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The Best of Spring and Summer: Dahlias, Canna Lilies, Tomatoes, Corn, Kumquats, Ornamental Grasses, Bromeliads, Garden Accents

It’s time for outdoor gatherings, graduations, celebrations, Father’s Day, garden parties, family get-togethers. Here are some ideas for freshening your home and garden.

(Below) Dinner Plate Dahlias are as large as dinner plates and are a stunning conversation piece in any garden. Dahlias bloom through summer and since the plant is a bulb, you’ll have more beautiful flowers every year.

photo (28)

(Below) For decorative foliage and showstopping flowers, Canna Lilies are a great choice. Their exotic foliage combines beautifully with many plants in containers and the garden. They’re a mainstay in shady summer gardens, producing brilliant flowers throughout the summer.

5-23-14mdrgccathy 015

5-23-14mdrgccathy 016

Ornamental Grasses

5-23-14mdrgccathy 012

(Above and below) The popularity of Ornamental Grasses continues to rise as gardeners discover the striking effects that can be created with these plants. Ornamental Grasses are being used to replace water-thirsty lawns as well as in borders and plant beds. When their long plumes sway in the breeze, the effect is a soothing look at nature. We’ve just received a large selection of these Grasses.

5-23-14mdrgccathy 011

Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit, Citrus and Fruit Trees

(Below) Kumquat Trees

5-23-14mdrgccathy 003

Our edible selection is expansive, and we pride ourselves on not only having the best plants but also a large variety that includes unusual and hard-to-find favorites. Of course, we also stock basics such as tomatoes (below), corn (below) and lettuce.

5-23-14mdrgccathy 004

5-23-14mdrgccathy 005

Bromeliads: Stunning Indoor Plants

5-23-14mdrgccathy 025

(Above) Check out our new small containers inside the store where you’ll also see our stunning collection of indoor Bromeliads. There are countless ways to refresh your home and garden with indoor plants and garden accents.

5-23-14mdrgccathy 024

(Below) One of our fun new containers is shown with Kalanchoe.

5-23-14mdrgccathy 026

 More Garden Accents

5-23-14mdrgccathy 023

 Excellent Customer Service

5-23-14mdrgccathy 031

We are ready to help you load up your car. Or, if you prefer, we offer a delivery service.

 Summer Parties, Summer Fun

Stop in to see our huge inventory of plants, fountains, statuary, containers and more on our 2+ acres. Turn your gatherings or quiet time into a place of beauty.


Summer Fun Is Here: Let the Garden Party Start Now With Bamboo Furniture and Get Your Outdoor Living On!

Let the summer fun begin with new outdoor living furniture! In addition to more traditional benches and tables, we’ve just received a selection of bamboo furniture you’re sure to love.

photo (21)

(Above and below) This curved bamboo bench accented with a blue bamboo stool and wire tables will turn your casual space into dazzling! Who wouldn’t want to sit here and just enjoy the view!

photo 1 (2)

(Below) If you’re looking for year-round outdoor garden benches, our inlaid tile and cement benches and table sets are your go to. We have curved and straight styles that sit on sturdy decorative legs.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 191

(Below) Our new bamboo collection offers director’s chairs in different heights and styles with tables and footstools to match.

photo 1 (3)

Add decorative hanging pots and baskets, wall art, a tabletop fountain, ceramic stools/tables and let the fun begin! Get ready for the long Memorial Day weekend now.

(Below) Make a splash with this turtle bench, legs included!

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 199

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 078(Below) Commonly called a Dragon Tree, a Dracaena can be planted in the ground or in a container.

photo 4 (1)(Below) Indoor plants and accents such as toss pillows, small plants in containers that fit on tabletops, tabletop fountains, candles, indoor plants in decorative containers, hanging tillandsias and bromeliads, wall art, small statuary and other touches can turn a living space into a place for reflection, gathering and entertaining.

photo 2 (2)

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (1)

photo 3 (2)(Below) A Dragon Tree cuts a striking figure against the blue sky. Place one poolside, on a patio, in an entryway, in the landscape.

photo 5(Below) Our lightweight red, white and black designer containers are perfect for areas where you don’t want a heavy pot, making them great for decks and balconies.

photo (22)(Below) We take great pride in offering the best products. Ask one of our design experts Steve, CJ and Roger for assistance. They can help with you with everything from plants to soils to fountains to containers to benches to statuary to home and garden accents. And, if you need help getting your goods home, our delivery service is available.

