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Spring Into Fun and Color in the Garden; Prepare For Outdoor Living and Entertaining

Spring brings flowers into full bloom, and the Marina del Rey Garden Center is ablaze in a colorful 2+ acres of unique, unusual, exotic, tropical, and edible plants.

MDRGC4-25-14 022

(Above) Joseph’s Coat climbing rose is a very striking rose, with its medium sized, semi-double blooms of cherry-red, overlaid, shaded and blended with gold. It’s a continuous kaleidoscope of colors set against green apple foliage.

MDRGC4-25-14 037

(Above and below) Brugsmansia, aka Angel’s Trumpet, features large, fragrant flowers that are pendulous. This semi-woody shrub or tree typically sports many-branched trunks.

Ask one of our design experts Steve, CJ or Roger for their professional expertise–they can help you locate a plant where it will grow best and provide planting tips, including recommending the proper soils and fertilizers to give your plant the healthiest start possible.

MDRGC4-25-14 036

(Below) Tuck a reflecting gazing ball into your landscape. Our gazing balls come in several colors, including mosaics.

MDRGC4-25-14 133

Create a feast for the eyes in your garden! (Below) The hues of color on the foliage of Heavenly Bamboo wow the eye when Bougainvillea is mixed in.

MDRGC4-25-14 015

Spring Into Fun With Vertical Gardening

MDRGC4-25-14 008

We’re pleased to offer an artistic way to garden in small spaces. Our just-in vertical gardening boxes come in different sizes so you can plant the garden you want. Mount them on a wall or fence or simply prop them up against another supportive object.

You can plant your own, we can custom plant one for you or select one of our pre-planted boxes.

Fun at the Garden Center

MDRGC4-25-14 103

The little ones definitely have fun exploring the garden center (above).

More New Arrivals

MDRGC4-25-14 098

(Above) Daylilies are here!

(Below) We have a large selection of one-gallon Salvias in blue, pink and other gorgeous colors.

MDRGC4-25-14 110

MDRGC4-25-14 125

(Above and below) Poppies add bright color to the garden. Plant them in ground or in containers.

MDRGC4-25-14 123

 (Below) Bearded Iris

MDRGC4-25-14 138

(Below) Love hummingbirds?! We sure do! Ask CJ, Steve or Roger how you can attract hummingbirds to your garden. We have the plants, bird feeders and nectar that will bring these delightful creatures into your world!

MDRGC4-25-14 139

(Below) There’s nothing like a colorful array of flowers in bloom! Add color to your outdoor living environment with the trusty ever-blooming daisy.

MDRGColdercam4-25-14 018

(Below) Mandevilla in bloom offers a translucent pink flower. Ours are budded up and ready to add beauty to your life.

MDRGC4-25-14 105

 Containers, Fountains, Dahlias, Japanese Maples,Kangaroo Paws, and Other “Proven Winners”

MDRGC4-25-14 124

(Below) Dahlia

MDRGColdercam4-25-14 034

MDRGC4-25-14 003

(Above and below) Japanese Maples provide grace and beauty.

MDRGC4-25-14 048

(Below) Kangaroo Paws

MDRGC4-25-14 043

(Below) Our hummingbird feeders are designed to attract these special creatures.

MDRGC4-25-14 011

MDRGC4-25-14 128

Groundcover Flats

MDRGC4-25-14 130

More Roses

MDRGC4-25-14 021

MDRGC4-25-14 025


MDRGC4-25-14 096


Our Succulent selection provides an incredible range of choices. Ask us how you can pair Succulents with other plants in the garden and containers.

MDRGC4-25-14 006

MDRGC4-25-14 049

Succulents are great for planting in containers.

MDRGColdercam4-25-14 029

We invite you to experience the wonderful world of gardening and outdoor living at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. We have friendly plant experts,  a large and diverse plant selection on 2+ acres, tons of containers and fountains, and everything you need to have fun in the garden this spring and summer!


Spring: Succulents, Native Plants, Perennials, Pots, Fountains, Bromeliads, Ornamental Grasses, Boxwoods, Talavera Pottery

Everywhere you look Spring has exploded with color! The Marina del Rey Garden Center is no exception. Whatever your gardening needs, we invite you to experience our amazing 2+-acre world of the best plants and products.

Take a walk through our grounds to enjoy plants, color, hummingbirds, butterflies and the best of nature.

3-29-14MDRGC#2 016
mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 099
Calla Lilies

Perennials, Succulents, Bromeliads

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 025
Sweet Broom or Easter Broom is native to the Canary Islands.

