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Feast on Homegrown Summer Edibles, Relax With the Soothing Sound of Water

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Fountains add beauty and tranquility to your home and garden. At the Marina del Rey Garden Center, we have the largest selection of in-stock fountains from top artisan manufacturers, including Campania International. Come in to browse our selection and manufacturers’ catalogs, or link to their websites from every page on our site, under “Helpful Links” on the right side of the page as you face it: Manufacturers We Represent.

palazzo urn

(Above and below) These cast stone designs from Campania, which specializes in fine antique reproductions and unique innovative garden accents, are among the best you can buy and add the perfect element to your home and garden.


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Edible Gardens

There’s still time for summer vegetables, so stop in now to see our selection (below). Plant lettuce, tomatoes and peppers, and while you’re here, ask our gardening professionals, CJ, Roger and Steve, how to best prepare your soil for a bountiful crop as well as what vegetables, herbs and fruit to plant for fall.



Dr. Earth products are safe for you, your loved ones, pets and the environment. Ask one of our design experts for help. They can answer all your gardening questions.



More Campania Fountains






Stop in today to stroll our 2+ acres of the best plants, veggies, herbs, fruit, shrubs, bromeliads, tillandsias, succulents, fountains, containers, statuary, benches, and advice and guidance. You’ll be glad you did.




Bromeliads, Tillandsia, Vertical Gardening, NonGMO Seeds

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

The world of gardening is full of discoveries and the Marina Garden Center has always been focused on bringing new finds to gardeners. We pride ourselves on keeping you up-to-date on the many plant and garden accent choices that await you, our loyal customer.

(Below) We’ve greatly expanded our Bromeliad selection, and our design experts Steve, CJ, Roger and Laurie can tell you everything you need to know to showcase these plants in your home and garden. For starters, Bromeliads offer foliage that is exquisite: In fact, it’s the most widely patterned and colored of any plant in the world.


(Below) A diversity of Bromeliads are arranged to grow on an intriguing piece of wood. Ask our design staff how you can create your own unique look on a piece of wood you admire. Did you know a Pineapple is a Bromeliad?


Bring some creativity to your home and garden. Tillandsias, evergreen perennial flowering plants, are the perfect antidote to small spaces AND grow without soil.

Tillandsias also are the perfect plant for vertical gardening and need only air and a slight amount of water to grow.

(Below) A martini glass of Tillandsias shows some of the different varieties available. Stop in today to see our selection.


(Above and below) Tillandsia lovers know how wonderful these plants are. In China and Japan, where homes are small and space comes at a premium price, Tillandsias provide the best option for folks with small spaces to grow plants and yet allow for diverse foliage and stunning perennial flowers. In addition, their requirements for life are not demanding: If you finally have a Tillandsia whose spiky leaves look a little wilted or turned under, simply place the plant in a bucket of water, leave it for 24 hours, and like magic, your plant will amazingly come back to life.


(Below) A variety of Bromeliads affixed to a wire trellis.


No GMOs here!


Our certified organic seed line is from Botanical Interests, a family-owned-and-operated company that doesn’t treat its seeds or use GMOs.


 (Above) A shopper checks out the extensive line of 2014 seeds from Botanical Interests.

(Below) Be inspired by our brand new line of stone vases, perfect for Ikebana.


These natural stone vases come from Oregon and are one of our latest finds. Each one is unique.


(Below) Have fun this summer with some cast stone garden accents. They’re great conversation pieces that can add an intriguing element to your garden, home or patio.


(Below)  Plumeria are here and in bloom so peruse our selection to find just the plants you want. Plumeria come in yellow, white and pink. Ask our design staff for assistance.


Stop in today to see what’s new at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.