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Sound Plant Advice: Spring Means Color, Growing Edibles, Planting Privacy Hedges, Roses and More

We’re pleased to announce a special event at the garden center Friday, April 11, when, from 1 to 5 p.m., a talented musical ensemble will deliver “Sound Plant Advice.” Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for details.

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What colors do you like? Introduce colors and textures to your garden now with variegated foliage,

(Above) This gorgeous Peony is one of the specially selected varieties that will grow and re-bloom in our mild Southern California climate! Our one and only shipment has arrived: Don’t wait to plant this stunning plant that  not only looks beautiful in the garden but also makes a great cut flower!

(Below) Alstromeria is a long-blooming perennial plant that’s suitable for full sun to part shade. Its flower also makes for a long-lasting cut flower. Scroll down this page to see an Alstromeria with variegated foliage.

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(Below) Succulents offer a wide variety of colors, looks and textures for in home and outside. Ask one of our design expertsSteve, CJ or Roger–how you can get creative and pair succulents with other plants.

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Boxwoods in the Landscape

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Immediate Privacy Hedges

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Need some immediate privacy from a neighbor’s balcony? Want to create a nice-looking barrier or fence or border in your yard?

(Above) Boungainvillea on a 5-foot by 5-foot trellis is grown and ready to help you have some beautiful privacy! All you need is full sun and a pretty new pot to put it in.

(Below) This white Potato Vine is already grown and ready to provide privacy! It also loves sun and is on a 5-foot by 5-foot trellis. 

4-4-14MDRGC 009

Variegated Alstromeria

4-4-14MDRGC 016

Garden Vignettes

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(Above and below) Use garden benches and tables to create appealing sitting areas in your outdoor areas. The table below is beautifully crafted with inlaid tile and includes three curved benches. It’s one of three table sets we’ve just received in different designs.

4-4-14MDRGC 033

Stay Warm

4-4-14MDRGC 004

(Above) Our Chimineas are available with everything you need to stay safe and have fun! Stands, screens and top covers to put out the fire are fitted to each design.

Patio Azaleas

4-4-14MDRGC 014

(Above) Add some beauty to your patio (or any outdoor living space) with Tree Azaleas. Japanese Maples, like the red one in the foreground, make great companions. Ask CJ, Roger or Steve what other plants work well with Azaleas. They can also show you the containers and soils best suited for these plants.

Raised Vegetable Beds and Edibles

4-4-14MDRGC 001

(Above) This 4 by 4 raised vegetable bed is ready to take home in your truck but we deliver, too, if you’d like! Ask us how you can have a vegetable or herb garden, even in a small space! We’re your gardening experts!

(Below) Our plants are the healthiest around! They arrive with buds, blooms… and this plant arrived with a nearly full-grown artichoke!

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