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Fall Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Fun, Bromeliads

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Stop in to see our Pumpkin Patch and capture the moments! Not only is our ‘Patch’ full of pumpkins of every shape and size, we’ve carved out three special seating places for pictures. Plus, we’ll have a kids jumper here on Saturday and Sunday, October 19 and 20 and 26 and 27. Be sure to stop in for all the Halloween fun!IMG_2121 Little ones love to frolic in our Pumpkin Patch while finding the perfect pumpkin. (Below) After she found the pumpkin that suited her, this young girl was sharing some Pumpkin Patch love and taking home a second one to give to her best friend.



(Below) Not everything in our Pumpkin Patch is “sugar and spice and everything nice.” You can even be seated next to our most ghoulish and fiendish of friends. Beware what lurks!

IMG_2122 (Below) Need some color in your garden? Check out our gorgeous selection of Pansies, especially the orange ones—they’re perfect for the season! Work with Steve, CJ or Roger to find the best combinations of plants and pots to enliven your home and garden.IMG_2124



(Above and below) If you’re looking for something unusual or you don’t have much space in ground or for plants in containers, Bromeliads are a great option. Covering a wide swath of colors, many of which are brilliantly bold and bright, Bromeliads require very little care and produce long-lasting blooms and beautiful ornamental foliage.


They can be grown hanging in the air, attached to wood, a trellis, even another plant. Stop in to see our displays for ideas.





(Below) In addition to our large Bromeliad section, we carry a huge assortment of Succulents, another plant with great waterwise features. Ask one of our design experts for help determining what plants will work best in your garden.


(Below) Roger helps a customer.




(Above) Succulents can be arranged to show off their diverse range of color and shape. Visit today to learn more about easy-to-grow plants that require very little water.


In-stock roses are now 20% off, so hurry in to cart away savings on the rose you love!




Ready to take your purchase home! We’ll help you get it into your vehicle so you can enjoy it right away!


Customer service is No. 1 for the Marina Garden Center. Stop in to experience why customers consistently rate us as the best garden center in Southern California.

Halloween and Pumpkins at the Marina del Rey Garden Center

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

Scary monsters and garden fiends await you at the Marina del Rey Garden Center where we’ve accidentally upset a crate or two of ghouls. Our fiendishly friendly ghosts, goblins, skeletons and monsters dare you to visit. Our Pumpkin Patch is here: Bring the whole family and your camera and have some fun!




(Below) Pumpkin candles, spiders, maybe even a tarantula, have settled into the garden center. Stop in today to see all of our fun Halloween and fall-themed decor for inside and outside your home.



(Below) Little hands love our Pumpkin Carving & Seed Roasting Set.



 Rose Sale


Our roses are now 20% off on every single one in stock! Visit us today to see our selection. Most of the roses are in full bloom so it’s a great time to smell the rose and see the color of the ones you select for your garden.


(Below) Fall officially begins on Sunday, Sept. 22. Get ready for fall planting now. We have a large selection of perennials, shrubs, trees, bedding plants and fruits, vegetables and herbs for your edible garden. Ask Steve, CJ or Roger for assistance.


(Below) Get color and texture in your garden with Euphorbias. We have several different varieties.


Graceful, tall with a grassy plume, Papyrus (below) add a relaxing feel to the garden.


 Orchids produce long-lasting blooms, making them the perfect gift. Cut a stem or two to fashion your own floral arrangement.

IMG_3906(Below) Our gift shop is the place to find unique and unusual gifts and home decor.

IMG_3908And remember to stop in to see our fun Halloween and fall-themed items and to pose for pictures in our Pumpkin Patch, coming this week!




Ebony Leucadendron, Orchids, Garden Accents, Ferns and More

By Cathy Hough, general manager and buyer

One of our latest discoveries is the hard-to-find Ebony Leucadendron (below). This bushy compact shrub features a lustrous blackish-purple foliage and burgundy red bracts that surround the flowers from late winter to summer. We have a very limited supply of this new variety so stop in as soon as possible to welcome this beauty to your garden.


Ebony Leucadendron adds a focal point and is perfect for achieving contrast in your landscape or when planted in containers. To truly appreciate its foliage, we suggest pairing it with lime green plants. Ask us for suggestions.


Ask our design experts, CJ, Steve and Roger, for assistance. And remember, fall is the best time for planting.


Been wondering what to do with that blank wall? Stop in today to see our new garden accents. These whimsical, fun suns have a folk art feel and are great for indoors and outdoors.



Always in search of anything and everything new for the garden, I attended a garden industry trade show this past week to find new ideas and merchandise.


Stop in to see our stunning new selection of orchids from a grower we’ve just discovered (below). Varieties include Phaleonopsis, Oncidium and Dendrochilium. (Below) The dangling plant in the background is an orchid from this grower, as are the orchids in front of it.



Stop in today to check out the many displays, designs and garden arrangements scattered throughout our 2+ acres. We have everything you need to let your creativity flow and our design experts are ready to help!



(Above and below) Plants can be inspiring. Big, bold leaves, striated foliage and dynamic colors that capture the eye are all part of the artistry you’ll find when connecting with nature.




(Above) Yes, we have seasons in California! And they can be experienced through the wonderful lens of your garden. Ferns are beginning to change color as fall approaches. Sasanqua Camillas are budding up. Indeed, fall is on its way.

(Below) These containers look heavy but they’re not, making them great for decks, balconies and patios. They weigh practically nothing and are extremely easy to move. Better yet, they come in the great finishes you see below. Stop in to check out these lightweight containers that have the look of their heavier cast stone pottery counterparts minus the weight!




Stop in today to check out our huge inventory of containers, fountains, statuary, plants and everything you need to turn your home and garden into paradise!