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Pumpkins, Halloween Finds, Fall Plants: Fall Is The Best Time For Planting (Ask Us Why!)

Still looking for Halloween tricks, treats and pumpkins?! Our fall decorations are going fast, so c’mon in to find those last-minute pumpkins for carving, decorating your home, or making some delicious pumpkin recipes!


There’s nothing like wandering through our Pumpkin Patch to find the pumpkins you want! We’ve watched countless kids happily peruse our patch, tickled by all of the different sizes and colors, not to mention the straw bales they like to climb.


And if your little one isn’t quite sure what to make of the experience, we’ve got plenty of props and sitting areas in which to officially pose.


Fall Is For Planting


As our hot summer weather turns cooler, now is the best time to plant those shrubs, trees, perennials you’d like to see do really well in spring. (Above) Cape Honeysuckle adds a vibrant orange to the garden. (Below) Ornamental Grasses catch the wind to sway gently in the breeze.



(Below) Ember’s Wish from the Sunset Western Garden Collection is a magnificently colored plant. Plant it, and watch the hummingbirds flock to it!


Kumquats and Other Citrus


(Above and below) Kumquats are here, and now is a great time to stop in to see all of the wonderful fruit and citrus trees we have available. Ask one of our design experts Steve or CJ for assistance. They can help you determine what fruit trees are a good fit for your garden environment, and help you find containers and soils to plant with.


Fun Finds!


Have fun decorating with these unusual plant stands! They’re great indoors and out, and add you can let your creativity flow with the plant selections you add to them.



As always, come take a stroll through the garden center. It’s a great way to reduce stress, enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, and be inspired.



Pumpkin Patch Fun, Cool-Season Vegetables, and All Things Fall Gardening

If you have yet to visit our Pumpkin Patch, now’s the time to don the costumes, round up family and friends, and bring the camera! We have more than eight pumpkin varieties to select from. Some are better for recipes, some for carving! All are great for decorating, and getting in the spirit of fall.


(Above) A cute lass sits atop pumpkins that are just her size.

(Below) How strong are you?! Another Pumpkin Patch visitor is happy with his big choice.


Decorating for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving


(Above and below) Our indoor design team is always crafting fun and eclectic displays to inspire your creativity.


(Above and below) How “Talavera” are you?! The colorful, unique ceramic pumpkins above and the “Day of the Dead” skulls below are hand-painted Talavera Pottery finds from Mexico.


The story behind Talavera Pottery is that Spanish guild artisans of the Colonial period introduced the art of “Talavera” to Mexico, and Mexican artisans then added their own artistic flair to create “Talavera” Pottery.

Mexican Talavera draws its name from the 16th century Spanish pottery center, Talavera de la Reina, and while the intricate polychrome and more typical blue and white designs demonstrate the pottery’s Old World legacy, native floral and animal motifs make these colorful ceramics classically Mexican.

More Pumpkin Patch Happiness


(Above) Another happy youngster in our Pumpkin Patch! Off to her side is a stack of Pumpkins that shows just a few of the different varieties we have.


Cool-Season Vegetables Are Here!


Our cooler weather means it’s time to plant your cool-season vegetables, such as Pak Choi, aka Chinese Cabbage (above), and Swiss Chard (below). You’ll find a variety of cabbages, chards, kales, eggplants and more at the garden center.


(Below) Ever heard of Cheddar Cauliflower?! Well, we have it, and other cauliflower choices. We also have Broccoli, Tomatoes (yes, you can grow them now), Bell Peppers and Peppers, including Fresno Pepper.


(Below) Different varieties of Tomatoes sit adjacent a display of our much-loved redwood raised vegetable beds, which are available in two sizes. Ask one of our garden design experts Steve or CJ for assistance.


(Below) While we don’t know how Berggarten Sage would taste in beer, it does lend incredible flavor to stuffings, bean dishes and jellies, and lamb and pork. It also combines well with Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, savory, rosemary and mint, which you can find at the garden center.