Native plants mix well with Succulents. Ask one of our design experts, Steve, CJ or Roger, for assistance when pairing plants. They’ll help you determine what plants have similar water requirements and let you know what soil products to plant with.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 056

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 027
Lion’s Tail, aka Leonotis leonurus

Lion’s Tail (above), native to South Africa, is well-suited to border areas, shrub beds and perennial beds and will attract butterflies.

(Below) Succulents have become very popular in the garden, with showy color and a unique look.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 122

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 040

(Below) Our container selection is huge. Ask one of our design experts how you can create a custom planted succulent container. We’ll do the planting or you can.

kallmyermusic4-11-14 047

3-29-14MDRGC#2 071

(Below) Step into our Succulent and Bromeliad section to see some gorgeous and unusual flowering plants suitable for your home and garden.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 063

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 121

(Above) Succulents often look highly unusual, adding visual appeal to containers and gardens.

3-29-14MDRGC#2 073

(Below) We recently added a selection of Bromeliads and Tillandsias to the garden center. Stop in today and ask one of our garden experts how you can have these tropical plants in your home, outdoor living area or garden.

kallmyermusic4-11-14 018

Small succulent gardens in containers make great accent pieces.

3-29-14MDRGC#2 072

(Below) Ornamental grasses add visual interest to gardens.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 046


kallmyermusic4-11-14 016

Our selection of Boxwoods is extensive with lots of shapes and sizes, including topiary, spirals and globes. Boxwoods look great in containers or planted in the ground.

kallmyermusic4-11-14 046

kallmyermusic4-11-14 024

Edibles: Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 005

Load up on vegetables, herbs and fruit from our great selection.

Deliveries arrive daily, so our inventory is constantly changing and growing.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask one of  our friendly staff members for assistance.

kallmyermusic4-11-14 025

3-29-14MDRGC#2 038

3-29-14MDRGC#2 023

3-29-14MDRGC#2 036

We now offer pre-assembled raised garden beds in 12-inch and 18-inch depths in our standard 2×4 and 4×4 offerings.

Low on space? How about planting an herb garden in a small but stylish container!

3-29-14MDRGC#2 006

We stock Italian Basil, Thai Basil, Greek Thyme, Oregano, Chives, Mint, Rosemary, Lettuce, Kale, Chard, CucumberCauliflower, Broccoli, Squash, Corn, Potatoes, Onions, Tomatoes, Strawberries, MelonsBlueberries, Grapes, Raspberries, stone fruit trees, Avocado Trees, Meyer and Eureka Lemons, and much more.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 086

kallmyermusic4-11-14 039

Talavera Pottery, Containers, Fountains

3-29-14MDRGC#2 062

3-29-14MDRGC#2 063

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 115


3-29-14MDRGC#2 003


3-29-14MDRGC#2 070

3-28-14MDRGC 051


3-28-14MDRGC 050










Tuck an outdoor fountain into your landscape.
Tuck an outdoor fountain into your landscape.
Fountains can add yet another dimension to a garden or living space. Pumps that recirculate water make these fountains water wise.
Fountains can add yet another dimension to a garden or living space. Pumps that recirculate water make these fountains water wise.
These sleek fiberglass containers are light and easy to maneuver.
These sleek fiberglass containers are light and easy to maneuver.
These three fountains from Campania are perfect for small spaces.
These three fountains from Campania are perfect for small spaces.


Thanks for your continued patronage. We appreciate you! See you at the Marina del Rey Garden Center!


Spring Planting: Fuchsias, Marigolds, Salvias, Bougainvilla, Blueberry Bushes, Roses, Redbud Trees

Spring is in full bloom at the garden center, so do visit to see all of the beautiful plants you can add to your garden.

We also have a great selection of vegetables, herbs, citrus and fruit trees that include lemons, limes, oranges, peaches, cherries, squash, eggplant, rhubarb, cucumber, lettuce, kale, cauliflower, watermelon, potatoes, corn, basil, oregano, garlic, onions, chives, strawberries and much more.

(Below) Suitable for shady areas and available to plant in ground, containers and hanging baskets, the Fuchsia offers stunning beauty.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 116

If you missed sound artist Chris Kallmyer’s musical presentation Friday, check out our Facebook page for a brief video of bird sounds.

