have a drought-tolerant, colorful landscape year-round.


Let our fountain experts help you select from our huge in-stock inventory. (Below) Jim explains the benefits of our re-circulating water fountains, which are self-contained and do not require a dedicated water source.


(Below) Looking for a gazing ball? We’ve just received a shipment of these popular garden accents. Stop in now before our selection is gone.


(Below) Here are fountains from our extensive in-stock selection, available for purchase now. We have everything from small to medium to large to estate sizes in a range from contemporary to classic and everything imaginable in between.


The sight and sound of cascading water brings an inspiring element to any area.


(Below) These “zen” frogs know how to meditate.


(Below) Edibles

IMG_3788Sweet Banana Peppers, Bell Peppers and everything peppers, from mild to hot, are available in our Herb and Vegetable section. Ask our gardening and design experts CJ, Laurie, Roger or Steve for help finding what you want.

IMG_3785(Above) Grape vine

Stop in today to get your garden growing this summer! Our design experts, Laurie, CJ, Roger and Steve are ready to help you have fun this summer, not to mention a gorgeous landscape. Get your summer fun on!