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Winter Gardening: Herbs, Vegetables, Roses, Privacy Hedges, Wildfowers, Fox Farm Potting Soil

Get outside and enjoy your garden! Grab the pruners, plant a winter vegetable and herb garden or some spring wildflowers, water where it’s needed and determine the areas in your yard or landscape that you’d like to spruce up for spring.


We are proud to offer Fox Farm Potting Soil! Stop in today to learn out about this wonderful organic potting soil!


Winter in Southern California allows us to tend to, prepare for, and envision and realize what we want the fruits of our labor to be, so stop by the Marina del Rey Garden Center and have a conversation with one of our design experts. SteveCJ and Roger can help you create an amazing landscapeflower bedherb and vegetable garden, or privacy hedge.


Garden Checklist

Here’s a quick checklist of things to do in the garden now:

  • Be brave and prune your roses back no matter how good they look right now. Roses need new growth to bloom and now is the time to cut out old dead wood to let more light through, which will encourage new growth to support all those beautiful new roses you’ll soon have.


  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor by pruning dormant fruit trees in preparation of their summer bounty. Deciduous stone-fruit trees such as appleapricotpeachesplums and nectarines need a healthy winter pruning. Do not prune citrus.


  • Plant California Poppies (above) and other spring-blooming wildflowers now. Choose a sunny area for planting and water regularly if you don’t get much rainfall.


  • Be sure to provide deep, infrequent waterings to established CaliforniaSouth African and Australian natives due to a lack of rainfall this season. They will reward you with gorgeous blossoms (above, An Australian Tea Tree in bloom.)!


Privacy Hedges

Privacy hedges continue to become more and more popular and important as new construction and buildings sprout around us. We carry a large variety of privacy hedge plants, including Pittosporum Silver SheenPrivets and Purple HopSeeds. These plants grow quickly and can be planted close together to create a privacy hedge.


Winter Herb and Vegetable Gardens

Have some fun this winter with a windowsill herb and vegetable garden! We have containers small enough to fit in window sills yet large enough for the herbs and veggies you’ll use in your home cooking. Kalebeetsbroccolipeascarrots and cauliflower are just some of the winter vegetables you can plant now.


Ask us which soil to use when planting. We have everything you need for a healthy garden!