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Spring Into Fun and Color in the Garden; Prepare For Outdoor Living and Entertaining

Spring brings flowers into full bloom, and the Marina del Rey Garden Center is ablaze in a colorful 2+ acres of unique, unusual, exotic, tropical, and edible plants.

MDRGC4-25-14 022

(Above) Joseph’s Coat climbing rose is a very striking rose, with its medium sized, semi-double blooms of cherry-red, overlaid, shaded and blended with gold. It’s a continuous kaleidoscope of colors set against green apple foliage.

MDRGC4-25-14 037

(Above and below) Brugsmansia, aka Angel’s Trumpet, features large, fragrant flowers that are pendulous. This semi-woody shrub or tree typically sports many-branched trunks.

Ask one of our design experts Steve, CJ or Roger for their professional expertise–they can help you locate a plant where it will grow best and provide planting tips, including recommending the proper soils and fertilizers to give your plant the healthiest start possible.

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(Below) Tuck a reflecting gazing ball into your landscape. Our gazing balls come in several colors, including mosaics.

MDRGC4-25-14 133

Create a feast for the eyes in your garden! (Below) The hues of color on the foliage of Heavenly Bamboo wow the eye when Bougainvillea is mixed in.

MDRGC4-25-14 015

Spring Into Fun With Vertical Gardening

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We’re pleased to offer an artistic way to garden in small spaces. Our just-in vertical gardening boxes come in different sizes so you can plant the garden you want. Mount them on a wall or fence or simply prop them up against another supportive object.

You can plant your own, we can custom plant one for you or select one of our pre-planted boxes.

Fun at the Garden Center

MDRGC4-25-14 103

The little ones definitely have fun exploring the garden center (above).

More New Arrivals

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(Above) Daylilies are here!

(Below) We have a large selection of one-gallon Salvias in blue, pink and other gorgeous colors.

MDRGC4-25-14 110

MDRGC4-25-14 125

(Above and below) Poppies add bright color to the garden. Plant them in ground or in containers.

MDRGC4-25-14 123

 (Below) Bearded Iris

MDRGC4-25-14 138

(Below) Love hummingbirds?! We sure do! Ask CJ, Steve or Roger how you can attract hummingbirds to your garden. We have the plants, bird feeders and nectar that will bring these delightful creatures into your world!

MDRGC4-25-14 139

(Below) There’s nothing like a colorful array of flowers in bloom! Add color to your outdoor living environment with the trusty ever-blooming daisy.

MDRGColdercam4-25-14 018

(Below) Mandevilla in bloom offers a translucent pink flower. Ours are budded up and ready to add beauty to your life.

MDRGC4-25-14 105

 Containers, Fountains, Dahlias, Japanese Maples,Kangaroo Paws, and Other “Proven Winners”

MDRGC4-25-14 124

(Below) Dahlia

MDRGColdercam4-25-14 034

MDRGC4-25-14 003

(Above and below) Japanese Maples provide grace and beauty.

MDRGC4-25-14 048

(Below) Kangaroo Paws

MDRGC4-25-14 043

(Below) Our hummingbird feeders are designed to attract these special creatures.

MDRGC4-25-14 011

MDRGC4-25-14 128

Groundcover Flats

MDRGC4-25-14 130

More Roses

MDRGC4-25-14 021

MDRGC4-25-14 025


MDRGC4-25-14 096


Our Succulent selection provides an incredible range of choices. Ask us how you can pair Succulents with other plants in the garden and containers.

MDRGC4-25-14 006

MDRGC4-25-14 049

Succulents are great for planting in containers.

MDRGColdercam4-25-14 029

We invite you to experience the wonderful world of gardening and outdoor living at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. We have friendly plant experts,  a large and diverse plant selection on 2+ acres, tons of containers and fountains, and everything you need to have fun in the garden this spring and summer!