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Spring Planting: Fuchsias, Marigolds, Salvias, Bougainvilla, Blueberry Bushes, Roses, Redbud Trees

Spring is in full bloom at the garden center, so do visit to see all of the beautiful plants you can add to your garden.

We also have a great selection of vegetables, herbs, citrus and fruit trees that include lemons, limes, oranges, peaches, cherries, squash, eggplant, rhubarb, cucumber, lettuce, kale, cauliflower, watermelon, potatoes, corn, basil, oregano, garlic, onions, chives, strawberries and much more.

(Below) Suitable for shady areas and available to plant in ground, containers and hanging baskets, the Fuchsia offers stunning beauty.

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If you missed sound artist Chris Kallmyer’s musical presentation Friday, check out our Facebook page for a brief video of bird sounds.

(Below) Chris and a Marina del Rey Garden Center visitor check out the many options for plants that attract hummingbirds. Stop in to ask one of our garden design experts CJ, Roger or Steve for more guidance on bringing out the best in your garden.

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Blueberry Bushes

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Now is the time to plant any one of the 6-8 varieties of Blueberry bushes we carry. The bushes are so popular we can barely keep enough in stock. Our varieties do exceptionally well in Southern California and can be grown in ground or containers. You just need sun, and do ask about the proper soil amendment to plant them with.


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Roses can be grown in all sorts of spaces, from on a deck or balcony to in ground or trained to cascade over a fence or wall.

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Terracotta containers are a great look with roses. In addition to a huge selection of terracotta containers, we have additional designs that boast bright colors, textures, designs, earth tones, basic black and white pots and contemporary cement planters.




Container Gardening

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Planting in containers is lots of fun and a great way to add color to your outdoor living space. Steve, CJ and Roger, our design experts, can help you select the right plants for sunny and shady areas, as well as the best soil so your plants thrive.

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 (Above and below) Boxwoods also make great patio plants and nice small hedge and bedding area borders so be sure to check out our huge selection of this prized topiary plant near the back of the garden center.

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 Edible Gardening

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Join the food revolution and grow your own vegetables, herbs, fruit and citrus.

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The Beauty of Flowers

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New deliveries of plants arrive daily so stop in often to see what’s new.

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(Below) And while you’re here, ask one of our design experts how you can create a beautiful home and garden.

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(Below) Thanks again to everyone who attended our free special event last Friday. We hope you enjoyed hearing music in the garden center as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

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