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Plant Cool Season Crops Now, Get Some Winter Color in the Garden, and Buy A Living Christmas Tree

With winter just around the corner, now is a good time to transition from your summer vegetable and herb garden to one that will yield crops from winter into spring.


(Above) Sugar Snap Peas are among the vegetables you can grow from seed or seedlings right now. Other cool season crops to plant include Spinach, Cauliflower, Kale, Lettuces, and Carrots.


And don’t let a lack of space discourage you from trying your hand at growing fresh produce or herbs to add to your dishes. Vegetables and herbs do well in containers. The Carrots (above) were grown in a terracotta pot.


Terracotta containers come in a variety of sizes and styles. When planting in containers, use one of our organic soils: Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest or Master Nursery’s Gardener’s Gold. Using quality soil makes a difference in how much water your container will retain, keeping your plants’ tender roots moist longer and requiring you to water less frequently.

There are as many ways to have a stylish vegetable and herb garden as there are containers. Stop in today to see our broad range of sizes and colors, and get going!


Containers can be perched on shelves and ledges, fastened to them, or placed on a patio, deck, walkway, or balcony.


Raised vegetable beds are another option for planting an herb or vegetable garden. We sell a quality redwood raised vegetable bed (stacked below) that is pre-assembled and available in different sizes. Take it home, position it, add your soil, and P-L-A-N-T!

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(Below) Vegetable beds can give you lots of space for planting your bounty. Ask one of our garden design experts, Steve and CJ, for assistance.


As you can see, herb and vegetable gardens range in size and scope. Plant whatever size garden suits you.



Camellias and Azaleas

Camellias and Azaleas are prized landscape beauties that have graced gardens around the globe for countless years. Both offer dynamic color bursts that can brighten any wintertime garden.

(Below) Yuletide Camellia, aptly named for its glorious red flower, is a Sasanqua Camellia. Sasanqua Camellias bloom September through January, and prefer a little more sun than their Japonica Camellia counterparts, which bloom January into spring.


(Below) Sasanqua Camellias make great hedges, offering a proliferation of color that is hard to beat.


(Below) Sasanqua Camellias have a diversity of growing habits, and make unusual and unique focal points.


Azaleas traditionally have been planted with Camellias since both have varieties with similar environmental needs, each one offering plants that love shade, some also tolerating quite a bit of sun.



Azaleas add color to the garden during the winter months. Planted in ground or in containers, they’re a great way to add color during winter.


Azaleas (in pink below) and Camellias offer stunning color for your winter garden. Stop in today to see our selection.



Living Christmas Trees

Living Christmas Trees are here, and now is the time to select yours! We have trees in just about every size, including those small enough for tabletops.



Poinsettias Arrive Week of Nov. 17


We’re your holiday entertaining headquarters! Let us help you add some intriguing touches to your landscape ahd home so you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest!