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Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees, Fresh-Cut Greens and Wreaths, Poinsettias, Holiday Giftware

The spirit of the holiday season is in full swing at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, where our happy elves and gnomes have been hard at work setting up rows of fresh-cut Christmas trees (below), tables of fresh-cut greens and wreaths (below), and making things look merry and bright.



Poinsettias for the Holidays


We’re receiving weekly deliveries of Poinsettias in all of the dazzling varieties you know and love, including Country Quilt, classic red, and white. Our Poinsettias are ready for gift giving with shiny foil covering their containers (above). They’ll also look great in your home and office!



Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees, Greens, and Wreaths


Our ready-to-go fresh-cut wreaths are really “ready to go.” Just select the ones you want and you’re all set.




 Christmas Trees

Our Noble Firs are fresh-cut from Windy Acres Farm in Oregon, a supplier we use year after year due to their superior quality. We have all sizes, from tabletop to kid-sized to humongous. Picking the perfect Christmas tree is a fun outing at MDRGC. As the scent of trees fills the air, wander our tree forest to find the one just for you.




Our expert staff is ready to help you take your Christmas tree home. Even if it’s raining, we can help you get your tree home safely.









Decorative Reindeer and Deer for the Holidays

We also have just what you’ve been looking for this holiday season: Reindeer and deer in a variety of sizes. The reindeer make a great indoor or outdoor decoration and can be trimmed or placed with other holiday greenery and decor.





More Fun Holiday Trimmings and Decor


Add touches of red and green to your home decor this holiday season.



Light a fire in one of our Chimineas and keep your guests warm.
Light a fire in one of our Chimineas and keep your guests warm.


(Below) Yuletide Camellia makes a great addition to a garden this time of year. Stop in to see our selection, and ask one of our gardening experts CJ or Steve for assistance.





(Below) Our garden center is designed to inspire you. Ornamental Cabbage look great in containers, and we have a large selection.








  Sprucing Up for the Holidays

With the holidays coming, lots of folks are sprucing up their gardens, yards, decks, patios, and balconies. Our Succulent selection is the best around as demonstrated by the plants on this customer’s cart.







Customers are also enjoying planting Violas, Cyclamen and other colorful bedding plants. Grab a container and plant up a few new pots for quick and easy color.


Ask us what soils and soil amendments you should use when planting for the best results.


Gift Ideas

Be sure to stop in to find everything from home decor gifts to gorgeous statuary, garden benches, fountains, containers and plants.

Give the gift of Citrus this holiday season.


Select holiday merchandise inside the store is on sale, including the candle holders below.





The Marina del Rey Garden Center Gift Card is also a great gift. It never expires, and comes with no extra fees attached.


Christmas Trees, Fresh-Cut Wreaths and Greens, Poinsettias, Holiday Gifts

As we approach the holidays and Thanksgiving, the Marina del Rey Garden Center staff thanks you, our loyal customer, for making us the place you shop for your gardening, landscaping and outdoor living/home decor needs.

In observance of Thanksgiving, we are closed on Thursday, Nov. 27, however we are open all other days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Living Christmas trees will add to your holiday season for years to come.
Living Christmas trees will add to your holiday season for years to come.

Stop in now to select a Christmas tree from our living Christmas tree section. And if you’d like to select a fresh-cut Oregon Noble or Grand fir, ours arrive from Oregon Tuesday. Fresh-cut greens will be here on Friday, Nov. 28.


(Above) There’s nothing quite like the scent of fresh-cut greens, so stop in to select some for your home this holiday season.

(Below) Our fresh-cut Christmas trees are treated with great care from the moment they arrive. They’re given another cut and placed in water in stands. Customers remark year after year on the quality of our trees and how long they last!



(Below) Our team is always ready to help you take your tree home. We also offer a delivery service.



Thanksgiving Host Gifts

Going to another home for your Thanksgiving feast?! We have a large selection of gifts for the party host, including hanging succulent arrangements (below), fun small Cacti, gorgeous holiday candle holders, orchids, unique bird houses and much more. Much of our indoor holiday gifts and home decor features reduced pricing.








Home for the Holidays

We’ve found some really great and unusual holiday decor items, including a host of forms made from tree branches. (Below) Tree branches form Christmas trees.


(Below) A bicycle built for you!


(Above and below) Poinsettias add color and warmth to the holiday season.



Reindeer, Christmas Trees, Gnomes and a Train


In addition to small tabletop sized living Christmas trees, we also have cute little mini reindeer (above and below).




Our herd of reindeer also come in larger sizes and statuary (below).


(Below) Our Gnomes are already in the spirit of the holidays!




