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Have A Pest-Free, Natural Garden By Using Beneficial Insects and Worms–Lady Bugs, Praying Mantids, Earthworms, Trichogramma

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy, or at least it should be as we step outside to enjoy the warmer weather.


And while it’s still a good time to plant and there are simple and small ways you can keep your green thumb digging in the dirt, it’s also time to keep your plants healthy and safe from pests like the caterpillar below.


So, get on your mark and set free all of the beneficial pests that will rid your garden of the bugs you don’t want: aphids, caterpillars (ab0ve) and other moth eggs, tomato horn worms, and the like.



(Above and below) Lady Bugs will eat your aphids, mites, thrips, scale and many other soft-bodied insects and add color and fun to your garden. Who doesn’t delight at the sight of one of these little guys!


At the Marina del Rey Garden Center, we carry everything you need to control pests safely, effectively and naturally. Our Lady Bugs, Praying Mantids, Beneficial Nematodes, Trichogramma and Earth Worms will get the job done in a way that is safe for the planet and safe for people and pets.


Beneficial Nematodes will get rid of fungus gnats, beetles, weevils and soil-dwelling pests, including grubs.

Trichogramma will kill tomato horn worms, caterpillars and other moth eggs, ridding your plants of the pests that can spoil your harvest.

As all-purpose guardians of the garden, Praying Mantids (on T-shirt below) feed on a variety of insects, including moths, crickets, grasshoppers and flies.


Earth Worms are another source of good in the garden: They will help improve your soil as they burrow into the ground 24/7, bringing oxygen to plant roots and breaking down organic material into nutrients. Their castings are loaded with nutrients that release slowly into your soil and won’t burn roots.


Natural gardening is important: Folks who were able to attend the HoneyLove Pollination Workshop held at the garden center on Saturday learned about the bees’ precious eco-system and why we need bees.

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Ask one of our design experts, Steve, CJ and Roger, about natural organic gardening and how you can help the environment.

Even though it’s summer, you can start an edible garden of any size right now. (Below) Eggplant is a delicious plant you can grow in your garden.

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(Below) Citrus is a great plant to have in the garden. How wonderful to have fresh limes or lemons for a squeeze of fresh juice in a marinade, glass of tea or recipe!

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(Below) And those of us who want a fun way to grow herbs, vegetables or succulents can use a variety of planters we have in stock.

mdrgcBees7-12-14 030

(Below) It’s never too early to bring youngsters to the garden center to become acquainted with nature. As you can see (below), our roses are in bloom and we have lots of plants on our 2+ acres.

mdrgcBees7-12-14 010

We also have a huge selection of terracotta, which will look great with citrus, herbs, vegetables, tomatoes, and other great plants. Ask CJ, Steve and Roger for assistance. They can tell you if a plant is suitable for a container and tell you all about potting soils. We have the best!

mdrgcBees7-12-14 028(Below) Stop in and let us help you craft your garden experience. We can custom plant containers for you or you can select from our Succulent Containers (last two photos, below). We’re always crafting new ones, and they go quickly, so hurry in!


mdrgcBees7-12-14 033

mdrgcBees7-12-14 031

See you soon at the Marina del Rey Garden Center! We hope you’re having a wonderful summer!