4-4-14MDRGC 033



Happy Memorial Day!

Stop in on Monday, May 26 from 11 2 p.m. for free hot dogs and beverages. It’s our way of thanking you, our loyal customers, for allowing us to be your garden center!


We extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country!

Stay Cool in Your Garden Oasis: Water, Blue, Green, Plants Create a Soothing Environment Indoors and Out

Warm weather makes gardening fun, and when temperatures go even higher, turning an eye to creating a cool home or outdoor living area will help you beat the heat.

There are all sorts of ways to craft a breezy interior, a fun patio or deck, a poolside respite. Stop in today to ask one of our garden design expertsSteve, CJ and Roger–how you can create a soothing escape to use now and when the summer months arrive.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 002

(Above) Water features like a fountain immediately lower the temps and set the stage for relaxation and fun. Pots in soothing tones, colors and textures can add a pleasing effect indoors and out.

(Below) The graceful Lily of the Nile turns heads with its slender green spikes that open to reveal brilliant blues ranging from azure to cobalt to midnight. Agapanthus also comes in white, and will dazzle your landscape throughout summer.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 086

(Below) Another easy garden activity in the heat is to find some great garden accents. How about a pig who basks in the sun? His cuteness is bound to put a smile on the face of all who see him.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 188

(Above) Our frog fountain is a crowd-pleaser, too. Why not join these two frogs for some meditation?

Our in-stock fountain selection is diverse and includes small tabletop fountains, lightweight wall-mounted fountains, colorful ceramic fountains and much more. We buy from top-quality manufacturers.  If you can’t fit an item in your car, we offer delivery service.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 031(Above) Bottlebrush makes an excellent garden plants and gets its name due to its cylindrical, brush like flowers that resemble a traditional bottle brush. The flowers on this woody shrub are spectacular as well as irresistible to nectar-feeding birds. We also have the wonderful Dwarf Bottlebrush, which makes a great hedge or fits in a smaller space than its full-grown counterpart.

Privacy hedges come in handy and we have many plants on trellises ready to provide instant privacy. Group one or more together AND enjoy the flowers cascading from them. Some of our varieties include Cape Honeysuckle, Star Jasmine and Trumpet Vines.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 098

(Below) Ask one of our design experts how to use plants to highlight colors and texture in the garden. When a breeze blows, isn’t it a wonder of nature to see tufts of grass or a plant’s leaves moving as the air embraces and winds it way through them.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 043(Below) A Pelican enjoys his perch as he surveys the garden center. Rabbits, a tortoise, puppies, and religious statuary are just a few of the garden accents you can add to your home or garden.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 203(Below) You can also attract live birds and butterflies to your garden with plants known to bring wildlife to city streets. Buddleia, aka Butterfly Bush, is beautiful and the butterflies will appreciate having some food.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 030(Below) Meditating Frogs are nothing but fun! Your friends and family will love these guys! In addition to the garden critters you can have fun with, turtles on a wall, poolside or otherwise, will put the reminders of nature all around you and your guests.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 186

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 078(Below) Poolside, in the garden or in an outdoor living area, this turtle bench is the perfect spot to take a seat.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 199 (Below) Put a potted Greek Basil Tree inside, outside, near the pool…anywhere it can get the sun it needs. These are super cute and like the one seen in Sunset Magazine.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 167(Below) Rock n Roll Alstromeria is just one of the many unusual plants we have. With a variegated foliage and crisp stunning flower, this plant is ready to enliven your landscape.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 116(Below) These containers look heavy but they’re not. Made of fiberglass (think Corvette), they are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for decks. They’re ultra-modern and ultra-chic no matter where you use them.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 082

More Plants

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 042(Above) Boxwoods can be used to great appeal in the garden. Short hedges, topiary styles, globes and spiral shapes add visual appeal.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 004(Above) Plant roses now to enjoy them throughout summer! We have a large selection of in-bloom roses, so stop in to select the ones you’d like in your landscape.

