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Pumpkins for Halloween & Fall, Scarecrows, Special Talavera Pottery, Camellias and More

We have a lot going on at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, including a new award to add to our list. Thanks to everyone who helped make us the No. 1 Best Nursery/Garden Center in The Argonaut NewsBest of the Westside 2014.


Right now, our Pumpkin Patch is drawing folks in for photos, pumpkins and fall fun! Check out our displays to get ideas on how to decorate your home and garden for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.


(Below) Our first shipment of Camellias has arrived! These beautiful plants are highly prized in the garden, with remarkable flowers in a variety of forms, including single, semi-double, double, rose form, formal double and other forms.


Camellias can be planted in ground or in containers. They have specific soil requirements so ask us for assistance.


(Below) Two of the most popular Camellias are Nuccio’s Gem and Nuccio’s Pearl. We have these stunning plants in stock.



Pumpkin Patch Time!


Bring the kids in so they can have the experience of selecting their own pumpkin! We have carving kits so you can go home and start to carve your Jack O’ Lantern!



(Below) Our Pumpkin Patch includes a few spots for taking photos., or resting.


(Below) And Tweet us your photos @MarinaGardenCen or post them to our Facebook page.


New Talavera Pottery


(Below) Step inside our store to find fun home decor items and gifts. Indoor plants are another great way to change the ambience in your home.



Organic Potting Soil


Our Master Nursery Organic Potting Soil Gardener’s Gold has been re-formulated to give your plants the best soil amendment possible! This nutrient-rich soil now has more sandy loam and less fir bark–all at the same great price!

Pumpkins, Carving Kits, Scarecrows, Gargoyles, and More Just in Time for Halloween

The famous, fun-filled Marina del Rey Garden Center Pumpkin Patch has more pumpkins, scarecrows, gargoyles, spiders, skeletons and scary stuff to make your fall Halloween/Thanksgiving season everything you want it to be!

Bring the kids in or out of costume and your camera to capture their romping around inside our Pumpkin Patch! We’ve even created sitting areas so you can pose for photos!

15292683646_10bbc84d67_zAnd we have plenty of scary gargoyles and the like you’ll want to take home with you for the scary haunt you create at home.

15129144918_5372dbd68a_zLittle ones love to roam the Pumpkin Patch! Be sure to bring your camera.

mdrgcpumpkinpatchkidIn addition to pumpkins, we’ve got all sorts of pumpkin candle holders, scarecrows, and fall plants like Mums to decorate your home for the season.


mdrgcpumpkinpatchtoddlerOur Pumpkins come in all sizes, with ones small enough for little hands. (Below) The Pumpkin varieties we have include Trickster, Wee Be Little, Mini, White, Jarrahdale, Tiger and Jackpot, among others!

15129013139_62f2d16717_zAnd, of course, we have Pumpkin Carving Kits made for kids!


Full Service, Full Selection of Plants

15292619826_3ec77c5291_zOur operations team can help you load your vehicle, and we also offer a delivery service.

Right now, lots of customers are planting Citrus, trees, and shrubs in containers either because they don’t have the ground space or want to freshen up a patio, entryway, deck or balcony. Stop in today to see our enormous selection of pots.


15315627725_cce45c74f8_z(Below) We carry containers that look are gorgeous and look supper heavy but are actually so light they’re easy to carry.

15128883019_7577bcd0a9_zBut, again, our operations team is ready to hoist your new container and pack it into your vehicle.


Stunning New Pedestals

IMG_5942Our garden design accents can enhance your outdoor living area and garden.

(Below) A Pelican hangs out as gardeners select their plants. Our selection of one-gallon plants and smaller is large.



15129202277_ee2c4a49ef_zStop in today to fashion your own unique succulent garden or container.

Colorful Vines



 Roses Still Available!

15315707015_c33705ec4d_z (1)

Gracious Indoor Living


Inside our store you’ll find lots of magic, including home decor and seasonal items you won’t want to miss! There’s something for everyone!

Fountains, Pedestals, Containers, Citrus, Bougainvillea, Boxwoods, Vegetable Beds and More

Our Pumpkin Patch for 2014 debuts this week! Stop in soon for prime pumpkin picking and photo opps, then stroll our grounds to see everything that’s new for fall!

Water Fountains in the Landscape

Adding a water fountain to your garden or living area will bring hours of pleasure. The soothing sound of flowing water creates an air of relaxation that is unparalleled.

Our fountains are self-contained; simply plug them into an outlet, fill with water, and then the pump recirculates the water.


A well-placed fountain can transform an ordinary backyard, balcony, patio, or courtyard into a relaxing outdoor retreat. The restorative sound and hypnotizing movement of trickling water can be yours indoors and out thanks to our large in-stock fountain selection.


Ask one of our design experts, CJ or Steve, to help you select your fountain. They can also help you create a lush area using plants in containers.

(Below) We’ve just received a new shipment of our popular Boxwoods, which make great focal points and work well in containers or in ground.


Ask Steve or CJ about how to use pedestals, containers, fountains and plants for privacy, too. They can help you design your oasis.


Raised Wooden Vegetable Beds


Our redwood vegetable beds are pre-assembled, ready to go and look great! Stop in to get your edible garden going! Ask us how: It’s simple.

More Fountains





Fountain styles are as diverse as people! We have tiered, contemporary, architectural and classic fountains, all in stock!






Plants on trellises make instant privacy hedges. Stop in to talk to us about creating privacy using plants, including shrubs, trees, vines, and citrus–in ground or in containers.

(Below) Our operations team is ready to load you up! We also have a delivery service.


Ornamental Grasses


Go Lush and Colorful



We’re here to help you have the best garden possible. Stop in today to see what our 2+ acres holds. We have everything you need and the expertise to make it happen


Camellias, Pumpkins, Seeds, Shrubs and Trees, Privacy Hedges, Vegetables, Ornamental Grasses, Shade Plants

Camellias produce one of nature’s most beautiful flowers. The bloom season varies, with Sasanquas blooming now through December, generally speaking, and Japonicas blooming January into April. We’re placing our order for these gems now and will have them in stock soon.


Are you ready for Pumpkins?! Ours arrive the week of Sept. 16. Stop in to select from a variety of Pumpkins, and bring the camera so you can take photos of your Pumpkin hunters!


(Below) The new 2015 line of seeds from Botanical Interests are here. Be sure to check out the diverse range and detailed packaging. Ask CJ or Steve any questions you may have.


Trees, Shrubs, Privacy Hedges


(Above and below) Ask us to show you which trees and shrubs make great hedges. We can tell you how quickly a plant grows, how wide it will get, what soil or amendment to plant with… Basically, everything you need to know, including what plants are suitable for planing in containersHedges can add visual style and appeal to a landscape while keeping your area more private.


 (Below) There are countless plants suitable for use as a hedge. Have fun selecting the look you want.




 (Below) Plants can even be planted in containers and used as privacy hedges. These are particularly well-suited for use on a balcony or deck.


Ornamental Grasses


Ornamental Grasses can add a flowing graceful feel. Ask us to help you select some great plants.


 More Plants and Containers


We’re known for our diverse plant selection.





(Below) We’re also known for our customer service. Our operations team members are pros at loading your vehicle. We also offer a delivery service.







Visit us today for all your planting needs. We’re the professional team you want on your side.