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A Garden of Sweet Plumeria; Carnivorous Plants; Put Beneficial Insects on Your Team to Eliminate Garden Pests

What is it about Plumeria (below) that draws us to it? Perhaps its long association with Hawaii, the welcoming Hawaiian Lei and association with tropical paradises that call us to this stunning plant.


(Above and below) Our first Plumeria delivery of the season has just arrived, and we have a gorgeous selection of pink, white and yellow flowering plants. Sizes range from an 18-inch box tree 7- to 8-feet tall with multiple branches to specimens in 1-gallon containers.


(Above and below) Plumeria take full sun on the coast and need partial shade in inland areas. Ask one of our design experts Steve, Roger or CJ for details on how to plant in ground or containers.


Eliminate Bad Garden Bugs Naturally


Is your garden being eaten alive by “bad” bugs? Stop in to discover our refrigerator full of Natural Gardening remedies–basically, good bugs that will go to battle to stamp out the bad bugs.

(Below) A longtime customer exults at her “natural” finds! Not only did she find Milkweed, aka Asclepia, she found the variety that’s native to Los Angeles County as well as other Milkweed plants.

Then, on top of that good fortune, she got the added bonus of a young praying mantid (a good “beneficial” bug, mind you) on her Milkweed. (We won’t mention that she’s such an avid outdoors lover that she had a container for insects in her car, which is how she transported the praying mantid home with her.)

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(Below) Our full line of beneficial insects includes Praying Mantids, Lady Bugs, Beneficial Nematodes, and Earthworms, all alive, of course!



In addition to gardeners, kids love our beneficial insects, which are a great way to introduce them to some of the fun of gardening.

(Below) Earthworms help enrich and aerate your garden soil.




Carnivorous Plants

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 (Above) Carnivorous Plants are another fun way to involve kids and adults in the wonders of nature!