Poinsettias, Christmas Trees, Holiday Decor, and Succulents

The holiday season is upon us, and the Marina del Rey Garden Center is ready to offer you the best Poinsettias, holiday home decor, holiday gift items, and Christmas trees around!

The Spruces are here! Enjoy a Living Christmas Tree this holiday season, and the next, and next, and... Ours are superior quality.
The Spruces are here! Enjoy a Living Christmas Tree this holiday season, and the next, and next, and… Ours are superior quality.

Living Christmas Trees are already in, and we have a great assortment. Varieties include Alberta Spruce, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Fat Albert Colorado Spruce, and Baby Blue Spruce trees that will look great year after year.

We have Living Christmas trees small enough for tabletops!
We have Living Christmas trees small enough for tabletops!

Poinsettias arrive Tuesday, November 18, so be sure to stop in to see all of the wonderful varieties available. Our Poinsettias and Living Christmas Trees come from highly-regarded growers so you know you’re getting the best plants that will last and thrive. Ask us how you can best take care of these beautiful plants.

Get into the spirit of Christmas now!
Get into the spirit of Christmas now!

Poinsettias really bring the holiday season to life!

Poinsettia red is always a welcome holiday color!
Poinsettia red is always a welcome holiday color!
Pink Poinsettias add a touch of dazzling color to the holiday season!
Pink Poinsettias add a touch of dazzling color to the holiday season!

Camellias, Boxwoods, Junipers, Cypress

Camellias can add color to your garden now! Plant them in ground or in containers. We have Sasanqua Camellias, including the gorgeous Yuletide Camellia (below), which tend to bloom fall into winter, and Japonica Camellias, which tend to bloom in winter.

The Yuletide Camellia's red blossoms add to the festive holiday spirit.
The Yuletide Camellia’s red blossoms add to the festive holiday spirit.

(Below) Putting evergreen plants in containers and positioning them around the home and garden for maximum effect can help turn a “tired” garden into a festive holiday scene sure to please you and anyone who visits your home this holiday season. We have a nice selection of Green Mountain Buxus (aka Boxwoods), Junipers, Cypress, and other green plants that can set your home apart with an exciting, fun holiday feel!

Boxwoods, Junipers and Cypress can make great holiday focal points.
Boxwoods, Junipers and Cypress can make great holiday focal points.
Colored containers add a festive feel to gardens.
Colored containers add a festive feel to gardens.
Light a fire in one of our Chimineas and keep your guests warm.
Light a fire in one of our Chimineas and keep your guests warm.

Succulents and Other Waterwise Plants

Our Succulent and Waterwise Plant selection has been greatly expanded, and we encourage you to visit us to discover how you can conserve water AND have a beautiful landscape or garden.

Our succulent selection is huge, and includes a variety of sizes and plants.
Our succulent selection is huge, and includes a variety of sizes and plants.
Cactus, Bromeliads and Succulents are drought-tolerant plants that can be used in a variety of ways in the garden, containers and as home decor.
Cactus, Bromeliads and Succulents are drought-tolerant plants that can be used in a variety of ways in the garden, containers and as home decor.

Plant Cool Season Crops Now, Get Some Winter Color in the Garden, and Buy A Living Christmas Tree

With winter just around the corner, now is a good time to transition from your summer vegetable and herb garden to one that will yield crops from winter into spring.


(Above) Sugar Snap Peas are among the vegetables you can grow from seed or seedlings right now. Other cool season crops to plant include Spinach, Cauliflower, Kale, Lettuces, and Carrots.


And don’t let a lack of space discourage you from trying your hand at growing fresh produce or herbs to add to your dishes. Vegetables and herbs do well in containers. The Carrots (above) were grown in a terracotta pot.


Terracotta containers come in a variety of sizes and styles. When planting in containers, use one of our organic soils: Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest or Master Nursery’s Gardener’s Gold. Using quality soil makes a difference in how much water your container will retain, keeping your plants’ tender roots moist longer and requiring you to water less frequently.

There are as many ways to have a stylish vegetable and herb garden as there are containers. Stop in today to see our broad range of sizes and colors, and get going!


Containers can be perched on shelves and ledges, fastened to them, or placed on a patio, deck, walkway, or balcony.


Raised vegetable beds are another option for planting an herb or vegetable garden. We sell a quality redwood raised vegetable bed (stacked below) that is pre-assembled and available in different sizes. Take it home, position it, add your soil, and P-L-A-N-T!

mdrgc6-22-14oldercam 027

(Below) Vegetable beds can give you lots of space for planting your bounty. Ask one of our garden design experts, Steve and CJ, for assistance.


As you can see, herb and vegetable gardens range in size and scope. Plant whatever size garden suits you.



Camellias and Azaleas

Camellias and Azaleas are prized landscape beauties that have graced gardens around the globe for countless years. Both offer dynamic color bursts that can brighten any wintertime garden.