(Below) Microgreens are another cool-season bounty you’ll want to have in your edible garden this fall and winter. We stock all the lettuce varieties you’ll want to grow so stop in to see our large selection.


(Below) Beets


(Below) English Peas


Free Bouncer for Kids Next Weekend

The kids sure had a fun time in our bouncer this past Saturday and Sunday! Join us this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 25 and 26, for our final weekend of free bouncer fun for all!





See you at the garden center!

















Kids Bouncer, Pumpkin Patch, Camellias, Cool Season Vegetables: Get Planting, Jumping, and Ready for Fall


Bring the young ones in to bounce around and have some fun in our Pumpkin Patch! The complimentary bouncer will be here this weekend and next–Saturday and SundayOct. 18 and 19, and Oct. 25 and 26, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.




Cool Season Vegetables

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(Above) Our raised redwood vegetable beds are a great way to plant your vegetables and herbs! Plan and plant your cool season vegetables now.


Even if you prepped your soil for your last crop, you’ll want to prepare your soil again before planting your cool season crops. Use our organic soils for best results.

Bumper Crop and Ocean Forest are superior soils, and we have them in stock!


Bumper Crop

The new 2015 line of Botanical Interests seeds is here. These seeds are nonGMO and the highest quality around. Seedlings are also arriving all the time, if you’d like to plant those.



Camellia Heaven!



It’s easy to see why the Camellia is such a prized plant. We’ve just received this year’s collection so stop in to find the ones you want.


Camellias can be planted solo or in groups. Some landscapes use them as hedges; in others, they are simply placed around the garden.


Sasanqua Camellias typically bloom in the fall, from September through December. Japonica Camellias bloom January through March. Have one of our design experts, CJ or Steve, help you find the ones suited for your planting environment.






There’s much beauty to have in your garden now. Stroll our 2+ acres for the best plants, containers, fountains, statuary, soils and much more.


Pumpkins in our Patch, Spooky Things, Home Decor for Fall and Much More on Our 2+ Acres

Plan now to visit us on two special weekends when we have a free bouncer for kids! The dates are Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 18 and 19, and Oct. 25 and 26, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. bouncerGet in the spirit of fall at the Marina del Rey Garden Center! Our Pumpkin Patch is ready for all ages to find the perfect pumpkin (or two or three…), and we have all sorts of fun items for Halloween, Day of the Dead and fall. (Below) Step inside our store to see cute decorating ideas. We have foggers so you can create your own witches cauldron!


(Below) These one-of-a-kind Talavera Pottery creations are perfect for Day of the Dead celebrations and as year-round home decor. We are always on the lookout for unusual, hard-to-find items so we can bring them to you.


(Below) Just in: Weather-resistant indoor/outdoor art. These gorgeous pieces can be used inside or outdoors, and are full of vibrant color and vivi detail.




(Above and below) Our gift shop offers all sorts of vases, ceramic pottery, glass items, and more so you can add distinctive touches to your home decor.


(Below) Add dynamic color to your home or garden with a colorful container.



New to the store: Mix and match these containers. In addition to the traditional style, we now have containers with long metal slings so you can hang them from a deck, balcony, fence or wall, or from a tree!


(Below) Bring the soothing sound of flowing water into your home. Our fountains use recirculating water.


Looking for a hostess gift? Or small gifts for your friends? Our gift shop has a large selection of cute and fun gifts.


Orange, green, white pumpkins! Skeletons, gargoyles, scarecrows! Plan now to visit the Marina del Rey Garden Center for all things fall, Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos.


We’re your full-service garden center and thank you for your support. Thank you for helping us be the No. 1 garden center/nursery in The Argonaut newspaper’s Best of the Westside 2014.


Stop in today to experience our 2+ acres of trees, perennials, succulents, hard-to-find plants, vines, shrubs, hedge material, herbs, vegetables, citrus, fruit trees, indoor plants, bedding plants, and the best soils and amendments.