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Summer in the Garden: Edibles, Salvias, Native Plants, Penstemon, Grasses, Succulents, Roses

Summer in the garden can be many things–a time to enjoy dynamic oranges, pinks, and reds–a time to gather outdoors for summer parties–a time to tiki up–a time to turn to succulents and grasses–a time to plant our edible gardens–a time to go electric in blue!

(Below) Penstemon


As gardeners know, there’s always something to do in a garden, from trimming away spent flowers to re-conditioning soil to adding nutrients to planting something new. Ask our designs experts, Steve, CJ and Roger, for planting tips, including what soil amendments to add, how to give your plants nutrients, and how to give them the best start possible.


(Above) A homeowner has used a mix of colorful California native and Mediterranean plants to line this sun/shade passageway leading to the back garden: Mendocino Reed Grass, Manzanita, Penstemon, Thyme, Catmint and Monkeyflower.

Naturescapes like the ones on this page call for touches of colors and plants that are very beneficial for the planet and environment, including Milkweed (below), the plant Monarch butterflies rely on for food.

mdrgc6-22-14 008

Lantana (below) is also another fun and colorful plant that adds visual appeal to a summer garden.

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Roses are another plant that can add instant color to your garden, and now, while they’re in bloom, is the perfect time to decide which rose bushes you’d like to have.

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(Above) Roses come in tree form and can be trained to grow over entryways, garage doors, gates, fences, walls and the like. Ask Roger, CJ or Steve for assistance. They’ll know what your project needs, and can show you trellises, arbors, soils and more.


(Above) This front yard showcases pink Gaura lindheimeri and red kangaroo paws, great plants for summer, and includes crape myrtles and feathery green Chilean mesquite that help screen the house from street.

(Below) An attractive water-wise parkway garden. (Second photo below) A new garden design turns an office strip mall in Manhattan Beach into a beautiful water-wise garden. Ask CJ, Roger or Steve for help designing yours.



valerie'ssoigarden5-17-14 001

(Below) Edible gardens can be grown year-round, and add their own distinct charm to the landscape.


Gardens are also great places for whimsy, regardless of the materials used and space available. Let your creativity flow!

(Below) Here are two examples.


(Above) This garden shed roof has become a succulent garden!

(Below) This gardener has taken some unusual items and crafted a small space garden.



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