(Below) Chris and a Marina del Rey Garden Center visitor check out the many options for plants that attract hummingbirds. Stop in to ask one of our garden design experts CJ, Roger or Steve for more guidance on bringing out the best in your garden.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 007


mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 101

Blueberry Bushes

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 079

Now is the time to plant any one of the 6-8 varieties of Blueberry bushes we carry. The bushes are so popular we can barely keep enough in stock. Our varieties do exceptionally well in Southern California and can be grown in ground or containers. You just need sun, and do ask about the proper soil amendment to plant them with.


bathroomsink 047

Roses can be grown in all sorts of spaces, from on a deck or balcony to in ground or trained to cascade over a fence or wall.

bathroomsink 038

bathroomsink 042


Terracotta containers are a great look with roses. In addition to a huge selection of terracotta containers, we have additional designs that boast bright colors, textures, designs, earth tones, basic black and white pots and contemporary cement planters.




Container Gardening

kallmyermusic4-11-14 041

Planting in containers is lots of fun and a great way to add color to your outdoor living space. Steve, CJ and Roger, our design experts, can help you select the right plants for sunny and shady areas, as well as the best soil so your plants thrive.

mdrgc3-29-14 126

mdrgc3-29-14 122

mdrgc3-29-14 125


mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 011

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 093

 (Above and below) Boxwoods also make great patio plants and nice small hedge and bedding area borders so be sure to check out our huge selection of this prized topiary plant near the back of the garden center.

3-28-14MDRGC 047




 Edible Gardening

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 081

Join the food revolution and grow your own vegetables, herbs, fruit and citrus.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 090

The Beauty of Flowers

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 075

New deliveries of plants arrive daily so stop in often to see what’s new.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 026

(Below) And while you’re here, ask one of our design experts how you can create a beautiful home and garden.

bathroomsink 027

(Below) Thanks again to everyone who attended our free special event last Friday. We hope you enjoyed hearing music in the garden center as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 073

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 070

mdrgc4-11-14muswic+ 029


Sound Plant Advice: Spring Means Color, Growing Edibles, Planting Privacy Hedges, Roses and More

We’re pleased to announce a special event at the garden center Friday, April 11, when, from 1 to 5 p.m., a talented musical ensemble will deliver “Sound Plant Advice.” Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for details.

4-4-14MDRGC 028

What colors do you like? Introduce colors and textures to your garden now with variegated foliage,

(Above) This gorgeous Peony is one of the specially selected varieties that will grow and re-bloom in our mild Southern California climate! Our one and only shipment has arrived: Don’t wait to plant this stunning plant that  not only looks beautiful in the garden but also makes a great cut flower!

(Below) Alstromeria is a long-blooming perennial plant that’s suitable for full sun to part shade. Its flower also makes for a long-lasting cut flower. Scroll down this page to see an Alstromeria with variegated foliage.

4-4-14MDRGC 037

(Below) Succulents offer a wide variety of colors, looks and textures for in home and outside. Ask one of our design expertsSteve, CJ or Roger–how you can get creative and pair succulents with other plants.

4-4-14MDRGC 021

Boxwoods in the Landscape

4-4-14MDRGC 012

Immediate Privacy Hedges

4-4-14MDRGC 008

Need some immediate privacy from a neighbor’s balcony? Want to create a nice-looking barrier or fence or border in your yard?

(Above) Boungainvillea on a 5-foot by 5-foot trellis is grown and ready to help you have some beautiful privacy! All you need is full sun and a pretty new pot to put it in.

(Below) This white Potato Vine is already grown and ready to provide privacy! It also loves sun and is on a 5-foot by 5-foot trellis. 

4-4-14MDRGC 009

Variegated Alstromeria

4-4-14MDRGC 016

Garden Vignettes

4-4-14MDRGC 038

(Above and below) Use garden benches and tables to create appealing sitting areas in your outdoor areas. The table below is beautifully crafted with inlaid tile and includes three curved benches. It’s one of three table sets we’ve just received in different designs.

4-4-14MDRGC 033

Stay Warm

4-4-14MDRGC 004

(Above) Our Chimineas are available with everything you need to stay safe and have fun! Stands, screens and top covers to put out the fire are fitted to each design.

Patio Azaleas

4-4-14MDRGC 014

(Above) Add some beauty to your patio (or any outdoor living space) with Tree Azaleas. Japanese Maples, like the red one in the foreground, make great companions. Ask CJ, Roger or Steve what other plants work well with Azaleas. They can also show you the containers and soils best suited for these plants.

Raised Vegetable Beds and Edibles

4-4-14MDRGC 001

(Above) This 4 by 4 raised vegetable bed is ready to take home in your truck but we deliver, too, if you’d like! Ask us how you can have a vegetable or herb garden, even in a small space! We’re your gardening experts!

(Below) Our plants are the healthiest around! They arrive with buds, blooms… and this plant arrived with a nearly full-grown artichoke!

4-4-14MDRGC 005