(Below) Vines make great privacy hedges and look beautiful at the same time! They can be grown on trellises, walls, fences and arbors. Ask Steve, CJ or Roger for assistance.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 014

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 017

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 147

Bedding Plants

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 165

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 153

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 164

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 133

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 141

Intriguing Gardens

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 191Objects in the garden can help draw the eye to specific areas you’d like to highlight. Not only are benches a place to sit and contemplate and enjoy one’s surroundings, they, too, can be strategically placed for maximum visual appeal.

(Below) Coreopsis do well in sun and stand out in any landscape or outdoor living area.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 156(Below) Phormiums, aka Flax, and Cordyline add visual intrigue to gardens with their dynamic colors.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 023

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 022

(Below) Planters are another way to add visual appeal to front walkways, entryways, patios, and the garden. We can custom plant a container of your choice so please ask us about this service.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 168

More Garden Art

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 181

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 212

Indoor Art

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 072Warm temperatures outside mean now’s the time to create a cool indoor space with lush greenery and colorful blooms. Small, simple additions can revive and make fresh a “blah” or “so so” living space.

Potted indoor plants, signs, mirrors, lamps, vases, wall fountains, coat or key hooks, book ends–small touches can create a new feel.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 068

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 055

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 054

Raised Vegetable Beds

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 208

Our Popular Turtles

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 216Kids and adults love our lifelike turtles!

Prepare for outdoor living and entertaining now by planting privacy hedges and adding vignettes and sitting areas to your garden. Add a statue, fountain or garden accent to draw the eye to a new custom planted pot or a Boxwood topiary positioned in your landscape. Ask us how.

We’re here to help you enjoy the best the outdoors offers and to help you have pleasing indoor spaces.

Gifts, Decorative Design Ideas, Beautiful Perennials, Meandering Pathways for Strolling the Garden

Mother’s Day is here Sunday, May 11, and we have no shortage of gifts for the beautiful mom in your life, including the best perennials, roses, citrus, orchids, vegetables, vines, herbs, succulents, bromeliads, fountains, statuary, table sets, benches, containers, and soil amendments.

Stop in to consult one of our design experts CJ, Steve and Roger. We’re friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help you!


If you don’t know what to get mom, send her your love with a Marina del Rey Garden Center gift card: it never expires and has zero, nada, no extra or additional fees. What you spend is always its value.


Spring is a wonderful time at the garden center. In addition to our large plant selection, our 2+ acres also house hardscape materials you can use to create pathways and visual appeal in your garden.


(Above) Glass pebbles create a colorful contrast when used with other hardscape materials. We have decorative glass pebbles in a variety of colors.


(Above) Mexican Beach Pebbles surround stepping stone pavers next to a dry river rock bed. We have black and mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles as well as decorative rock in Parchment and Patagonia.

(Below) Patagonia


(Below) Parchment is used in a landscape.


(Below) Our Decorative Landscape Rock display is designed to help you select the materials you need to fashion your project. We also have built a display so be sure to look for it at the top of the driveway where you first enter the garden center.


(Below) Our small bags of decorative glass pebbles are perfect for getting creative. Place them in vases, a pot, a fountain. The options are endless!






(Below) Create your own art using the glass pebbles.




 (Below) California GoldOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(Below) Mexican Beach Pebbles Mixed


Perennials and Other Beautiful Plants



(Above) Spanish Lavender

Stop in today to see all of the gorgeous plants we have in stock. New plants arrive daily so visit frequently to discover the gems you want in your garden.