(Below) Yuletide Camellia, aptly named for its glorious red flower, is a Sasanqua Camellia. Sasanqua Camellias bloom September through January, and prefer a little more sun than their Japonica Camellia counterparts, which bloom January into spring.


(Below) Sasanqua Camellias make great hedges, offering a proliferation of color that is hard to beat.


(Below) Sasanqua Camellias have a diversity of growing habits, and make unusual and unique focal points.


Azaleas traditionally have been planted with Camellias since both have varieties with similar environmental needs, each one offering plants that love shade, some also tolerating quite a bit of sun.



Azaleas add color to the garden during the winter months. Planted in ground or in containers, they’re a great way to add color during winter.


Azaleas (in pink below) and Camellias offer stunning color for your winter garden. Stop in today to see our selection.



Living Christmas Trees

Living Christmas Trees are here, and now is the time to select yours! We have trees in just about every size, including those small enough for tabletops.



Poinsettias Arrive Week of Nov. 17


We’re your holiday entertaining headquarters! Let us help you add some intriguing touches to your landscape ahd home so you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest!


Greenery For Privacy, Succulents For Color, Waterwise Gardening, And Planting In Fall

While the weather has felt a little cooler lately, it looks like another warm-up is headed our way so get your gardening gloves ready to do some more fall planting. Trees, shrubs and ground covers will appreciate being planted in fall so take a look around your yard to identify spaces you’d like to fill with color or greenery.


While planting in flower beds and small containers is a fun and easy way to add color to an area (we have Violas, Snapdragons, available), you can also add  intrigue to a landscape via texture and greenery. (Above) Whether left in tree or shrub form or shaped into a hedge, Podocarpus are a great way to add height or privacy.


Indeed, fall is a good time for reflecting on your garden’s needs, and what you’d like your gardening efforts to accomplish. Do you have a view out a window you’d like to change into something a little more private or pleasant? Podocarpus, Boxwoods, and many other shrubs, vines and trees can be planted in containers (above) and positioned to give you added privacy and a nice view.

(Below) Vines grouped together can provide privacy as well as a colorful display you’ll enjoy looking at. The Mandevilla Vines shown below are also ideal in containers, on trellises or arbors, and are good for small spaces and balconies.


Finding a Vine you like should be relatively simple since we carry a good selection year-round. Ask one of our garden design experts Steve or CJ for assistance.


As a full-service garden center, we carry trellises, stakes, arbors, and the supplies you need to have a happy garden. Ask us to help you find what you’re looking for on our 2+ acres. We can lead you straight to it.


(Below) Ornamental Grasses can add another dimension to gardens. Planted solo or in groups, in ground or in containers, they can make a bold focal point. Ornamental Grasses partner well with other perennials given their similar water requirements and nice contrasting foliage.


We Are Waterwise!


(Above and below) Did you know that our fountains re-circulate the small amount of water they use? With water conservation a priority throughout the state, ask us for tips on saving water in the garden. Soil amendments, watering equipment and techniques, and drought-tolerant plants can keep our gardens and landscapes looking good while conserving our precious resources.


Succulents have become everyone’s “go to” for waterwise gardening, and we have one of the largest succulent selections in the Los Angeles area.

(Below) Blue Glow Agave is a popular succulent.


(Below) Our custom planted Succulent Containers come with a variety of succulents grouped together with an artistic flair. The range of colors, shapes and textures available with succulents is inspiring. Let us help you plant your own custom succulent container, or have us plant one for you.






Our close relationships with the best growers gives us access to a large variety of unusual and hard-to-find plantsBoxwoods not only turn heads in the garden thanks to their distinctive spiral, globe and topiary shapes, they also have a practical side and can be used as privacy hedges. 


 Boxwoods can be planted in ground or artfully placed in several spots when planted in containers.



Make your own design statement when you pair a plant with a container. We have one of the largest container selections in the area, so be sure to check us out, and remember to get ready for your holiday parties now by planting prime focal points and color in containers. Container planting not only gives you the opportunity to re-position a plant in your landscape, it’s yet another way to conserve water.

Be sure to stop in to see the colorful waterwise perennials, like the Ember’s Wish Salvia below, you can partner with other plants in your garden.


Holiday Sightings!

15076407633_24a0940896_zThe holidays are literally upon us, so step inside our store to see the decorating ideas our gnomes have been busy working on.




Holiday Gift Ideas


How about a Chiminea for the holidays? These outdoor fireplaces turn a brisk evening into some nighttime fun as friends and family gather round for a fireside chat.

Visit us soon for all your planting needs. And remember, fresh-cut Christmas trees and fresh-cut greens will be here later this month.